12×20 Tiny House Floor Plans

We will see ideas for 12×20 tiny house floor plans with measurements Interesting examples of floor plans WITH ONE BEDROOM.

Single Story 12×20 Tiny House Floor Plans

This is the perfect plan for a small house, if you want to build economically without giving up comfort. A 12×20 feet house plans need optimal use of the little space available.

Enjoy the versatility and comfort of this single story 12×20 tiny house floor plan.

Single Story 12x20 Tiny House Floor Plans
House plan of 4 × 6 meters 1 floor .
12×20 ft HouseAreaPerimeter
Entrance1.1 sqm4.20m
Hall5.0 sqm9.41m
Kitchen-dining room6.7 sqm11.16m
Bedroom6.2 sqm10.16m
Bathroom3.3 sqm7.26m
Total22.2 sqm42.19m

12×20 Small House Plan with Dimensions

12x20 Small House Plan with Dimensions
4.1×6.35m HouseAreaPerimeter
Hall3.0 sqm6.91m
Dinning room kitchen6.2 sqm10.61m
Bedroom 15.9 sqm9.96m
Bedroom 24.4 sqm8.93m
Bathroom2.7 sqm6.89m
Total22.2 sqm43.30m

Two Story 12×20 House Plan

This 4×6 meter house idea allows different options. For example, in addition to being able to locate two wet rooms (one on each level), you could also opt for a dressing room on the top floor, instead of the toilet.

2 Story 12x20 House Plans
Ground floor .
Two Story 4x6 House Plans
Upstairs .

On the other hand, the small living room has remained independent from the kitchen-dining room, giving the latter space privacy, despite being a small 4x6m house on 2 levels.

12×20 ft HouseAreaPerimeter
Lounge9.2 sqm12.51m
Bathroom2.5 sqm6.56m
Hall1.3 sqm4.51m
Bedroom 18.2 sqm11.56m
Half bath2.5 sqm6.56m
Kitchen-dining room8.1 sqm12.97m
Hall1.3 sqm4.51m
Grand Total33.1 sqm59.1m

Small 4×6 Houses

This example of 4×6 meters is ideal for those who need an economical design that is easy to build and comfortable.

The interior of this small 4×6 meter house plan could be divided into two main areas: a living room-dining room-kitchen (social area), and the bedroom area with the COMPLETE SIMPLE BATHROOM DESIGN WITH SHOWER, (an area for greater privacy).

Small 4x6 Houses
4.1x6m HouseAreaPerimeter
Hall3.7 sqm8.36m
Bedroom 17.2 sqm10.76m
Lounge10.6 sqm13.21m
Total21.4 sqm32.33m

12×20 Tiny Home Plan

Another BEAUTIFUL HOUSE PLAN … small but cozy… With all its minimal spaces well distributed.

small 4x6 house plan with dimensions

You can draw attention, where to locate the TV. THE BEDROOM SIZE are minimal, but it could be the perfect place to WATCH TV WITH A RIGHT DISTANCE.

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4x5 House Plans
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4×6 Room Plans with Bathroom

room plans with bathroom
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16×22 Tiny House Floor Plans

12x20 Tiny House Floor Plans

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