12×24 Tiny House Design, Floor Plans and Elevations

Modern 12×24 tiny house designs with two floors and dimensions, which has 471.1 square feet of net useful area, adding the two levels. This small 12×24 tiny house, it is not a loft but a beaytiful tiny two floors house plan with 12 feet wide by 24 feet long.

small house 12x24 tiny house floor plans
Small house with 12×24 feet, a modern tiny house with 2 floors plan.

12×24 Tiny House Design, 2 Floors Plan

Exterior Design and Elevations

The design of the main façade, with a frontage of 12 feet, consists of a cantilevered portico that makes a corner to the right, emphasizing the main access to the house, and protecting the balcony on the second level.

Main elevation of the 12x24 modern tiny house design.
Main elevation of the 12×24 ft modern tiny house design.

The materials used in the facade design are cheap, since the portico has a stone finish, which could have different textures.

The other exterior walls of this small duplex are finished with smooth cement mortar. The warm color range uses ocher tones, combined with the black color of the carpentry frames and balcony railing.

4x7 modern house
View of the main facade.

To access the balcony, it is only necessary to open a double sliding door.

house 4 meters wide by 7 long
Exterior perspective of the 12×24 tiny house.
12x24 tiny home design
Corner view from the street.

Materials for a 12 by 24 Tiny House Plans with Two-Story


Isolated foundation 1.10 x 1.10 m1.10m1.10m0.42m³1Concrete, Plywood formwork
Isolated foundation 0.80 x 0.80 m 0.80m 0.80m3.49m³19Concrete, Plywood formwork
Isolated foundation 1.00 x 1.40 m1.40m1.00m0.41m³1Concrete, Plywood formwork
Grand Total: 21  4.32m³21 

Concrete Columns

Top floor   
Column Concrete10.06m³0.15×0.15m
Column Concrete30.26m³0.15×0.20m
Column Concrete10.17m³0.15×0.40m
Column Concrete161.67m³0.20×0.20m
Low level   
Column Concrete30.18m³0.15×0.15m
Column Concrete10.08m³0.15×0.20m
Column Concrete10.26m³0.15×0.70m
Column Concrete141.41m³0.20×0.20m
Grand Total: 40404.08m³ 

Concrete Beams

Between floor20Concrete -Cast in situ45,4m1,27m³
Foundations18Concrete -Cast in situ47,6m2,14m³
Roof19Concrete -Cast in situ45,6m1,67m³
Grand Total: 5757 138,7m5,08m³

Block Walls

24.0 sqm0.15mBlock Wall 0.15m Exterior7.1m
49.5 sqm0.2mBlock Wall 0.20m Exterior18.5m
Deck: 613.5 sqm  25.7m
36.2 sqm0.15mBlock Wall 0.15m Exterior2.1m
527.8 sqm0.15mBlock Wall 0.15m Interior11.7m
851.4 sqm0.2mBlock Wall 0.20m Exterior19.1m
Upper floor: 1685.3sqm  32.8m
24.5 sqm0.1mBlock Wall 0.10m Interior1.5m
13.0 sqm0.15mBlock Wall 0.15m Exterior0.9m
25.5 sqm0.15mBlock Wall 0.15m Interior2.3m
1171.1 sqm0.2mBlock Wall 0.20m Exterior26.1m
Ground floor: 1684.1 sqm  31.3m
Grand Total: 38182.9 sqm  89.7m

Concrete Slabs for a 12×24 Tiny Home Plan

+2.60Structural slab 0.15m24.9 sqm32.4m10.15m
+5.60Structural slab 0.15m28.6 sqm23.8m10.15m
Total: 2 53.5 sqm   
4x7 foundation house
12×24 ft foundation house.
4x7 structure house
12×24 ft structure house.
4x7 structure house
12×24 ft structure house.
4x7 house 3d structure
12×24 ft house 3d structure.
12x24 ft house in 3d.
12×24 ft house in 3d.
12x24 ft house in 3d.
12×24 ft house in 3d.
12x24 tiny modern house design
4×7 floor plan design.

Now another variant of colors is presented for the façade, where white and bricks prevails.

tiny house elevation 12 feet wide
The facade in white of the 12×24 tiny house floor plan.

Small 12×24 House Two Floors Inside

Let’s see some images of the 12×24 feet house interior design.

small house 4x7 inside
The dining room and living room in the background.

Simple and elegant interior design, marked by the correct location of the furniture and a pleasant color palette, which combines white and light grey, with ocher and dark carmelite tones.

12x24 tiny house interior
View to the main access
interior design of a tiny house
View of the living room.
interior space
Dining room and kitchen.
bedroom of a 12x24 tiny house interior
Main bedroom.

12×24 Tiny House Plan with Measurements

It is not a loft but an interesting 4×7 meters tiny house plan with dimensions.

12x24 Tiny House Plan
Low level.
12x24 floor plan with Measurements
Top floor

The “U”-shaped staircase, with offset steps, manages to develop in very little space, complying with the MEASURES FOR THE STAIRS DESIGN, comfort and safety, for the people who use it.

Below is the list of spaces on the top floor and ground floor.

Top floorNet AreaNet Area
Hall9.7 sq ft0.9 sqm
Bed 1104.6 sq ft9.7 sqm
Wardrobe2.2 sq ft0.2 sqm
Bed 24.2 sq ft4.2 sqm
Bathroom 239.9 sq ft3.7 sqm
202.7 sq ft18.8 sqm
Low levelNet AreaNet Area
Entrance18.3 sq ft1.7 sqm
Living room97.0 sq ft9.0 sqm
Bath14.0 sq ft1.3 sqm
Dining116.4 sq ft10.8 sqm
Stairs22.6 sq ft2.1 sqm
268.4 sq ft24.9 sqm
Grand Total471.1 sq ft43.7 sqm

The social spaces are integrated, to take advantage of it as much as possible.

floor plan 3d house 4x7 interior
3d view of the ground floor.

On the top floor, we have 2 bedrooms and a full bathroom, in addition to the balcony.

Note that the hallway area is minimal, so it is possible to take advantage of the area available for functional spaces, such as the two bedrooms and the bathroom.

house 4x7 plant in 3d
3d view of the top floor.

And up to here, with this 12×24 tiny two-story house design. I hope it will inspire you. Also YOU MAY SEE this 12×24 ft tiny house design with 2 floors and 2 bedrooms.

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