25×40 House Plans

Find 25×40 house plans that allow you to design your home. Here you will see all the possibilities with 25×40 house floor plans to condition your house.

It does not matter the number of floors, the use of the land or the functional characteristics that the house requires. We have a multitude of layout solutions for 8×12 meter houses with measurements.

Suitable 25×40 House Plans with 3 Bedrooms

Regarding the 8×12 meters, single-story (1-story) house plans, you will find modern designs, with a garage, small, large, economical, renewable, two, three or four bedrooms, 60m2 or 200m2 . There is always something for every situation.

25×40 House Plan with 3 Bedrooms and 2 Baths Ground Floor

25x40 House plan with car parking.
25×40 House plan with car parking.
25×40 House 
Garage209.8 sq ft19.5 sqm
Dining room228.1 sq ft21.2 sqm
Bedroom 1132.3 sq ft12.3 sqm
Dressing room57.1 sq ft5.3 sqm
Kitchen111.9 sq ft10.4 sqm
Closet 16.5 sq ft0.6 sqm
Hall29.1 sq ft2.7 sqm
Bedroom 387.2 sq ft8.1 sqm
Bathroom51.6 sq ft4.8 sqm
Bedroom 2100.1 sq ft9.3 sqm
Wardrope 218.3 sq ft1.7 sqm
Total1029.7 sq ft95.7 sq ft

2 Bedrooms 25×40 House Plan Ground Floor with 2 Bathrooms

First of all, many 25×40 ft house projects are already prepared to fit the lot.

These 8×12m house floors can be modified, depending on the number of rooms, the number of floors and the uses that are going to be given to each room.

Whether it is a living room, a kitchen, 2, 3 or 4 bedrooms, one or two bathrooms, or perhaps a patio or a garage. They are different options with their respective functionalities.

2 Bedrooms 25x40 House Plan Ground Floor with 2 Bathrooms and car parking
8x12m House 
Entrance with Roof69.9 sq ft6.5 sqm
Garage154.9 sq ft14.4 sqm
Bedroom 1133.4 sq ft12.4 sqm
Living-Dining260.4 sq ft24.2 sqm
Bedroom 2125.9 sq ft11.7 sqm
Kitchen100.1 sq ft9.3 sqm
Bathroom 148.4 sq ft4.5 sqm
Bathroom 241.9 sq ft3.9 sqm
Total935.1 sq ft86.9 sqm

1 Story 26 * 40 House Plan South Facing 

On the other hand, you have the 26×40 ft house plans with 1 floor that can be expanded to a second floor (2 levels).

In the following example, they have a reservation for the access stairs to the second floor. The staircase can be conceived outside the house, or from the inside.

26×40 House Plans with 2 Bedrooms 1 Story

House Plans 8x12 1 Story

The plant is characterized by a functional distribution, taking advantage of the available area, with a spacious living room, with separate kitchen and dining room.

26×40 ft House 
Entrance97.9 sq ft9.1 sqm
Stairs80.7 sq ft7.5 sqm
Closet18.3 sq ft1.7 sqm
Living211.9sq ft19.7 sqm
Kitchen87.2 sq ft8.1 sqm
Dining room117.3 sq ft10.9 sqm
Hallway39.8 sq ft3.7 sqm
Bedroom 1114.1 sq ft10.6 sqm
Bedroom 296.8 sq ft9.0 sqm
Bathroom40.9 sq ft3.8 sqm
Dressing room31.2 sq ft2.9 sqm
Total939.4 sq ft87.3 sqm

