Low Cost Simple One Bedroom House Plans

We’ll review design options for low cost simple one bedroom house plans, which have modern and functional interior spaces.

These low cost simple one bedroom house plans are very interesting because they have different layouts, minimum measurements, and arrangement depending on the space or area of ​​land available.

Let’s see…

Low Cost Simple One Bedroom House Plans

Mini house plan where the internal distribution has been made so that the bedroom is separated from the rest of the rooms.

The main entrance is through the living room. The small kitchen has views to the outside, in front of the mini house.

Low Cost Simple One Bedroom House Plans

The bathroom also remains with privacy, having to access through the secondary corridor. This SMALL BATHROOM DESIGN will need natural overhead lighting.

Mini House 8×4.9mArea
Dining room12.8 sqm
Kitchen3.30 sqm
Aisle2.30 sqm
Bathroom2.80 sqm
Bedroom8.70 sqm
Wardrobe0.50 sqm
Total30.4 sqm

Plans of Mini Small Wooden Houses

This tiny house has 1 bedroom, a bathroom and a kitchen, in addition to the social space.

A cozy and modern plan, with a small rectangular miniature living room. All spaces perfectly planned, providing privacy despite their reduced spaces.

House Plan 36 square meters 1 Bedroom

plans of Mini Small Wooden Houses 1 bedroom
Mini House 6.7×6.7mArea
Entrance1.70 sqm
Dining room15.0 sqm
Kitchen4.70 sqm
Hall1.60 sqm
Bathroom3.40 sqm
Bedroom10.8 sqm
Total37.2 sqm

1 Bedroom House Plan in 3D

Perfect tiny house to own or rent at a really affordable price.

Tiny houses for rent, which have the advantage that they are decorated to our liking, cheaply, and need a few meters of construction, to have a comfortable accommodation.

Its particular characteristics have formed a growing market niche in the rental market.

Mini 1 Bedroom House Plan in 3D
Mini House 3x9mArea
Entrance1.10 sqm
Aisle2.70 sqm
Kitchen3.60 sqm
Bathroom2.90 sqm
Dining room4.80 sqm
Bedroom8.0 sqm
Total23.1 sqm

Plans of Mini Houses of 1 Bedroom 25m2

Plans of Mini Houses of 1 Bedroom 20m2
Plan of mini house of 3 × 7 meters of 1 floor with 1 bedroom .
Mini House 3.7x7mArea
Entry3.60 sqm
Living-dining room7.40 sqm
Kitchen3.20 sqm
Bathroom2.80 sqm
Bedroom7.9 sqm
Total24.9 sqm

Plans of Tiny Houses with 1 Room of Two Floors

This mini-apartment stands out for having a very comfortable distribution, with open spaces, taking into account the measurements of the rooms, and achieving the best distribution.

On the second level, there is the bedroom, which can have abundant ventilation and lighting naturally.

It must be said that it would have the drawback of not having the bathroom on the same level as the room, which is always more advisable, to obtain greater functionality and security.

Mini Loft Apartment Plans

Plans of Mini Tiny Houses with 1 Room of Two Floors
Low level.
plans of mini small houses with 1 room of two floors mexico
Top floor.
Mini House 3.4x7m
Low levelArea
Dining room11.2 sqm
Kitchen5.20 sqm
Bathroom3.80 sqm
Wardrobe0.30 sqm
Whole Ground Floor20.5 sqm
Top floorArea
Bedroom9.90 sqm
Total Upper Floor9.90 sqm
Total30.4 sqm

1 Bedroom House Plans

Plan of Mini House WITH 12×20 FEET FLOOR Dimensions

Small 4x6 Houses in Puerto Rico

Simple Low Cost 1 Bedroom Plan with Dimensions

A floor plan layout of a mini apartment, ideal when you have very little space.

The entrance leads directly to the small living room. The kitchen-dining room is separated from the living room, and has direct access to the balcony, just like the bedroom.

1 Bedroom Apartment Plan

apartment plan with 1 bedroom for rent madrid
Mini Apartment 5.5x6mArea
Hall7.59 sqm
kitchen-dining room8.06 sqm
Balcony4.20 sqm
Bathroom3.50 sqm
Bedroom8.06 sqm
Total31.4 sqm

Plans of Mini Apartments with 1 Bedroom for Rent

Mini-apartment, with one bedroom, designed for rent, with an ideal distribution, with access to the balcony, both from the living room and from the bedroom.

Custom plans are the perfect way to create a living space that suits your needs.

plans of mini apartments with 1 bedroom for rent
Mini Apartment 8.6×6.3mArea
Entrance hall3.30 sqm
Dining room16.8 sqm
Kitchen4.62 sqm
Balcony4.20 sqm
Bathroom3.64 sqm
Hall1.87 sqm
Room8.06 sqm
Total42.5 sqm

If you wish, you can see more 1 BEDROOM PLANS with dimensions.

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