10 x 6 Bathroom Layout: Best Designs

10 x 6 Bathroom layout allow different designs and decorations, almost for all tastes and needs of homes tenants. Let’s see the best 6×10 bathroom designs.

How to Layout a 10 x 6 feet Bathroom Design

There are several factors to consider when designing 10 x 6 bathroom layouts, such as the number of basins, the location of the shower/tub and toilet, the dimensions and storage places, among others.

10 x 6 Bathroom Layout
6 x 10 Bathroom layout, with separate shower area. Includes bidet. Entrance advantage with protected direct views.

There are some common layouts that can be used as a starting point.

  • 6 x 10 bathroom on line: all bathroom elements are placed on a single wall.
  • L-Shaped 10 x 6 bathroom design – Bathroom fixtures are placed on two adjacent walls in an L-shape.
  • U-shaped 10 x 6 ft bathroom: the bathroom elements are placed on three adjacent walls forming a U.
  • 6 x 10 Bathroom layout in a single space.
  • 6 x 10 Bathroom design in 2 or 3 zones.

Let’s look at all these 10 x 6 functional bathroom options, with measurements, that respect regulations.

6×10 Bathroom Layout with Dimensions

6×10 Bathroom Layout with Tub with Measurements

The wall to the right, entering the bathroom, can accommodate a small cabinet for towels.

You could even move the door slightly (to the left), to place a wider shelf (like in front of the bathtub).

6x10 Bathroom Layout with Tub with Measurements
Bathroom design with 6 x 10 feet, in 3 independent areas, with 1 entrance door and 2 interior sliding doors, bathtub and bidet.

A large 160x76cm bathtub that occupies one end of the bathroom.

The space is also used better, with a embedded toilet and a cabinet in the background.

6×10 Bathroom Layout with Corner Shower

6x10 Bathroom Layout with Corner Shower
6×10 Bathroom designed in 3 independent areas, with 1 entrance door. It generates more spatiality. Interior sliding doors, shower and bidet.

To build a luxury 10 x6 bathroom design, such expensive materials are not needed. You can see the following idea.

10x6 feet bathrooms with shower

Finished with ceramic tiles, imitating marble and wood. Bidet or wall-hung toilet. And a simple screen for the corner shower. The rest is natural lighting.

Full 10 x 6 Bathroom Design Floor Plan

3x2 Full Bathroom floor plan
Bathroom layout with 10×6 feet area, in 2 zones, with 1 entrance door and 1 interior sliding door. Includes shower, tub and bidet.

This bathroom plan can accommodate 5 sanitary pieces: a single or double basin, a large bathtub and a shower, a bidet and a toilet.

And it still manages to create a corner to put a small table or round shelf, where to hang towels, or other objects.

Optimum use, with standard measures. I’ll explain this later…

6x10 Full Bathroom design
Modern decoration idea for the vanity area of ​​a 10 x 6 bathroom design.
3x2 Bathroom Decor
Modern models of toilet and bidet, hung from the same wet wall, saving sanitary pipes.

6 feett by 10 feet Bathroom Layout

Designing a bathroom that makes the most of available space requires a planning process.

Placing a bathtub too close to a toilet or sink without proper partitioning could result in a non-functioning space.

6 feett by 10 feet Bathroom Layout
10 x 6 Bathroom floor plan, in 2 areas, with 1 entrance door and 1 interior sliding door. Area with 2 large basins, with bathtub and bidet.

Creating detailed bathroom floor plans can help anticipate and avoid mistakes, allowing you to fine-tune your design before undertaking any remodeling work.

6x10 Bathroom Design
Dividing spaces with partitions made of metal and wood profiles. Fine marble countertop and wooden base unit .
3 x 2 meter bathroom
Division with glass partition and hinged door. No tub is included, but a shower space. Mirrors and oval sinks.

6 x 10 Master Bathroom Layout

6 x 10 Master Bathroom Layout
6 x 10 Full bathroom plan, with maximum use of space, to place all the sanitary furniture, in 3 zones.

Careful planning of a 6×10 bathroom with measurements provides space to accommodate a shower, bathtub, 2 basin, toilet, and bidet.

10 x6 bathroom plan, very useful for those busy mornings when more than one person needs to shower at the same time. 

The key to make this 10×6 layout work is the corner location of the shower and bathtub, which maximizes space and allows for easier traffic flow.

storage space in a 10x6 bathroom design
Drawers or shelves for low storage. Beautiful mirrors with sconces. Wood and fine lines in black.
large vanity for double sinks or one sink in a 10x6 bath
A large vanity for double sinks or one sink plus an extra long counter. Large backlit mirror.

Different designs of countertops and double sinks, where a spacious and airy feeling is created through a long shelf under sinks.

6 x 10 Bathroom Ideas with Dimensions

6 x 10 Bathroom Ideas with Dimensions
Bathroom plan of 6×10 ft, with 4 zones.

It gives the possibility of being occupied by 4 people at the same time , which would be very useful in houses with a large family, which have a 10×6 meter bathroom.

10×8 feet Bathroom Layout

You can see a central circulation area, from where you can access the different areas or cubicles.

The toilet space is now wider, accordingly.

10×8 feet Bathroom Layout

Being a bathroom that can be occupied by several people, it is necessary that they not interrupt each other.

Without going to extremes of inches, and with common sense, sufficient areas are appreciated to develop tasks by different people, at the same time .

3×2 Modern Bathrooms

3x2 Modern Bathrooms

FULL BATHROOM PLAN WITH DIMENSIONS of 3.3 × 2 meters, with 3 pieces.

Wood with its textures is not the only variant to design a low cabinet or countertop.
Classic style low furniture ideas, with pastel sky blue paint, and marble countertop. The appliqués accompany you.

Click on the image, if you want to see more information, about bedroom with bathroom and dressing room.

bedroom with bathroom and dressing room

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