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600 Modern House Designs. Beautiful Small Home Plans and Layout Designs. Simple Facades and Elevation House Design with 1, 2 and 3 Story to Build.

modern white house design with balcony
Simple and modern house with small mezzanine and roof overhangs. Facade with balcony, large windows and elegant color combination: modern house design.

House plans in three dimensions, which offer a precise and realistic vision of how the house will be built. Stylish home interiors.

It is important to take into account the context and the micro-location of the house when drawing up the plans.

Small House Designs

Design of Simple and Beautiful Two-Story Houses
Design of a 2-story house with 3 rooms, a terrace and a balcony.

3D house plans offer a more accurate and realistic view of what the house will look like when completed.

Dining interior design

Kitchen-dining room, with access to the patio. You can choose different types of doors, depending on the functionalities and characteristics you want. Doors with wide glass cloths, allow a greater interior-exterior exchange.

The 2D plans show measurements of the house, with area and perimeter, which allows you to have an exact idea of what the different interior and exterior areas will be like.

Simple and Beautiful Two-Story House Plans with Balcony

Simple and Beautiful Two-Story House Plan
Upper level.
Ground house plan
Ground level.

The architecture of a house is based on the structural design and its construction.

One of the most widely used construction systems is based on reinforced concrete (concrete).

Structure of a simple and beautiful two-story house design.
Structure of a simple and beautiful two-story house design.
Interior view of modern concrete staircase.
Interior view of modern concrete staircase.

That is why in most examples, you will see the structure with an architrave columnar system.

Skeletons composed of columns and beams, and exterior and interior divisions with block or brick walls, which considerably increase the durability of the house.

House designs

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Modern House Plans with Photos

Contemporary interior design.

Designs of Small and Beautiful Houses

Designs of Houses, Interiors and Decoration

Interior design

3D Models
Virtual Tours

Tiny house design for small spaces

House Models,
Beautiful Home Designs

beautiful small house designs pictures

Design of Simple and Beautiful One-Story Houses

Small house design ideas with their plans, facade photos and interior design. The characteristics of the project and its spaces are explained. Let’s look at these scale plans to build houses with simple and elegant facades.

Simple Small One-Story 1-Bedroom House Design

Structure of a small house.
Reinforced concrete structure, of a modern, simple and beautiful 1-story house design.

Free Material List for Small House Plan Designs

Beams ofDeck
Slabs ofDeck

Simple façade design, with half a porch as a transition space between the exterior and the interior.

Small and Beautiful Housing Plan Design

One story small home design
One story simple small house exterior design. Simple but beautiful house design, with 47.3 sqm of usable area. For its construction, 114sqm of wall are required (1430 40x20cm cement blocks). Two steps save a 37cm gap, protecting the porch and the house from rain and humidity.

Beautiful Small Home Design Plans with Photos

3D plan of simple and beautiful house
3D plant. Design of a simple, beautiful and cozy house, with 1 floor inside. Access with a covered portal, as a transition space. Interior distribution with integrated social area. The bathroom at the end, avoiding unnecessary views.
front elevation drawing of a nice modern small house
Front elevation drawing of a small modern 1-story house.
beautiful single floor small house design
Front view of a single floor small house design with 24×30 feet.
beautiful and modern house plans with 1 bedroom
Cozy and beautiful plans for houses. 1:25 scale. At the rear zone, a possible terrace, with the possibility of expanding, for a second bedroom.

Beautiful Housing Plan Design

Simple and beautiful house designs
Front of simple and beautiful house with porch and planter. In the exterior design, the finishes are with fine plaster and tiles, being very economical. The carpentry is aluminum and glass. The planter, and black and white colors, create a pleasant and elegant contrast.
House Project9m
Porch4.1 sqm
Dining room20.2 sqm
Kitchen4.7 sqm
Room12.8 sqm
Aisle1.8 sqm
Bathroom3.8 sqm
Wardrobe1.7 sqm
Total47.3 sqm
Land63.5 sqm

Architectural Designs of Small Modern Houses PDF with Dimensions and Facades

tiny house designs one story
Small house designs with dimensions and facades.
tiny House Design one story
Modern small house design with car parking.

