1 Bedroom House Floor Plans

We will find ideas for 1 bedroom house plans, small 1 bedroom floor plans with exact measurements, convenient to be inhabited for a couple, or a family with 2 members.

1 Bedroom Floor Plans with Dimensions

A first example of housing for a family of 2 people. As you can see in the plan drawing, the house has two entrance doors, so you can choose which one will be the main façade and which one will be towards the back.

1 Bedroom Floor Plans with Dimensions

The layout makes good use of the available space, reducing the circulation area, and creating a functional and unobstructed furniture configuration. 

All spaces have windows and are naturally ventilated and illuminated. All these features will let you know HOW TO BUILD THE CHEAPEST TINY HOUSE.

5×8.5m HouseAreaArea
Dining room143.1 sq ft13.3m²
Kitchen room73.2 sq ft6.8m²
Bathroom36.6 sq ft3.4m²
Bedroom121.6 sq ft11.3m²
Porch33.4 sq ft3.1m²
Total406.7 sq ft37.8m²

Simple 1 Bedroom Farmhouse Plan and Design

Simple rustic wooden houses
Exterior view of the wooden house

In this example of a 6 x 6 meter Small Wooden Country House, it has a useful area of ​​31.5 square meters. Its roof is equally light and gabled with a 17% slope.

Simple rustic wooden houses
Main elevation

The wooden house has the following spaces:

Porch2.9 sqm
Living6.7 sqm
Dining room-Kitchen8.7 sqm
Bedroom8.7 sqm
Bathroom4.6 sqm
Total Area
Simple rustic wooden houses
Exterior perspective.

It can be noticed that the house is raised slightly from the ground, about 350mm, in order to protect the wood from humidity. In addition, a concrete sidewalk is located around the perimeter for this purpose.

plant in 3d country house
Aerial view of the house.
plan in 3d country house
3D plan.
small wooden house interior
Interior of the living room, dining room-kitchen .
simple wooden house interior
Bathroom and bedroom interior .
wooden house plans
Furniture plan with zoning.

Free 1 Bedroom House Plans

The following idea for a house plan for two people, has the entrance to the house through the smallest façade, being a (13’1” x 24’7”) 4×7.5 meter floor plan with 406.7 sq ft area.

To enter there is an access porch, which can be covered or not, and immediately we find the living room – dining room – kitchen. Towards the back, the most private spaces, bedroom and bathroom are located.

Small one bedroom floor plan with measurements
Small one bedroom floor plan with measurements

The arrangement of furniture in the room may vary, as shown below. To do this, it would be convenient to modify the location of a window, in such a way that it does not affect the relocation of the TV cabinet, and due to glare, the activity of watching television.

Entry63.5 sq ft5.9m²
Living room – Kitchen148.5 sq ft13.8m²
Hall12.9 sq ft1.2m²
Bedroom79.6 sq ft7.4m²
Bathroom31.2 sq ft2.9m²
Total334.6 sq ft31.1m²

It is good that you know the BEST VIEWING DISTANCE FOR TV, depending on the size of the screen and its resolution.

One bedroom small house plan for 2 people.
One bedroom small house plan for 2 people.

1 BHK House Floor Plan with Pictures

More examples of house models for 2 people. This is a 1 bhk house floor plan, with only 3 spaces.

1 BHK House Plan

The social area is wide, and surely it would allow different configurations of its furniture. In addition, it gives the possibility of exit to a backyard.

7×5.5m HouseAreaArea
Dining room132.3 sq ft12.3m²
Kitchen room79.6 sq ft7.4m²
Bedroom110.8 sq ft10.3m²
Bathroom40.9 sq ft3.8m²
Closet6.5 sq ft0.6m²
Total370.1 sq ft34.4m²

1 Bedroom Apartment Floor Plan

The next floor is interesting because the living room is independent and the kitchen-dining room is located in another space, further removed from the main entrance. 

In this way, the dining table with 4 chairs and the cooking area are not visible once you enter the house.

Simple 1 Bedroom Apartment Floor Plan

Another feature is that the bedroom has direct access to the bathroom.

