12×16 Cabin Plans, Shed – 4×5 Tiny House Designs

I show you different 12×16 cabin plans designs and 4×5 tiny house designs with measurements. Plan ideas for small houses with 20 square meters. You will see options on how to build a 4×5 house.

12×16 Shed or Tiny House Plans

12×16 Cabin Plans for Ched (Area 17.8 sqm)

12x16 Cabin Plans for Ched
12×16 plan for a cabin design.
12×16 PlanAreaArea
Dining-Kitchen85.3 sq ft7.9 sqm
Bedroom73.2 sq ft6.8 sqm
Bathroom33.0 sq ft3.1 sqm
Total191.5 sq ft17.8 sqm

14×16 Cabin Floor Plan (Area 18.7 sqm)

4×5 meters Tiny House Plan

4x5 Tiny House Plan
4x5m Cabin plan.
12×16 Cabin PlansAreaArea
Living-Dining52.8 sq ft4.9 sqm
Kitchen47.4 sq ft4.4 sqm
Bedroom71.9 sq ft6.7 sqm
Bathroom28.8 sq ft2.7 sqm
Total200.9 sq ft18.7 sqm

12×16 Tiny House Plans

4×5 House Floor Plan with 20 square meter Area

4x5 House Floor Plan with 20 square meter Area
4.4×5.35 HouseArea
Living6.3 sqm
kitchen-Dining4.3 sqm
Bathroom2.7 sqm
Bedroom6.2 sqm
Terrace1.6 sqm
Total21.1 sqm

12 x16 Floor Plan for Cabin or Shed

Simple 12×16 Tiny House Floor Plans

12x16 Cabin Plans or shed
12 x16 ft PlanAreaArea
Hall30.1 sq ft2.8 sqm
kitchen-Dining66.6 sq ft6.2 sqm
Bedroom68.0 sq ft6.3 sqm
Bathroom31.3 sq ft2.9 sqm
Total196.0 sq ft18.2 sqm

How to Build a 4×5 Tiny One-Story House

How to Build a 4×5 tiny One-Story House
4.7×4.5m HouseAreaArea
Dinning-kitchen82.9 sq ft7.7 sqm
Bathroom31.2 sq ft2.8 sqm
Bedroom86.2 sq ft8.0 sqm
Total200.3 sq ft18.5 sqm


4.5 x 4.5 m Tiny House Plan

15x15 small house plan
4.5×4.5m HouseAreaArea
Kitchen63.0 sq ft5.9 sqm
Dining room31.9 sq ft3.0 sqm
Bedroom68.8 sq ft6.4 sqm
Bathroom34.1 sq ft3.2 sqm
Total197.8 sq ft18.4 sqm


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