I will show you links so you can watch videos of home designs and 3D virtual tours, with the view of facades, the house plans and its interior design. Lists of the different rooms are included, for each level, as well as in some examples, lists of construction materials to build it.

Click on the blue letters for more information.

The Best Small Modern House Designs in the World

Very Simple House Designs with Floor Plans

More than 500 house plan ideas with examples to build are presented.

This section includes small homes with net area ​​up to 100m2. Continue reading, to see many IDEAS FOR TINY house plans with dimensions from 20 to 100 sqm (250 to 1100 sq ft), with 2D and 3D photos and elevation designs.

Summary lists of all the rooms in the house. You can also watch videos of virtual tours .

Ideas for 10 Feet Wide Housing Plan Design

Small house designs with facades of 3 meters in front on two floors. If you have a few meters in front for the design of your home, it can be a great limitation. Here you can see various models of small and narrow houses.

Nice and narrow house 3 meters wide with 2 levels
Design of a beautiful and cozy house, 3 meters in front with a balcony.

You can see more house design ideas WITH 10 FEET WIDE.

The following are included below:

  • Low Budget House Plans.
  • House Plans with Measurements.
  • 3D Models of One Story Houses.
  • Country House Plans.
  • Ideas for houses with 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 bedrooms.
  • House Designs with Pool and Garage.

Simple Housing Plans with Measurements

2-Story Modern Small House Design with Plans

You can see a selection of simple and beautiful one- and two-story house designs: single-family house projects with measurements and facades.

Modern Two-Story Small House Design with balcony
Beautifull and modern small house design of 2-story with 12×32 feet.

Plans and Facades of Simple 2-Story Houses with Measures

Simple Two-Story House plans with elevations
Simple two-story home design plans.
Simple Two-Story House plan desings
Simple two-story house designs with elevations.

Selection of SIMPLE IDEAS of beautiful house designs with plans and elevations. You will see the plans and modern facades.

The layout of the furniture can help us to imagine how the furniture we have can be placed and calculate what we would need to complete the decoration of the home.

Simple but Beautiful Two-Story House Designs with Plans and Pictures

Houses with a frontage of 4 meters, with variable length. You can find 4-meter-wide façade designs on one floor or distributed over two floors.

Examples of small apartments or houses with a loft-style design.

Modern Exterior Design for Beautiful Small Houses on 2 Floors

Photos of Elevations of Small Modern 2-Story Apartment Design

Ideas for 4 meters wide houses, with variable length. You can find 4 meter wide facade designs on one level or distributed over two floors.

low budget simple two storey house design
Facades of small and beautiful two-story houses without a garage.
Beautiful elevations of simple and elegant houses with 2 floors with 12 feet wide.
Beautiful elevations of simple and elegant houses with 2 floors with 12 feet wide.

Review more options OF 12 FEET WIDE houses.

Modern House Designs

Interesting contemporary houses designs and styles of modern houses, both with the facade and distribution of interior spaces. Floor plans with measurements in 2D and 3D.

Modern Housing Plan Design with 10×10 meters

Modern house design 2 story with balcony
Modern beautiful 30×30 ft house design ideas.

In this example of modern two-story house designs, the interior STAIRS are located near the entrance hall, with good natural lighting and views to the exterior of the house.

The design of WINDOWS and doors is simple, using aluminum and glass. It tries to solve the requirements of natural lighting and views to the front, while its layout is integrated harmoniously, together with the other elements of the facade.

YOU CAN SEE MORE details of this modern beautiful house plan idea with photos.

Small Beautiful House Designs Inside and Outside with 16 Feet Wide Elevations

Design of small and beautiful houses. House plans with facades and architectural plans of small and modern houses with measurements, in different styles, of one and two floors. Cheap houses with their plans.

Modern Home Design Plans with Photos

House design with 17 foot front.
Without balcony house design with 16 feet wide.
Home Design Plans with Photos
17′ Width beautifull house design without balcony.

SEE MORE 16 FEET WIDE house designs.