6×6.1m HouseAreaArea
Living room95.8 sq ft8.9m²
kitchen-dining room114.1 sq ft10.6m²
Bedroom102.2 sq ft9.5m²
Bathroom34.4 sq ft3.2m²
Total347.5 sq ft32.3m²
Simple small 1 Bedroom Apartment Floor Plan

1 Bedroom 500 sq ft Apartment Floor Plan

Cabin for Two People Variant 1

A one bedroom cabin design for 2 people, which has the bedroom in a mezzanine space.

By locating the room on a second level, we have more space left on the ground floor, for the living room, dining room and kitchen.

Low Cost Simple One Bedroom House Plans
Ground floor
 one bedroom cabin design for 2 people
Top floor

In this first variant of the cabin plan for two people, we have the bathroom on the ground floor.

However, for security reasons, it is best to locate the bathroom on the same level as the bedroom. In this way, it will not be necessary to go up and down the stairs at night or in the early morning to visit the sanitary space. See the second variant of the cabin plan.

5×7.5m Housewith1 Bedroom
Top floorAreaArea
Bedroom145.3 sq ft13.5m²
Total Upper Floor145.3 sq ft13.5m²
Low levelAreaArea
Living room222.7 sq ft20.7m²
Dinning room kitchen96.8 sq ft9.0m²
Bathroom42.0 sq ft3.9m²
Closet5.4 sq ft0.5m²
Whole Ground Floor365.8 sq ft34.0m²
Grand Total511.1 sq ft47.5m²
Low Cost Simple One Bedroom House Plans

One Bedroom House Plan with Photos Variant 2

Once the bathroom is located in the mezzanine, you could have a laundry space on the ground floor, or simply a half bathroom.

Low level
Top floor
5×7.5m Housewith1 Bed
Top floorAreaArea
Bedroom105.4 sq ft9.8m²
Bathroom35.5 sq ft3.3m²
Total Upper Floor141.0 sq ft13.1m²
Low levelAreaArea
Living room222.7 sq ft20.7m²
Dinning room kitchen96.8 sq ft9.0m²
Cleanliness42.0 sq ft3.9m²
Closet5.4 sq ft0.5m²
Whole Ground Floor365.8 sq ft34.0m²
Grand Total553.9 sq ft47.1m²
Plans of Small Cabins for 2 People

One Bedroom Floor Plan with Dimensions

This idea has more available net area, being 22’12” x 29’6” (7 × 9 meters), and therefore, allows for a clear differentiation of each functional space.

One Bedroom Floor Plan with Dimensions

The house could be located with a 7 meter main façade or a 9 meter wide front façade. In addition, it has an access portal and terrace.

7x9m HouseAreaArea
Porch65.6 sq ft6.1m²
Living room148.5 sq ft13.8m²
Dining room92.5 sq ft8.6m²
Kitchen room46.3 sq ft4.3m²
Circulation36.6 sq ft3.4m²
Bedroom134.5 sq ft12.5m²
Bathroom54.9 sq ft5.1m²
Terrace65.6 sq ft6.1m²
Closet9.4 sq ft0.8m²
Total774.5 sq ft60.7m²
Small House Plans for 2 People

One Bedroom House Plans with Photos

One Bedroom Wooden Country House Plans with Photos

Another example of BEAUTIFUL HOUSE PLAN with a simple wooden country façade, to be built on a low budget, in this case with a useful area of ​​32m² inwards. It has two covered terraces, each with an area of ​​14 square meters.

wooden 1 bedroom country house

Simple country house made of rustic wood that is implanted on concrete pillars, in this way it is separated from the ground and protected from humidity.

Small 1 bedroom country house in 3d
Front view of the house.
One Bedroom Wooden Country House Plans with Photos
Exterior view from the bottom.
One Bedroom House Plans with Photos
Floor with furniture.

1 Bedroom 1 Kitchen 1 Bathroom House Plans

This example shows a one-room house for two people. The bedroom is integrated with the social area, and there is only a delimitation with the bathroom. It includes a terrace and the service patio.

1 Bedroom 1 Kitchen 1 Bathroom House Plans

This type of house schemes are usually built with a subsequent expansion plan.

