16×50 House Plan – 5 Designs with Floors and Elevations

Let’s see interesting ideas of 16×50 HOUSE PLAN DESIGNS for narrow and small lots.

16×50 House Plan design
Aerial view of 16×50 modern house design in 3D.

16×50 House Floor Plan

The first idea for a 16×50 house plan with one floor has a useful area of ​​630 sq ft (58.8 square meters) and has 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. It turns out to be an interesting design because despite being a small house, it has 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms inside. 

One of the bedrooms is a master suite with its own bathroom and a kind of walking closet behind the bed.

5 × 15 meters House Plan with 2 Bedrooms

16×50 House Plan one floor
16×50 house Plan 2BKH.

The size of the master bedroom is just over 4.8 × 2.8 meters, it has two large glass windows, with a queen size bed, closet, and a 3 x 1.2 meter attached bathroom. It also has space for dressing inside and with privacy.

1Hall3.1 sqm
2Bedroom 112.3 sqm
3Bathroom 13.1 sqm
4Kitchen-Dinning13.4 sqm
5Livingroom8.1 sqm
6Master Bed 215.6 sqm
7Bathroom 23.2 sqm
Total 58.8 sqm

Another of the interesting characteristics of this one-story house is that it has a patio (inside) on the right side of the house, which allows you to go out and carry out some activity outside with some privacy.

5 × 15 meters House Plan with 2 Bedrooms
2 bedrooms 5×15 meters floor plan.

This 16×50 feet house plan would be suitable for families of up to 4 people.

16x50 house plan
2 bedrooms 16×50 floor plans.

16 x 50 House Plans in India with 2 Bedrooms and Measurements

This plan design for 16 x 50 house plans in India is one-story house and has a useful area of ​​730 square feet (67.7 square meters) and also has 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. 

It is a design that generates less circulation area, since the main entrance to the house is towards the center of the floor.

Therefore, it is a small house of 5×15 meters but larger inside, especially in the social spaces.

2 bedroom 16x50 floor plans
16×50 feet 2 bedrooms floor plan.

The main room is also a master suite with its own bathroom. Next we see the table of areas.

No. RoomsArea
1Living room17.1 sqm
2Kitchen-Dinning18.5 sqm
3Hall5.9 sqm
4Bathroom 13.0 sqm
5Bed 17.6 sqm
6Master Bed 211.4 sqm
7Bathroom 23.1 sqm
Total 66.7 sqm

This simple 5×15 house would also have the possibility of accessing a side patio.

Plans for House of 5x15 meters with 2 Bedrooms
2BKH 16×50 floor plan.

16×50 Duplex House Plans Design

This is a minimalist 16×50 house design that has two levels where a little bit more than 400 sqft of useful area are distributed. A very simple design apparently but with great spatial fluidity .

Inside, a small patio allows light to enter the ground floor and increases the feeling of freshness, since the air exchange is produced by a difference in temperature and pressure, typical of small patios or patios.

16x50 Duplex House Design
Facade of 16×50 ft Two story house design in 3d.

Why include an Interior Patio

The introduction of patios is always a very interesting strategy due to the bioclimatic benefits it generates.

An interior patio improves the entry of light and natural ventilation in different rooms. On long plots it is a very important element to achieve good interior comfort.

Livingroom interior design of 16x50 feet house plan design
Interior patio at the end (left) of livingroom.
5×15 meters Two-Story House Design
5×15 meters 2-story house design. Elevation perspective view.

16×50 feet House Interior Design

House of 5x15 Two Floors interior of the room
Livingroom interior design of 16×50 feet house.
House of 5x15 Two Floors inside
First floor plan 3d view.

As can be seen in the floor plan of this 5×15 mts house , the interior patio generates an exchange of light and air with 5 spaces in the house, such as the living room, hallway and dining room, on the ground floor and the master bedroom, dressing room and bathroom, on the upper level.

Plans for a 5×15 Two-Story House with Interior Patio

Now we can see this 120 SQUARE METERS house plan (1300 SQ FT) with 2 floors. 

On the upper floor there are 2 bedrooms, a bathroom for common use, and a small closet. In both cases, the BEDROOM MEASUREMENTS are wide, which allows place inside BEDS WITH FULL SIZE DIMENSIONS.

16×50 House Plan 2BKH
16×50 House Plan with dimensions.

16 x 50 House Plans with Car Parking, 2 Story 4 Bedrooms

Following, an example of a two-story 16 x 50 house plans, which has a useful area of ​​1300 sq ft (123.8 square meters).

16 x 50 House Plans Duplex with Car Parking
16×50 House plan duplex: low level.
House Plans 5x15 2 Story 4 Bedroom
16×50 house plan duplex: Low level: top floor.

The house has a closed garage4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. A peculiar characteristic that it has is its multiple closets, something that is very useful, especially in small houses, where space is not abundant.

16×50 G+1 4BHK East Facing Home design

House Plans 5x15 2 Story
In PDF a 16 feet by 50 feet house plan.

16×50 ft One-Story House Design

This 5×15 meter one-story house model has a simple and modern façade elevation. Inside, it has two bedrooms and two bathrooms, among other spaces.

5x15 One Story House Model
16×50 House elevation design.

Its façade is simple and modern, using materials such as veneered stone and wood. The range of colors used on the façade is very pleasant, with white, the sand color of the stone, and the natural color and texture of the wood.

Only a strip of glass carpentry located with a large parapet has been placed, in this case for the first bathroom.

16x50 house floor plan design
16×50 floor plan design with 2 bedrooms, south facing.

The useful area of ​​the house is 700 sq ft (64.5sqm). The master bedroom is located at the end of the floor (of the house) and has its own bathroom inside. It is a model house designed for a family of 3 to 4 people.

Below you can see the house plan of 5×15 meters with one floor, where the different rooms and their respective areas and perimeters are also reflected.

16x50 2 bedroom floor plans
16×50 house plan design PDF.

5×15 meters One-Story House Design

Housing design of 5×15 meters with one floor, despite being a small house, it has 3 bedrooms and space reserved for a garage.

5x15 One Story House Model

3D House design of 16×50 ft one floor.

Its façade is simple and modern at the same time, with a set of heights between its front and side walls and small overhangs.

small house design 5x15 one story
Front elevation of 16×50 ft house design in 3d.

House Plan of 5 meters Front by 15 meters Deep

16x50 3 bedroom floor plans with car parking
16 50 house plan with car parking.

By following the link, you can see more than 200 TINY house plan ideas with measurements and facades. Here you will find 15×60 FEET FLOOR plans. It will also be interesting to see these floor plan WITH FREE DIMENSIONS.

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