5×8 House Plans – 18×28 ft Floor Plan Design

5×8 House plans to build your own home. All of our 18×28 ft floor plan designs with one or two floors are available for download and customization, with measurements.

Discover all the options we have to offer and find the perfect design for your home.

5×8 House Plans on 1 Floor

A 5×8 House plan with 2 bedrooms. Two main areas (social area and private area) are almost completely separated (a sliding door could be added).

In this way, great privacy is guaranteed for the two bedrooms and the bathroom.

5x8 House Plans on 1 Floor
5.2x8m HouseNet Area
Porch2.62 sqm
Living5.25 sqm
Dining room4.68 sqm
Kitchen5.75 sqm
Hall1.60 sqm
Bedroom 18.20 sqm
Bedroom 26.59 sqm
Bathroom2.94 sqm
Small terrace1.69 sqm
Total39.31 sqm

5×8 House Plans – Two-Story Apartment

Idea for a 5×8 apartment with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The sanitary core (bathrooms on the ground and upper floors) is concentrated, saving hydro-sanitary embedments.

At the same time, it serves to separate the dining room and the kitchen.

On the top floor, each room has its advantages: with access to the balcony, or with a closet-version.

5x8 Two-Story Apartment Plan
Top floor.
18x28 ft floor plan designs
Low level.
House of 5x8m 2 Floors
Top floorNet Area
Hall3.2 sqm
Bedroom 111.9 sqm
Balcony2.0 sqm
Bedroom 211.1 sqm
Bathroom 23.3 sqm
Total Upper Floor31.5 sqm
Low levelNet Area
Entrance3.1 sqm
Aisle5.2 sqm
Hall8.7 sqm
Stairs2.9 sqm
Bathroom 13.3 sqm
Kitchen8.6 sqm
Dining room6.4 sqm
Wardrobe1.4 sqm
Whole Ground Floor39.3 sqm
Total70.8 sqm
plans of houses of 8x5 meters of two floors
House plans of 8 × 5 meters with two floors .

House Plans with 5 meters by 8 meters with Measurements

House of 5.75 x 8 meters

House plans of 5 meters by 8 meters with Measurements

Both bedrooms are left with great privacy. The KITCHEN LAYOUT is straight and is independent of the social area.

I wanted to make the BATHROOM SIZE smaller, but it would no longer be a full and functional BATHROOM DESIGN .

5.75x8m HouseUseful area
Dining room10.79 sqm
Aisle2.23 sqm
Kitchen5.84 sqm
Bathroom2.67 sqm
Bedroom 18.99 sqm
Bedroom 28.86 sqm
Wash0.90 sqm
Total40.27 sqm

Prefabricated 5×8 House Plan

In the construction of houses, the interior walls can be built with prefabricated materials such as drywall, 10, 12 or 15 centimeters thick, as shown on the plans.

By using prefabricated materials on the walls, the rooms can gain more space, allowing the house to have slightly more spacious rooms.

Importantly, using precast wall materials not only helps free up space, but can also reduce construction time and cost.

Plan of Prefabricated House of 5x8 meters

Regarding the design of the house, it has a living-dining room and an independent linear kitchen.

As an area of ​​greater privacy, two bedrooms and a full bathroom have been designed at the end of the house. It is possible to include a third (small) bedroom, towards the front facade.

We almost got it! A 5 by 8 house with 3 bedrooms. Although we are not fully complying with the MINIMUM MEASURES FOR A SINGLE BEDROOM, the layout of the house, 5.3 by 8 meters, looks functional.

In small bedrooms, you have to be accurate, with the SIZE OF BED and the furniture we choose.

5.3x8m HouseNet Area
Bedroom 16.38 sqm
Hallway1.65 sqm
Dining room11.73 sqm
Bedroom 24.81 sqm
Bedroom 34.68 sqm
Kitchen4.29 sqm
Bathroom3.09 sqm
Total36.62 sqm

Plans of Houses of  8 × 5 meters  of  Two Floors

The main entrance, through a porch, is towards the center of the house. Entering we have a space for a hall or hall.

