15×60 House Plans

Interesting ideas for 15×60 house plans. If you have a 5×20 meter piece of land, these 15×60 house floor plans will be very useful for you.

Request a 15×60 ft house project with 1 or 2 floors, and it will be a pleasure to make a BEAUTIFUL HOUSE DESIGN, especially for you.

Let’s review and see these ideas…

One Story 15×60 House Plans

One Story 15×63 House Plans with 2 Bedrooms

One Story 15x60 House Plans with 2 Bedrooms
15×63 HouseArea
Living room20.4 m²
Hallway 13.5 m²
Dinning room kitchen17.4 m²
Hallway 26.0 m²
Bedroom 111.3 m²
Hall2.8 m²
Bedroom 29.4 m²
Dressing room2.8 m²
Wardrobe0.6 m²
 Total78.0 m²

One Story 15×60 House Plan South Facing with 3 Bedrooms

15×65 feet 3BHK House Plan

One Story 15x60 House Plan South Facing with 3 Bedrooms
15×65 HouseArea
Entrance1.4 m²
Living15.8 m²
Hallway16.5 m²
Half Bath2.3 m²
Kitchen-Dining15.1 m²
Bedroom 18.0 m²
Bedroom 28.0 m²
Bathroom4.1 m²
Bedroom 311.0 m²
Dressing room2.5 m²
 Total84.7 m²

2 Story 16×65 House Plan with Car Parking

2 Story 15x60 House Plan with Car Parking
2 Story 15x60 House Plan with Car Parking
16×65 House
Top floorArea
Hall12.1 m²
Bedroom 211.4 m²
Bathroom 23.5 m²
Dressing room3.2 m²
Bedroom 39.5 m²
Wardrobe1.6 m²
Bathroom 33.4 m²
Bedroom 411.5 m²
Bathroom 43.5 m²
Terrace25.3 m²
Total Upper Floor84.9 m²
Low levelArea
Car Parking13.3 m²
Hall23.8 m²
Dinning-kitchen14.7 m²
Stairs4.0 m²
Hall2.2 m²
Half Bath2.4 m²
Wash3.6 m²
Bedroom 112.8 m²
Bathroom 13.5 m²
Whole Ground Floor80.3 m²
 Total165.2 m²

2 Story 15×60 Apartment Plans with Dimensions

15×64 House Plan with Car Parking PDF

15*60 house plan with car parking pdf download
2 Story 15x60 Apartment Plans with Dimensions
16x64ft house
Top floor Area
Hall8.0 m²
Study8.2 m²
Bedroom 313.2 m²
Dressing room4.0 m²
Bathroom 35.0 m²
Bedroom 111.6 m²
Hallway4.7 m²
Half Bath 22.2 m²
Bathroom 12.4 m²
Bedroom 28.9 m²
Bathroom 24.5 m²
Total Upper Floor72.8 m²
Low level Area
Porch5.2 m²
Hall3.3 m²
Stairs6.9 m²
Half Bath 11.6 m²
Cupboard6.5 m²
Kitchen-Dining17.7 m²
Hall22.7 m²
Garage15.6 m²
Hallway2.3 m²
Whole Ground Floor81.8 m²
 Grand Total154.6 m²

Modern 15×60 ft House Plan 2BHK

15 x 60 House Plan Single Floor

15 x 60 House Plan Single Floor
5.05x20m houseArea
Porch1.8 m²
Hall5.6 m²
Living14.9 m²
Dining room14.8 m²
Kitchen8.8 m²
Bathroom 14.2 m²
Bedroom 111.9 m²
Bedroom 213.0 m²
Bathroom 23.5 m²
Hallway10.1 m²
 Total88.6 m²

15×60 Duplex House Plan 3D

15 by 60 House Design 3BHK Two Floors

15x60 Duplex House Plan 3D
Ground floor.
15 by 60 House Design 3BHK Two Floors
15×60 House Two Floors
Top floorArea
Hallway12.2 m²
Hall5.1 m²
Main room20.5 m²
Balcony2.0 m²
Dressing room8.8 m²
Bathroom 18.3 m²
Bedroom 29.3 m²
Bathroom 24.3 m²
Bedroom 39.1 m²
Bathroom 33.9m²
Total Upper Floor83.5 m²
Low levelArea
Entry2.0 m²
Hall6.2 m²
Living13.6 m²
Dining room14.6 m²
Kitchen9.7 m²
Half Bath2.4 m²
Hall21.9 m²
Terrace6.2 m²
Stairs3.5 m²
Store0.7 m²
Whole Ground Floor88.4 m²
Grand Total171.9 m²

Long House Plan 5×20 One Story

How to Build a House on a 5×20 Lot

16×65 House 1 StoryArea
Living15.3 m²
Dinning – Kitchen17.9 m²
Hallway7.1 m²
Bedroom 113.9 m²
Laundry3.0 m²
Bathroom 14.5 m²
Bedroom 216.0 m²
Bathroom 24.5 m²
Dressing room4.9 m²
 Total87.1 m²

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