30×30 House Plans 3D Design with Floor Plans

Selection of 30×30 house plans 3d (9 x 9 meter house floor plans), including options for all needs, from affordable tiny houses to 2-story residences.

We offer you a diversity of plans to consult. Wide range of 30×30 house plans to build. The process of building a home can be overwhelming, but with the help of a suitable design, it can be easier and more pleasant.

1 story 30x30 house plan
30×30 floor plan in one floor.
30×30 ft HouseAreaArea
Porch77.5 sq ft7.2 sqm
Hall129.1 sq ft12.0 sqm
Dinning- kitchen152.8 sq ft14.2 sqm
Aisle62.4 sq ft5.8 sqm
Bedroom 1104.4 sq ft9.7 sqm
Dressing room35.5 sq ft3.3 sqm
Bedroom 289.3 sq ft8.3 sqm
Bedroom 3107.6 sq ft10.0 sqm
Bathroom35.5 sq ft3.3 sqm
Total793.3 sq ft73.7 sqm

Explore the different 9×9 meter MODERN HOUSE DESIGN IDEAS available, and find the best one for you!

The possibilities are endless in terms of design and decoration, so take a look at these 30×30 feet house plans.

30×30 House Floor Plans

9x9m house plan with measurements.
30×30 ft floor plan with measurements.
30×30 HouseAreaArea
Roofed Porch158.2 sq ft14.7 sqm
Hall169.0 sq ft15.7 sqm
Dining room100.1 sq ft9.3 sqm
Kitchen78.6 sq ft7.3 sqm
Bedroom 167.8 sq ft6.3 sqm
Bedroom 267.8 sq ft6.3 sqm
Bedroom 399.0 sq ft9.2 sqm
Bathroom50.6 sq ft4.7 sqm
Wardrobe4.3 sq ft0.4 sqm
Total795.5 sq ft73.9 sqm

Family House 30×30 Floor Plans 3D

House plan with 30×30 feet with 1 floor, with possibilities of expansion for two rooms, or even three. The front of the house can be converted into a garage or terrace.

family house 30x30 house plans 3d

CLICK ON IMAGE to see plans with measurements.

450 sq ft house plan with car parking
Aerial view of 30 * 30 house plan with car parking.

With the help of an expert, you can customize the plan to create a unique home, tailored to your lifestyle. The best thing about these 9×9 meter house plans is that you can customize them according to your needs and preferences.

30×30 House Plan 1BHK

30×30 1 Bedroom Floor Plans with Front Design

Sketch of a 9×9 meter 1-story house, with the possibility of expansion, depending on the size of the lot.

30x30 1 Bedroom Floor Plans with Front Design

You can CLICK ON THE IMAGE to see more information.

50 sqm House Plan 1BHK
30×30 house plans in first floor.

30×30 2 Story House Plans

30x30 2 Story House Plans
Ground floor .
30x30 2 Story House Plans
Top floor.
30×30 ft House
Top floor Area Area
Hall90.4 sq ft8.4 sqm
Bathroom67.8 sq ft6.3 sqm
Aisle37.7 sq ft3.5 sqm
Balcony88.3 sq ft8.2 sqm
Bedroom 3133.5 sq ft12.4 sqm
Bedroom 2141.0 sq ft13.1 sqm
Dressing room 229.0 sq ft2.7 sqm
Bedroom 1115.2 sq ft10.7 sqm
Dressing room 129.1 sq ft2.7 sqm
Total Upper Floor731.9 sq ft68.0 sqm
Low levelAreaArea
Hall90.4 sq ft8.4 sqm
Stairs58.1 sq ft5.4 sqm
Aisle37.7 sq ft3.5 sqm
Hall133.5 sq ft12.4 sqm
Terrace88.3 sq ft8.2 sqm
Dining room164.7 sq ft15.3 sqm
Kitchen158.2 sq ft14.7 sqm
Cleanliness26.9 sq ft2.5 sqm
Wash36.6 sq ft3.4 sqm
Whole Ground Floor794.4 sq ft73.8 sqm
Grand Total1527.3 sq ft141.8 sqm

30×30 House Plan Design 3 Bedroom with 2 Floors

30x30 House Plan Design 3 Bedroom with 2 Floors
30 * 30 house plan south facing with porch and sloped roof.
30x30 House Plan Design 3 Bedroom with 2 Floors
Ground floor.
Low levelAreaArea
Porch51.7 sq ft4.8 sqm
Hall143.2 sq ft13.3 sqm
Hall115.2 sq ft10.7 sqm
Stairs581 sq ft5.4 sqm
Kitchen116.3 sq ft10.8 sqm
Dining room130.2 sq ft12.1 sqm
Bedroom 1124.9 sq ft11.6 sqm
Bathroom 131.2 sq ft2.9 sqm
Wardrobe5.4 sq ft0.5 sqm
Aisle12.9 sq ft1.2 sqm
Whole Ground Floor788.9 sq ft73.3 sqm
30 x30 house plans 3d
30 x30 house plans 3d.
Top floor.
Top floorAreaArea
Living173.3 sq ft16.1 sqm
Bedroom 2124.9 sq ft11.6 sqm
Bedroom 3130.2 sq ft12.1 sqm
Bathroom54.9 sq ft5.1 sqm
Total Upper Floor483.3 sq ft44.9 sqm
30×30 2 Story HouseÁreaÁrea
Total 1272.3 sqm118.2 sqm

30×30 Two-Story House Design

30x30 Two-Story House Design

You can click on the plan to see the CONCRETE STAIRS with measurements.

reinforced concrete stairs

You can also see 30×32 FEET house plans.

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