20×25 Floor Plans – 6×8 House Designs

Ideas that inspire to build 20×25 floor plans. Interesting examples of 6×8 house designs with dimensions. 

20×25 ft 2 Story House Plans with 4 Small Bedrooms

The first example is a 20×25 ft two-story house plan, a small duplex house with 4 bedrooms and 3 toilets.

With this you can build a small house in two construction stages. 

Having a bedroom on the first level, it gives us the possibility of building the 6×8 meters ground floor in a first stage. This would allow us to build on a budget situation and in phases.

In a second period we could expand the second level. It must be taken into account that we must carry out correct planning, for example, leaving the necessary space to build the staircase and consider its most appropriate shape and design beforehand.

20×25 Duplex House Plan with 4 Beds

20x25 ft 2 Story House Plans
Small House 6×8 Ground Floor
Small House Plans of 6x8 meters
Small House of 6 × 8 Upper Floor

In this example, as can be seen in the distribution plan of the ground floor, before building the second floor, we would have to leave space for a large room, which would later become a room and stairs.

Below, you can see a chart of all the rooms in the two-story 6×8 house, separated by each level. In total, this two-story 6×8 house has a useful area of ​​80 square meters.

20×25 ft House6×8 m2 Story
Top floorArea Area
Hall26.9 sq ft2.5 m²
Bed 261.3 sq ft5.7 m²
Bed 3105.5 sq ft9.8 m²
Bathroom 333.4 sq ft3.1 m²
Wardrobe28.0 sq ft2.6 m²
Bathroom 237.7 sq ft3.5 m²
Bed 471.0 sq ft6.6 m²
Balcony33.4 sq ft3.1 m²
Total Upper Floor398.1 sq ft37.0 m²
Low levelAreaArea
Entrance32.3 sq ft3.0 m²
Living room120.5 sq ft11.2 m²
Hall23.7 sq ft2.2 m²
Kitchen – Dining180.8 sq ft16.8 m²
Bed 168.9 sq ft6.4 m²
Bathroom 138.8 sq ft3.6 m²
Whole Ground Floor465.9 sq ft43.3 m²
Grand Total864.0 sq ft80.3 m²

20 by 25 House Floor Plan with Dimensions

20 by 25 House Floor Plan with Dimensions
Plans of small houses ground floor .
20x25 House plan 2bhk
Duplex house plans: upper floor

6×8 One Story Home Plan with 2 Bedrooms

If you have a plot of land with a frontage of 7 meters, you can build with this house plan of 6 x 8 meters with measurements. This 2-bedroom 6×8 floor plan is designed for small lots, which may have a patio or side garden.

6x8 House Plans with Measurements

As you can see, the living room area is wide, compared to the other spaces in the house. However, the 2 bedrooms allow you to have a double bed.

6 x 8.25 m HouseAreaArea
Living room121.6 sq ft11.3 m²
Porch44.1 sq ft4.1 m²
Dinning room kitchen99.0 sq ft9.2 m²
Hall12.9 sq ft1.2 m²
Bedroom 179.6 sq ft7.4 m²
Bedroom 279.6 sq ft7.4 m²
Bathroom42.0 sq ft3.9 m²
Total477.7 sq ft44.4 m²
House Plan 6 x 8 two bedrooms
20 x 25 house plan 1 floor 2bhk

25×20 House Plan South Facing One Story Variant 1

Next, we have a house plan of 25 by 20 fet (8×6 meters), that is, with a width greater than its length.

The social area is integrated, with an L-shaped configuration. Also in L, the kitchen is presented, allowing the location of a table with 4 chairs attached to the wall and a circulation corridor between both functions.

25x20 House Plan South Facing One Story Variant 1
House plan of 8 × 6 meters of a floor

The accesses to the bedrooms and the bathroom are rotated 45 degrees, to make better use of the available space.

20×25 House Plan South Facing One Story Variant 2

The image below shows the same 6×8 meter plant but with a width of 6 meters by 8 meters long. In this case, the entrance door is produced by the front façade, which would now be the façade with the smallest dimension.

20x25 House Plan South Facing One Story Variant 2
20×25 House plan south facing one story
20×25 HouseAreaArea
Living room118.4 sq ft11.0 m²
Dinning – Kitchen95.8 sq ft8.9 m²
Corridor14.0 sq ft1.3 m²
Bedroom 199.0 sq ft9.2 m²
Bedroom 2103.3 sq ft9.6 m²
Bathroom36.6 sq ft3.4 m²
Total466.9 sq ft43.4 m²

6 × 8 meters House Plan One Floor

When spaces are properly distributed, small houses also manage to have their charm.

In this example we have a 450 SQUARE FEET house plan with 2 bedrooms and a bathroom. If we look at it in a general way, we might come to the same conclusion: it looks bigger than it really is. This is due to its distribution, which manages to harmoniously organize each square meter.

The fact of entering the house through a more central point, saves circulation area, being able to then take advantage of it in a better arrangement of furniture.

The door could also be located as in the second variant, but it seems that it is somewhat uncomfortable to pass between the furniture and the simple sofa.

It must also be said that sometimes the characteristics of the terrain do not allow having two variants to choose from.

House Plan 6x8 One Floor
6×8 Plan variant 1
House Plan 6x8 one level
6×8 Plan variant 2

Another quality is to grant the right square meters to each room, according to its function and furniture. This is demonstrated in the small bedroom and the kitchen-dining room, by removing the dividing wall by about 50cm, to place the dining table.

In short, an interesting example of a 2 BEDROOM 1 FLOOR house plan.

20×25 House mapAreaArea
Living roomsq ft10.1 m²
kitchen-dining roomsq ft10.2 m²
Bathroomsq ft3.1 m²
Bedroom 1sq ft9.5 m²
Bedroom 2sq ft7.2 m²
Totalsq ft40.1 m²
20x25 House map

20×25 House Plan Photo with Measurements

The following is an example of a ONE FLOOR THREE-BEDROOM house plan with measurements of 8×6 meters.

As can be seen, the house has a covered access portal. Entering the house, we first find the dining room and to the left we have the living room. 

These two spaces, together with the kitchen, make up the social nucleus, in a single continuous space, giving the perception of greater breadth.

20x25 house plan east facing
20×25 house plan single floor with 3 bedrooms

Three small bedrooms and a square bathroom complete the distribution of the entire house of just over 8x6m.

8.1 x 6 m houseAreaArea
Porch44.1 sq ft4.1 m²
Dining room130.2 sq ft12.1 m²
Kitchen room61.3 sq ft5.7 m²
Bathroom29.1 sq ft2.7 m²
Hall 18.6 sq ft0.8 m²
Bedroom 178.5 sq ft7.3 m²
Bedroom 260.3 sq ft5.6 m²
Hall 28.6 sq ft0.8 m²
Bedroom 360.3 sq ft5.6 m²
Total482.1 sq ft44.8 m²

20×25 House Plan 3 BHK

20x25 House Plan 3BHK

If you want to see more examples of SMALL HOUSE DESIGNS, you can continue with this link.

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