6×8 Bathroom Layout

Designing a 6×8 bathroom layout is a challenge that requires creativity and skill. These are 10 examples about 6×8 bathroom layouts with dimensions.

You can see that measurements of the sanitary pieces are always included. They are real measurements (according to the scale of the plan)… They are commercial sizes.

The choice of furniture and sanitary ware is key to achieving the dream environment, providing the space with charm and beauty, and with the best features at your fingertips.

6×8 Bathroom Layout with Walk-in Shower

6x8 Bathroom Layout with Walk-in Shower

Tips to Achieve a 6×8 Bathroom Layout

The following are some tips for renovating a 6×8 bathroom that you can keep in mind.

  • Carefully distribute the elements that compose it (and respect the BATHROOM DIMENSIONS).
  • Choose materials, furniture, and sanitary pieces that can best adapt to the shape and size of the bathroom.
  • Walls and floor covered with ingenuity and intention.
  • Take advantage of natural light to make it more spacious and comfortable.
  • Artificial light, designed by zones, with different levels of lux (luminous intensity).
  • Storage, with shelves and objects that contribute to order, and only those that are necessary.
  • Placing partitions!?… Make them translucent, from floor to ceiling, so they look more elegant.

Attention to detail is key in such a small space. Reform to achieve a functional, comfortable and pleasant environment.

8×6 Bathroom Layout with Shower

8x6 Bathroom Layout with Shower

Usual measurements of a 4 sqm bathroom (50 sq ft). The bidet is included. The shower has a fixed aluminum and glass screen. The sink (modern) on a counter with the full width of the bathroom.

Sliding entrance door, 30 inches wide by 80 in. high, standard measurements for a bathroom. Also, you can place a swing or hinged door, opening against the shower (on the right). Swing doors are more durable, economical, and easy to handle.

The layout of the furniture must be done to the axis of each piece of furniture. 

This way, you avoid that any deviation in the width of the sanitary ware (when buying it) brings with it, that it is very close to another piece of furniture (and further from the other), both to one side and to the other. Avoid disparity.

6×8 Bathroom Layout with Tub

In this example, the bidet is eliminated, and a corner shower (75x75cm) is added, with a circular shape, which avoids sharp angles. It has the drawback that it requires a circular-shaped screen.

A plan that provides a solution in only 6×8 feet, must be carefully drawn, harmonious both functionally and aesthetically, to turn this small space into your refuge in love.

6x8 Bathroom Layout with shower and Tub

This four square meter bathroom layout does not require the door to open outwards. It is not even necessary to place a sliding door, which would entail higher installation costs.

6×8 Bathroom Layout with Shower and Tub

In the next one, access to the shower is a little complicated, but it is resolved by means an octagonal tray, which is more functional and pleasing to the eyes.

4 sqm bathroom plan with tub and shower
Nice distribution in 6×8 ft, with tub and shower. The entrance to the bathroom occurs, with views towards the washbasin, which is recommended. The bathtub size is generous.

In case you want, the shower with screens, would also be possible, although it will slightly limit the space for maneuver, mainly in the toilet.

6x8 bathroom layout with walk-in shower and tub

In this case, the screens are 18 inches long each, leaving a free width of 20” to enter the shower, with a 32×32 inches tray.

If you reduce the measurements of tray, to 75x75cm, you can get more area and width in the toilet, which would be nice, anyway.

Another bathroom solution with tub and shower. Let’s see…

To achieve this 6×8 layout, it is also necessary to slightly reduce the length of tub, and place a modern washbasin, which protrudes, resting on a countertop, 16” deep.

This leaves 22” x 30” free in front of the sink area, which is enough. Likewise, the toilet has enough space to move.

6×8 Bathroom Plan with Shower and Tub: Variant 4

6 x 8 bathroom layout with shower

Appropriate design strategies will help you make the most of each space in an attractive and functional way.

You can see that all the distribution solutions allow the hinged door (hinged door) to be placed, opening inwards.

How to Remodel a 6×8 Bathroom

It is not at all similar, to remodel than to project from scratch. There are fewer possibilities to choose, and the margins to make mistakes are very limited.

In the reform of a bathroom, we will need more creativity, analyze carefully to find solutions of all kinds:

  • Spatial analysis, plan and elevation.
  • Selection and location of the sanitary pieces: size, shape, decorative style of the furniture (sanitary and storage).
  • Analysis of the possibility of natural lighting and ventilation.
  • How tall is the existing ceiling!? False ceiling required!?
  • Where can and should sanitary embedments go: pipes, under the floor, hanging, in the false ceiling, embedded in the wall…
  • Analyze which construction system, for slabs, partitions, floors, etc. are more convenient and their cost-benefit ratio… masonry… dry walls, flexible or not flexible pipes, wood, ceramic coatings, etc.