6.5×5.6m HouseAreaArea
Studio262.5 sq ft24.4 m²
Bathroom42.0 sq ft3.9 m²
Terrace60.3 sq ft5.6 m²
Service yard75.3 sq ft7.0 m²
Total439.0 sq ft40.8 m²

One Bedroom House Plan with Garage

Interesting design of a bungalow-style house for 2 people, which includes a garage with a direct access door to the house.

Entering we have the social space, with a dining table for 3 or 4 chairs, a double sofa and the kitchen.

In the background, a relatively spacious bedroom with its own bathroom.

One Bedroom House Plan with Garage
House plan for 2 people with garage
8×7.5m houseAreaArea
Entry19.4 sq ft1.8m²
Living-Dining-Kitchen176.5 sq ft16.4m²
Bedroom125.9 sq ft11.7m²
Garage178.6 sq ft16.6m²
Bathroom40.9 sq ft3.8m²
Closet12.9 sq ft1.2m²
Total555.2 sq ft51.6m²

1 Bedroom 1 Bathroom House Floor Plan

Low Cost Simple One Bedroom House Plans
Click the image to see more.

1 Bed 1 Bath Floor Drawing Plan

Now is shown a tiny house with a patio or front garden. 

This example of 300 SQUARE FEET house plan (exactly 34.1m²) can also be an interesting option for 2 people to live together.

The drawing plan has an access porch. In an outdoor closet, the laundry area or washing machine could be located. To go in the bathroom you must go through the bedroom, like a studio apartment.

1 Bed 1 Bath Floor Drawing Plan
5.85×8.8m HouseAreaArea
Porch79.6 sq ft7.4m²
Closet10.8 sq ft1.0m²
Living room-Kitchen150.6 sq ft14.0m²
Bedroom91.5 sq ft8.5m²
Bathroom34.4 sq ft3.2m²
Total366.9 sq ft34.1m²

450 sqm 1 Bedroom Apartment Plans with Measures

450 sqm 1 Bedroom Apartment Plans with Measures
One bhk floor plan.
Hall32.3 sq ft3,0m²
Living-Dining-Kitchen274.4 sq ft25,5m²
Bedroom105.4 sq ft9,8m²
Bathroom33.4 sq ft3,1m²
Total462.7 sq ft43,0m²
1 bedroom Floor plan with measures of 40 square meters
1 Bedroom floor plan with measures of 40 square meters

You can see more 450 SQUARE FEET house plans.

1 Bedroom Apartment Design with Floor Plan Ideas and Dimensions

12x40 house design
Mini apartment with 2 floors, loft style. Click to see more.

Tiny House Floor Plans 1 Bedroom with Elevation Design

economic tiny house plan
One bedroom tiny house layout with elevations. Click to see more.
6×6 m HouseA floor
Entrance2.1 sqm
Hall10.4 sqm
Bathroom2.4 sqm
Dining room11.0 sqm
Bedroom7.3 sqm
 Total33.2 sqm

Also you can see 16×23 FEET HOUSE PLANS with dimensions. Here you will find, 12×16 FEET TINY HOUSE floor plan.

One Bedroom House Layout WITH 12×20 FEET DIMENSIONS

Small 4x6 Houses in Puerto Rico

One Bedroom House Design 3D with 540 sq ft

The floor plan allows for a 50m2 extension of the house (at the end of the corridor), as it is possible to build a new bedroom without the need for demolitions. In this way, it would become a 2-bedroom house of more than 50 m2.

One Bedroom House Design
1 Bedroom 1.5 bath cabin house design.
50 m2
Small 1 bed house of 50m2, front elevation.
Bedroom103.3 sq ft9.6m²
Living143.1 sq ft13.3m²
Dining-Kitchen170.0 sq ft15.8m²
Hallway56.0 sq ft5.2m²
Washing29.1 sq ft2.7m²
Half Bath25.8 sq ft2.4m²
Total566.0 sq ft52.6m²

You can see more 50 SQUARE METERS house plans with just 1 bedroom. Besides, you will find great ideas of HOUSE PLANS AND FACADES.

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