26 x 41 House Plan with Car Parking 2 Floors

25 x 40 House Plan with Car Parking 2 Floors
Ground floor.
8x10 House Plans with 2 Floors
Top floor.
26×41 HouseTwoLevels
Top floorAreaArea
Hall182.9 sq ft17.0 sqm
Hallway81.8 sq ft7.6 sqm
Bedroom 1150.6 sq ft14.0 sqm
Bathroom 157.1 sq ft5.3 sqm
Bathroom 247.3 sq ft4.4 sqm
Bedroom 287.2 sq ft8.1 sqm
Bedroom 3154.9 sq ft14.4 sqm
Dressing room45.2 sq ft4.2 sqm
Bathroom 348.4 sq ft4.5 sqm
Balcony44.4 sq ft4.1 sqm
Total Upper Floor898.1 sq ft83.5 sqm
Low levelAreaArea
Living160.3 sq ft14.9 sqm
Kitchen136.7 sq ft12.7 sqm
Dining room102.2 sq ft9.5 sqm
Store49.5 sq ft4.6 sqm
Stairs117.3 sq ft10.9 sqm
Hallway34.4 sq ft3.2 sqm
Bath39.8 sq ft3.7 sqm
Garage232.4 sq ft21.6 sqm
Whole Ground Floor872.6 sq ft81.1 sqm
Total1771.1 sq ft164.6 sqm

26 x 43 House Plan with 3 Bedrooms

House Plans 8x12m 3 Bedrooms and 2 Bathrooms
26×43 HouseAreaArea
Porch45.2 sq ft4.2 sqm
Dining room246.4 sq ft22.9 sqm
Kitchen101.1 sq ft9.4 sqm
Bathroom 244.1 sq ft4.1 sqm
Aisle41.9 sq ft3.9 sqm
Hall16.1 sq ft1.5 sqm
Bedroom 1147.4 sq ft13.7 sqm
Bathroom 136.6 sq ft3.4 sqm
Bedroom 293.6 sq ft8.7 sqm
Bedroom 3135.7 sq ft12.6 sqm
Total909.2 sq ft84.5 sqm

26×55 Duplex House Plan with Car Parking and Pool

25×55 Duplex House Plan with Car Parking and Pool
Low level.
25×55 Duplex House Plan with Car Parking and Pool
Top level.
26×55 ft House 
Top floorAreaArea
Hall145.3 sq ft13.5 sqm
Bathroom 131.2 sq ft2.9 sqm
Bedroom 1117.3 sq ft10.9 sqm
Bedroom 3150.7 sq ft14.0 sqm
Balcony106.6 sq ft9.9 sqm
Dressing room91.5 sq ft8.5 sqm
Bedroom 2138.9 sq ft12.9 sqm
Bathroom 267.8 sq ft6.3 sqm
Total Upper Floor848.2 sq ft78.8 sqm
Low levelAreaArea
Hall38.8 sq ft3.6 sqm
Stairs178.7 sq ft16.6 sqm
Half Bath31.2 sq ft2.9 sqm
Kitchen104.4 sq ft9.7 sqm
Washing73.2 sq ft6.8 sqm
Living221.7 sq ft20.6 sqm
Dining room124.9 sq ft11.6 sqm
Terrace-Pool278.8 sq ft25.9 sqm
Rustic kitchen67.8 sq ft6.3 sqm
Garage176.5 sq ft16.4 sqm
Whole Ground Floor1298.1 sq ft120.6 sqm
Total2146.3 sq ft199.4 sqm

House Plans 25×41 One Story and 3 Bedrooms

House Plans 25x41 One Story and 3 Bedrooms
25×41 House Plan Area Area
Car Parking204.5 sq ft19.0 sqm
Living181.9 sq ft16.9 sqm
Stairs171.1 sq ft15.9 sqm
Kitchen103.3 sq ft9.6 sqm
Terrace59.2 sq ft5.5 sqm
Bedroom 2116.3 sq ft10.8 sqm
Bathroom 234.4 sq ft3.2 sqm
Bedroom 1132.4 sq ft12.3 sqm
Bathroom 134.4 sq ft3.2 sqm
Total1038.7 sq ft96.5 sqm

27×45 House Plans with Garage

8x12 House Plans with Garage

Interesting SMALL MODERN HOUSE with garage, 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. Upon entering, we have the kitchen on the right side, and then the dining room. The room is more withdrawn, and can be linked to a patio or a terrace.