These bathroom plans in 4 square meters will already be of great help to you.

But don’t hesitate to ask…

At no cost, you can write to decideyourhouse@decideyourhouse.com

Layout 6×8 Bathroom Designs: Option 5

The distribution of the sanitary elements, such as the sink, shower and toilets, varies according to the layout of the entrance door.

The following example shows how the wall that separates the shower serves as a visual trap from the entrance.

This dividing wall could contain a decorative painting, or another object, even with some functionality.

Three sanitary pieces (washbasin, toilet and bidet) are located on the same wet wall, which can have an impact on saving materials and hydraulic- sanitary installations.

The shower tray (porcelain, for example) measures 70x145cm, one of the standard measurements for this piece.

Construction shower tray. Floor to ceiling partition, as appropriate.

We can find different sizes, materials and designs of shower trays.

Porcelain shower tray, modern design.

Modern shower trays, whether made of porcelain, ceramic, steel, acrylic, resin, natural stone or PVC, have a textured, non-slip surface and offer pleasant sensations to the touch.

Textured shower tray, white.
Textured shower tray, extra flat, black colour.

The best products offer high resistance and durability, combined with elegant designs.

6×8 Bathroom Floor Plan: Layout 6

It is very important, before beginning the remodeling, define whether it is a house or a bedroom bath, to know in advance, if elements we need to put, fit and where they have to be placed.

Of course… right measurements or levels, to avoid mistakes.

Once the installations are done, it is a problem to solve, put them to another place, with the consequent work delay and the increase of costs.

The following plan of just over 4m2 is one of the best ways to locate the toilets.

Entering, we are left with a simple sink, from the front, as it should be to achieve a pleasant first impression.

Avoid those entrances to the bathroom, where you first see another sanitary piece (which is not the sink). Perhaps a designer bathtub can work…

Likewise, avoid that when you enter a bathroom, the first visual is towards a piece of furniture from the side, from the side, whatever it is.

That gives the impression of a poorly designed bathroom.

6×8 Bathroom Floor Plan with Shower Tray

6x8 Bathroom Floor Plan with Shower Tray

The location of the toilet, next to the entrance door, would not affect proper development. Once the door is closed, there is enough space, especially, to the right of toilet.

With this example, we can have a 48 sq ft bathroom with shower tray, with right layout.

Let’s see the dimensions in feet.

6×8 Bathroom Floor Plans with Dimensions PDF

6x8 Bathroom Floor Plans with Dimensions pdf

Let’s see another option of a 8×6 bathroom with layout in 2 zones, with shower.

6×8 Bathroom Design: Layout 7

Now the partition wall is located, separating the basin from the other furnitures.

This gives a lot of flexibility, to use the full 6×8 bathroom design, for two people, with complete privacy.

6x8 Bathroom layout Design

A large glass screen, will help with interior lighting of entire space.

It is one thing to place the toilets correctly, and another is to favor a correct entrance to the bathroom.

6×8 Modern Bathroom Plan with Dimensions: Configuration 8

As we can see, a well-planned bathroom, which can be used in our homes, with functionality, and guaranteeing flexibility and interesting options for interior decoration.

6x8 Modern Bathroom Plan

It is very interesting to enter the bathroom, and find a partition from floor to ceiling, with steel frames and snow-covered glass.

Decoration with few elements, but elegant.

Another possibility would be to build a partition with glass blocks, with textures, that allow light to pass through, but not visual ones.

Aluminum and textured glass partition, with reliefs.
Dividing screen of wood and translucent glass.

6×8 Bathroom with Shower: Distribution 9

When renovating bathrooms, it is essential to plan a good distribution, practical, and adapts to the existing conditions of our home.

In this example, we see (almost) two possibilities, to locate entrance door.

6x8 Bathroom with Shower

Increasing the measures, we could already locate the entrance door, so that when entering, we would see the basin in front of us.

In this case, where the sink on a pedestal is wider than a compact sink, the separation from the axis to the wall, which should be 45cm, can be less, since it is respected, a width in front of that piece, of 70x50cm, the recommended minimum according to international regulations.

You can see many ideas related to 50 SQ FT BATHROOM LAYOUT with dimensions, following the link.

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