Modern Single Story House Plans Design with Garage and Car Parking

images of beautiful houses
One-story home design with a 1-car garage.
single storey modern house design with floor plan
Single-story house design with a 2-car garage.

See more house plans designs WITH GARAGE.

Many Design Options and House Plans to Build in Small Spaces

Plans for a Small House with Measurements

Economic house Plans of One-Story  with Measurements
Dimensions of simple house plan.
Economic house Plans of two-story
Low budget of 2-story house plans.

Modern Small House Exterior Design with Photos

Two Story Small House Design

These are beautiful and modern small house designs with 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms or loft-type houses, which in some cases include beautiful interior designs.

facade of small two-story house
Two story small house exterior design.

Now we want to show small house design ideas with their plans, facade photos and interior design. Likewise, the characteristics of the project and its spaces are explained. So let’s take look at these designs to build a house.

Simple Tiny House Plan Design

Single floor plan design.
Single floor plan design.

Small House Planning

Country House design with red tiles
One-story country house design with pitched roof.

Low Budget Simple House Plans

Models of small wooden country houses, which are advisable for families with a low budget. One and two bedroom plans shown.

Country House Plans

Wooden Country House Designs


See more LOW BUDGET SIMPLE house plans.

Modern Tiny House Designs

The houses are designed in different styles and models, in this case with one and two floors. The proposals are made with the geometric design of the structure, so that there is always coherence between the architectural design and the structural solution.

Tiny House Designs without balcony
20×20 feet tiny house plans, without balcony design.
House designs inside.
House designs inside.

Analyze interesting 20×20 FEET home designs with plans, elevations and interior design.

Floor Plans with Dimensions – 150 Ideas

House Model Design with Free Dimensions

You must carefully analyze each architectural plan, before starting a construction project, so that you can choose the style of house you need and that will serve as a source of inspiration.

floor plan scale
Free floor plan scale
house plans with dimensions
Floor plans with dimensions and facades

You will see150 ideas about FREE FLOOR PLAN WITH DIMENSIONS.

Modern House Drawings – 40 Ideas

Plans of  2 Story Modern Houses with balcony
2 Story house plans.
Plans of 2 story modern houses.
Plans of 2 story modern houses.

Ideas of modern houses plans to build, house facades with plan distributions. Minimalist house styles with two and three BATHROOMS.

Small Home Design Plans with Photos

Two story house plan with garage and balcony.
Modern two storey house design with terrace, garage and balcony.
House Plans with 2 Floors and 5 Bedrooms
House plans with 2 floors and 5 bedrooms
Two Story House Plans with Terrace
Two story house plans with terrace and garage.

Architectural Housing Plans with 2 Story to Build

Models of two-story houses with balcony, with very interesting ideas to build. Modern and low budget houses with 3 and 4 bedrooms.

Modern two story house designs and two story 3d house design ideas. Facades and house plans to built on small and medium lots, to inspire.

Small Home Design Plans with Photos
Two story modern exterior design for small houses.
2 Story house: ground floor
2 Story house: ground floor
Two story small modern house ideas.
2 Story house: upper floor
facades of two-story houses with garage and balcony
Model of a two-story house with garage and balcony.

See 40 ideas of TWO STORY house plans.

One Story Housing Plan Designs – 50 Drawings with Facades

Facade of a modern single-story house with garage.
Facade of a modern single-story house with garage.
One story house plans with dimensions
One story house plan.
one story house plan with terrace.
Single story house plan with terrace.

More than 50 drawings with dimensions about ONE STORY HOUSE.

3 Bedroom House Designs – 60 Options

3 Bedroom house plans
3 Bedroom house plans
two storey house plans with balcony
3 Bedroom homes with dimensions.

See more than 60 ideas WITH 3 BEDROOMS house designs.

4 Bedroom House Design – 30 Ideas

4 Bedroom House Plans

4 Bedroom House Plans in one level
Home design with single story.

House Models

House Designs Outside
Simple house facade with two levels.
4 Bedroom house with garage.
4 Bedroom single story house plan with measurements.
beautiful single storey house designs with car parking
4 Bedroom beautiful single storey house design in 3D.