The livingroom and the CONCRETE STAIRS are located on the right, independently.

To the left, the dining room and the kitchen are distributed close, but independent from each other.

Plans of Houses of 8x5 meters of Two Floors
Low level.

The toilet is located in the center of the ground floor, but with a visual trap that protects it.

From the dining room it is possible to go out to a patio, also facilitating ventilation and the entry of natural light.

The upper level consists of two bedrooms, a small TV room and the bathroom, as main rooms. It also includes a hall and small balcony.

House plans of 8x5 meters with 2 floors
Top floor.

The hall or landing spaces of the stairs, the TV room and the balcony, and the two bedrooms are well delimited, guaranteeing functionality.

In summary, this house has a distribution of rooms designed to optimize space and achieve comfortable and functional environments.

8.2×5.05m House
Top floorNet Area
Stairs5.64 sqm
Hall8.64 sqm
Dining room5.02 sqm
Terrace1.65 sqm
Kitchen5.93 sqm
Wardrobe1.25 sqm
Hall0.83 sqm
Bathroom 12.13 sqm
Hall2.80 sqm
Porch2.74 sqm
Total Upper Floor36.64 sqm
Low levelUseful area
Hall5.38 sqm
Bedroom 26.67 sqm
Bedroom 17.50 sqm
Bathroom 23.35 sqm
Balcony2.77 sqm
Living7.03 sqm
Whole Ground Floor32.70 sqm
Total69.33 sqm

18×28 ft Modern House Plans

18x28 ft floor plan designs
5.1x8m houseNet Area
Hall7.57 sqm
Dining room6.22 sqm
Kitchen5.11 sqm
Bedroom 18.55 sqm
Bedroom 25.07 sqm
Bathroom2.64 sqm
Total35.17 sqm

As you can see, it is not very easy to make an ECONOMIC AND COMPACT little house with measures of 5×8 meters…

5×8 House Design Bungalow

18×28 House Plan Design Modern Bungalow on One Floor

5×8 House Design Bungalow
18x28 House Plan Design Modern Bungalow on One Floor
Modern house of 5 × 8 meters.

You can see all the information about this modern house of 5x8m, a 450 SQUARE FEET house plan.

5×8 Loft Plan

Below we can see a 5×8 meter loft plan, which is interesting due to its characteristics.

The main space (living room) is independent from the kitchen-dining room, giving the latter a lot of privacy.

The kitchen-dining room can have direct access to a patio, making large folding doors with 4 leaves (instead of windows), creating a very pleasant interior-exterior exchange.

Loft plan 5x8
Low level.

The space in the living room may seem small, but since it does not have a room directly above it, it will look spacious and comfortable, leaving a house WITH A SMALL DOUBLE HEIGHT SPACE .

On the upper level, you can put the bathroom door, to enter directly from the room. Thus, we would have another variant of A MASTER BEDROOM PLAN.

5x8 Loft plan
Upper level.

However, placing the door towards the circulation corridor, offers the possibility of expanding, making a second bedroom, with a shared bathroom interspersed. 

With this we would get a small house WITH TWO FLOORS AND 2 BEDROOMS, without carrying out demolitions.

The location of the circulation corridor on the top floor is strategic, giving the possibility of exit to a small balcony.

Loft 5×8Net Area
Lounge16.64 sqm
Ground floor hallway1.38 sqm
Bathroom 13.35 sqm
Wardrobe1.53 sqm
Kitchen-dining room12.76 sqm
Upstairs hallway4.45 sqm
Bathroom 23.35 sqm
Bedroom9.43 sqm
Dressing room3.01 sqm
Total area55.89 sqm

House Plan of 5.10 by 7.45 meters

18x28 ft floor plan designs

We hope we have helped you locate the most suitable scheme for your new home.

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