20×30 House Plans Designs

Ideally, a 20×30 house plan can include multiple bedrooms, a social space, and a kitchen geared toward simple meal preparation.

In addition, a 20×30 feet house plan with one or two floors can include storage options, a terrace, and of course, a complete bathroom.

The 6x9m apartment layouts are also an excellent option for those looking for an affordable way to live independently in comfort.

Let’s see examples…

20×30 House Plan 2BHK

20×30 Floor Plans 2 Bedroom Flat

20x30 Floor Plans 2 Bedroom Flat

A 20×30 feet multi-bedroom house plans can offer families comfort and autonomy, while being profitable on both rent and mortgage payments.

A 6×9 meter small house plan should provide comfort, functionality and different options for interior decoration.

20×30 ft HouseArea
Bedroom 17.3sqm
Bedroom 211.6sqm
Service yard6.8sqm

20×30 2 Bedroom House Plans with Dimensions

20×30 House Plans Free with Pictures

Plans of Houses of 54 square meters 2 Bedrooms
20×30 HouseArea
Dinning room kitchen9.8sqm
Bedroom 18.3sqm
Bedroom 27.2sqm

20×30 Duplex House Plans West Facing

20×30 House Plans with Basement

20x30 north facing duplex house plans
Ground floor.
30x20 North Facing House Plans
Upper floor.
20×30 House 2 Floors 
Top floorAreaPerimeter
Aisle7.5 sqm16.54 m
Balcony2.3 sqm6.32 m
Bedroom 15.7 sqm9.86 m
Bedroom 25.7 sqm9.86 m
Bedroom 314.6 sqm16.61 m
Hall1.5 sqm5.29 m
Bathroom 24.0 sqm8.12 m
Cupboard1.4 sqm5.21 m
Total Upper Floor42.7 sqm77.81 m
Low levelAreaPerimeter
Hall4.8 sqm10.98 m
Stairs4.0 sqm10.62 m
Living17.1 sqm16.56 m
Kitchen-dining room13.6 sqm15.56 m
Closet0.8 sqm4.36 m
Aisle1.5 sqm5.29 m
Bathroom 14.0 sqm8.12 m
Utilities1.4 sqm5.21 m
Whole Ground Floor47.0 sqm76.70 m
 Total89.7 sqm154.51 m

6×9 Apartment Plan with Dimensions

30x20 North Facing House Plans
6x9m HouseArea
Living12.0 sqm
Dinning room kitchen9.2 sqm
Balcony4.2 sqm
Bathroom4.3 sqm
Bedroom 112.5 sqm
Bedroom 28.6 sqm
Total50.7 sqm

North Facing House Plans 20×30 with 2 Bedrooms

20×30 Free Floor Plans with Dimensions

6x9 meters Two Bedroom House Plans
20×30 HouseArea
Porch3.1 sqm
Dining room16.2 sqm
Kitchen6.7 sqm
Bathroom3.9 sqm
Aisle2.5 sqm
Bedroom16.3 sqm
Total48.6 sqm

20×30 House Plans with Car Parking

20×30 2 Bedrooms House Plans

Plans of Houses of 6 × 9 meters 2 Rooms

20x30 vastu house plans north facing with 2 bedrooms
20×30 HouseArea
Porch3.1 sqm
Dining room15.7 sqm
Cocina5.9 sqm
Bathroom3.9 sqm
Bedroom 19.6 sqm
Bedroom 26.2 sqm
Aisle3.2 sqm
Total47.7 sqm

Let’s see more SIMPLE HOUSE PLANS DESIGNS with 20×30 ft dimensions.

20×30 2 Story House Plans

20×30 3 BHK House Plan North Facing

Plans of Two-Story Houses of 6x9 meters with 3 Bedrooms
6x9 Two Story House Plans
22×30 ft HouseTwoLevels
Top floorAreaPerimeter
Aisle4.7 sqm11.07 m
Bedroom 17.6 sqm11.06 m
Bedroom 26.3 sqm10.06 m
Hall1.5 sqm5.04 m
Bedroom 39.1 sqm12.07 m
Dressing room3.2 sqm7.26 m
Bathroom 33.5 sqm7.86 m
Bathroom 24.2 sqm8.86 m
Wash3.0 sqm6.99 m
Total Upper Floor43.2 sqm80.27 m
Low levelAreaPerimeter
Entrance Hall5.5 sqm9.72 m
Stairs8.1 sqm11.42 m
Living14.6 sqm15.47 m
Dining room6.8 sqm10.47 m
Kitchen7.5 sqm12.29 m
Hall0.8 sqm3.70 m
Bathroom3.5 sqm7.86 m
Utilities2.6 sqm6.47 m
Closet0.4 sqm2.90 m
Whole Ground Floor49.9 sqm80.30 m
Total93.1 sqm160.57 m

South Facing House Vastu Plan 20 x 30 1BHK

6x9 apartment plan
21×29 ft HouseArea
Entrance Hall3.1 sqm
Dining room16.9 sqm
Kitchen4.5 sqm
Balcony4.3 sqm
Hall1.9 sqm
Bedroom8.0 sqm
Bathroom3.6 sqm
Total42.3 sqm

You can also see 24×32 FEET house plans. Other housing designs measuring 24×30 FEET can also be reviewed.

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