30 Ideas to build WITH 4 BEDROOMS house plans.

How to Build Tiny House Designs?

Budget Home Designs

Designing and building a house (even a small one) should not be underestimated or left to chance. There are many tricks and proven strategies that you can put into practice and thus save resources when building your long-awaited house.

  1. Organize each stage of the construction process, from the plans to the execution.

To be able to carry out a work satisfactorily and save resources, you must plan. The ideal is to hire a professional, experienced architect and build with plans. You should inform him of your specific wishes, that you want a nice house in small budget. Ask him for strategies to save, both in the design stage and in construction.

  1. Ask the professional to apply house design regulations, which allow savings.

Building is a complex process, with a variety of differents tasks, where the smallest details cost money. KEEP READING

L-SHAPED Housing Designs

Modern House Plans under 100k to Build

Small 1-story L-shaped house
Small L-shaped single story house desing.
Drawing of small L shaped house
Drawing of small L shaped house.

Modern Design Houses

small house design philippines
Interior of a modern house

Beautiful House Plans with Photos with Dimensions

Simple Floor Plan with Dimensions in Feet

One story house design with 3 bedrooms
One story home front.
mexican style floor plans
Floor plan IN FEET
Contemporary house interior designs.
Contemporary house interior designs.

50 Houses Design Ideas WITH INNER YARD

Interior of a House with Courtyard
indoor courtyard plan
Plans of a House with an Interior Courtyard

Simple Beautiful House Designs with Pictures

Pictures of nice, simple and small, one-story and two-story houses are shown. In addition, you will be able to see photographs of beautiful houses inside and out. In general, they are views of the fronts of modern and contemporary houses.

Outside Small Home Designs with Pictures Gallery

Simple Beautiful small House Designs Pictures
Simple modern small house plan design with photos.
Estructuras de casas
Construction of a house.
Simple modern small house plan design with photos 100k to build.
House plans under 100k to build.

Ideas of house designs and blueprints with measurements, with technical information about CONSTRUCTION MATERIAL CALCULATOR

House Designs Beautiful Outside

Single Story Modern House Designs Pictures Gallery

beautiful SMALL house images
beautiful SMALL house pics
beautiful house images

House Plans with Pool

5 Bedroom House Plans

6 Bedroom House Plans

More Single and Duplex Level House Designs

3D Home Design Images

Other images and photos of houses with different textures and colors on the facade.

50 sqm house design
pictures of beautiful houses
Small Modern House Designs Pictures Gallery
small modern house models in one level

Small Modern House Designs Pictures Gallery

Plans of Modern Houses with Pool and Court Yard

Plans of Modern Houses with Pool and Court Yard

Container House Design with Garage and Patio

Container House Design with Garage

Two Story Minimalist House Plans

Elegant designs and PLANS OF MINIMALIST TWO-STORY HOUSES. Very pleasant and cozy rooms are created.

Design of MINIMALIST House in 3D

Model of modern house with 2 levels.
Model of modern house with 2 levels.
Minimalist design of the interior of a living room
Minimalist design of the interior of a living room
Beautiful interior design of modern houses
Beautiful interior design of a modern house.

How are the Minimalist Houses?

The design of diaphanous spaces and the subtle use of natural and artificial lighting occupy an essential place in this style. Simplicity, both in shapes and spaces, is a key element in the design of minimalist houses. You can follow this link, to KNOW HOW ARE MINIMALIST houses.

Characteristics of Modern House Designs

Modern house designs have particular characteristics, which differentiate them, for example, from traditional houses or classical architecture. Let’s look at some features:

  • Facades with Straight Lines without Decorations

Modern house design (and Modern Architecture) emerged at the end of World War I. Its main objective was to solve the problems of homelessness.

  • Glass Facade

Representative of this style of housing is also the concept of bright spaces presided over by large windows… The free-facade designed by Le Corbusier.

  • Long Spaces

The spaces in these houses tend to be spacious and bright. Light colors on walls. Avoid leaving exposed beams or pillars. Straight lines and a “clean” design characterize modern houses.

If you are interested in knowing more about MODERN ARCHITECTURE you can read this article.



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