The two rooms have sufficient privacy, protected by a secondary circulation corridor.

28×42 House Area
Entrance3.0 sqm
Hall1.7 sqm
Kitchen9.1 sqm
Dining room14.6 sqm
Living13.7 sqm
Garage20.8 sqm
Aisle6.0 sqm
Bathroom3.9 sqm
Bedroom 14.5 sqm
Bedroom 29.4 sqm
Closet 21.3 sqm
Closet 11.3 sqm
Total89.3 sqm

Plan of a 26’11”x40 ft House WITH 3 BEDROOMS

Enjoy the wide variety of 8×12 house plans that are available, choose the design that best suits your needs and build your future home safely.

26×40 HouseArea
Porch4.8 sqm
Living-Dining28.8 sqm
Aisle7.6 sqm
Kitchen9.3 sqm
Bedroom 111.5 sqm
Bedroom 28.4 sqm
Bathroom 14.8 sqm
Bedroom 312.7 sqm
Total87.9 sqm

25×42 House Plans with 2 Floors South Facing

With a wide range of options available, from modern and contemporary to classic and traditional styles, you are sure to find the perfect design to suit your needs.

We are committed to providing excellent home design services that guarantee the success of your construction project.

25×42 House Plans with 2 Floors South Facing
25×40 House Plans with 2 Floors South Facing
25×42 House 
Top floorArea
Hall17.0 sqm
Aisle7.6 sqm
Bedroom 114.0 sqm
Bathroom 15.3 sqm
Bathroom 24.4 sqm
Bedroom 28.1 sqm
Bedroom 314.4 sqm
Dressing room4.2 sqm
Bathroom 34.5 sqm
Balcony4.1 sqm
Total Upper Floor83.5 m²
Low level Area
Hall-stairs13.6 sqm
Living-Dining29.6 sqm
Kitchen9.2 sqm
Terrace8.7 sqm
Half Bath3.2 sqm
Garage21.6 sqm
Whole Ground Floor85.8 sqm
Total169.4 sqm

You can also see many 2-STORY house plans with 3 bedrooms.

 12.4×8 House Plan

Choosing an 8×12 house plan has never been easier. They are one of the best options to find the ideal home for you.

12 x 8 House Plan

This example has the living room integrated with the dining room, and the L-shaped kitchen, independent and with direct access to the outside. One floor with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

40×26 House Area
Living12.3 sqm
Dining room15.2 sqm
Kitchen10.0 sqm
Aisle7.6 sqm
Bedroom 19.8 sqm
Bathroom 16.5 sqm
Bathroom 24.2 sqm
Bedroom 29.4 sqm
Wardrobe2.5 sqm
Bedroom 39.9 sqm
Total87.4 sqm

Free Plan of 8×12 meters

8x12 meter plans
8.2x12m House 
Prohibited6.1 sqm
Garage13.3 sqm
Dining room24.7 sqm
Kitchen11.4 sqm
Bedroom 111.4 sqm
Bathroom 14.6 sqm
Bedroom 212.2 sqm
Bathroom 24.2 sqm
Total87.9 sqm

Advantages and Disadvantages of 25×40 House Plans

Finally, there are some advantages and disadvantages associated with searching for free 25×40 feet house plans.

On the one hand, the advantages are: easy to find, easy adaptation with the plot design program, the wide variety of models and plans available, the fact that almost all of them are free (for now) and, in general, the possibility of finding interesting solutions when designing your ideal home.

On the downside, there is the possibility of a lack of expert advice on choosing the right 8×12 plan for the plot (almost always, a 1000 SQUARE FEET floor plan), a lack of advice on the suitability of the materials to choose, and the lack of a custom design service.

We can be inspired by the BEST BEDROOM LAYOUTS with their measurements, in the way to enjoy the best possible sunlight or in the relationship between the interior and exterior of the house.

We can also take note of the raw materials and finishes that have been used to achieve a certain HOUSE STYLE.

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