5×10 House Plan Design 2 Story

In this Two-Story 5×10 House Plan Design, which has 2 bedrooms, a 5×10 loft-type house is presented with a very interesting sober and elegant design.

5×10 House Plan Design 2 Story

The useful area of ​​this small two-story house is 85 square meters and it is located on a constructed area or land of 50 square meters.

5×10 2 Storey House Design with 2 Bedrooms – Loft

elevation of 5x10 2 Storey House Design with 2 Bedrooms - Loft
View of the main façade.

The small modern two-story 5×10 meter loft has a 5 meter wide façade with a minimalist design. The main access from the outside is protected from views by a blind wall of reinforced concrete, which also has a veneer with ceramic tiles.

On the left side it has an exterior corridor, to be able to directly access the rear area of ​​the house.

5x10 Two-Story Minimalist Loft Style House
View of the ground floor in a 3D section.

Inside this model of a 50-square -meter loft-style house, we find the living room and dining room integrated into the same space, which allows for greater spatiality and a feeling of spaciousness.

Two Story 5x10 House Design
Interior view of the living room.

The interior decoration uses pastel tones such as ash white, light gray and light blue in combination with exposed wood.

5x10 Two-Story House interior
Living room, interior design.

Two Story 5×10 House Plans with Dimensions

5x10 Two-Story House Plan Ground Floor
5×10 Modern ground floor plan.

On the ground floor, in addition to the living room, dining room and kitchen in the shape of a “U” with a bar, we have a full bathroom and a small laundry area.

Interior of 5x10 House of Two Floors minimalist loft style
Internal concrete helical staircase

The interior helicoidal staircase of reinforced concrete that has a wooden lining, saves space while constituting a sculptural element in the entire space on the ground floor.

Interior of 5x10 House of Two Floors minimalist loft style
Internal concrete helical staircase.

In this design of Small House Plans of 5×10 with Two Loft-type Floors in the central space of the house, a double prop or double height has been left with the functional benefits that this generates. 

A double-height wood veneer defines the dining room space very well, while giving character and visually and sensorially communicating the ground and upper floors.

Double height of House of 5x10 of Two Floors minimalist loft style
Double height interior space

Upstairs we have two bedrooms and a full bathroom. From the main bedroom you can lie on the bed and watch what is happening in the kitchen at the same time.

5x10 Two-Story Loft Style House Plans
Upper floor plan with double height.

The second bedroom is smaller and this one is totally closed, with more privacy. 

Depending on where you put a door, you can choose whether to have the private bathroom or have the common bathroom for the two bedrooms. There is also the option of having the second larger bedroom by eliminating the upstairs bathroom, as shown in the 2D plan.

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3D Two Story 5x10 House
View of the top floor in a 3D section.

I hope you liked this 5×10 house plan design with two floors. Let’s see the video of 50 sqm house design 2 storey with rooftop.

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