Modern Bathrooms

Modern bathroom ideas for… Have you thought about everything that can be done in a functional and modern bathroom? Well, in short, it is another space in the house that can be designed according to our tastes and needs.

Modern bathroom designs come in various shapes and styles. Choose an elegant and functional option according to your decorating style.

Modern Bathrooms Ideas

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in any home. It is the place where all hygiene-related needs are taken care of, and it is also where a lot of time is spent each day. 

So it makes sense to make sure it looks as good as possible while still being functional.

Therefore, in the interior of a modern bathroom, we could do everything we have set out to do, during the design and decoration phase.

modern bathrooms

Let’s take a look at these interesting modern bathroom ideas… with more than 50 stylish images.

Modern bathrooms are in vogue and offer many advantages. They can be smaller and more efficient, which means they use less space and energy. 

modern bathrooms

They also tend to have a cleaner, more modern look than traditional bathrooms, which is an attractive factor for many homeowners. 

Finally, modern bathrooms are often more comfortable and welcoming, making it easier for people to spend time in them.

If you want to add a modern style to your bathroom, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, make sure you choose a style that fits in with the rest of your home.

modern bathroom images

Second, make sure the style fits well with your current decorating ideas. And third, be sure to keep functionality in mind when choosing a design. In this way, you can create a bathroom that is elegant and functional at the same time.

Modern bathroom design trends have been on the rise for some time. If you are interested in modern bathroom design ideas, you should take a look at some of these trends. For starters, you can go for a minimalist approach to decorating.

modern bathroom ideas

This type of design focuses on clean lines and aerodynamic elements. Minimalist bathrooms also tend to be light and airy, making them ideal for small spaces.

Another modern bathroom design trend is the use of bold color palettes. This approach involves choosing bold shades like red, blue, and purple. It is also common to use more neutral tones, such as off-white or gray, to create contrast.

Modern bathrooms

Modern Minimalist Bathrooms

The bathroom is a space in the home where you can restore daily fatigue and this depends to a large extent on its architectural and interior design.

A minimalist modern bathroom could be a perfect solution for people who enjoy bath time the most, reading a book, meditating, listening to music, and relaxing to the fullest. 

Using the bath water, submerged in it, we can also watch TV, or simply contemplate the outside landscape through a large window.

Modern Minimalist Bathrooms

Photo of a minimalist and modern bathroom design Notice how the entry of natural light is filtered through the wooden grilles.

Modern bathrooms

A half-height wall is used as a support for the built-in toilet and, at the same time, serves to place the sparse decoration and some everyday objects.

Modern bathrooms

There is nothing more relaxing than a freestanding bathtub in the bathroom. Using the “right” colors and textures, you can achieve a minimalist and very relaxing interior.

minimalist bathrooms

Space is everything. There is no interior decoration in this minimalist bathroom. Only sanitary furniture, a small table and the carpet. Two focal points: the free-standing bathtub and the view to the outside.

Scandinavian Style Modern Bathrooms

A Scandinavian or Nordic design, it is also minimalist, so it does not use many objects in the interior decoration. 

Wooden furniture and white and gray colors abound in it, creating calm spaces that encourage rest. The same is true for bathrooms.

Scandinavian Style Minimalist Bathrooms

The link between interior and exterior is always pleasant. Place plants outside the window to create a stylish and comfortable modern Scandinavian-style bathroom.

Scandinavian Style Minimalist Bathrooms

You can combine the location of the bathroom with an INTERIOR PATIO. A private interior patio with vegetation will create a very relaxing atmosphere for the bathroom.

Nordic Style Minimalist Bathrooms

Modern bathroom in two spaces. The free-standing bathtub is located in an interior space closely linked to the exterior views. Maximum relaxation.

Modern Luxury Bathrooms

There are many different options when it comes to modern bathroom design ideas. You can choose from various sizes and designs depending on your needs. 

You can also go with a minimalist design or go for a more modern look with colored lighting, bold wall colors and furniture pieces that have an edge to them.

Modern bathrooms
Modern Luxury Bathrooms

There are some basic principles that you can follow to achieve a modern and functional bathroom. Among them are the following:

  • Think about the amount of storage you need. A large shower or tub will take up more space than a smaller one, so it’s better to go for a standard size than one larger than you actually need.
  • Look at other bathrooms in your house before choosing a design. You’ll be surprised how similar they are, and how much they can influence your choice.
  • Keep in mind budget limitations. If you have limited funds, don’t just buy fancy accessories, especially if you’re not sure you’ll wear them.
Modern Luxury Bathrooms

Impressive modern bathroom with luxury veneers. Choose chic colors for grown-up luxury in the bathroom. Look at the marble countertop and its large mirror.

Modern Luxury Bathrooms

A full modern bathroom with luxury decoration. 4 Sanitary pieces are included: sink, toilet, bidet, bathtub, a floor-to-ceiling closet and a shelf under the sink.

Modern Luxury Bathrooms

A luxury bathroom with a modern design, where different materials and textures are mixed. The bathtub next to the window invites you to read. Perhaps the partition could have been lower.

Modern Luxury Bathrooms

A modern and compact bathroom, where the floor and wall finish plays a main role.

Modern Bathroom Design Ideas

Modern bathroom design ideas can be eclectic, minimalist, and elegant. They can take any shape you want, from traditional to modern and everything in between. 

You can add luxurious touches with marble countertops, chrome fixtures, and glass-enclosed showers.

You can go for a more streamlined look, with white walls, black tiles, and minimal furniture. The key is to create a space that is comfortable and inviting. It all depends on personal taste.

Modern Bathroom in White Color

Continuing we will see examples of modern bathrooms with a common feature: the location of the bathtub next to the window, with views to the outside.

In addition to guaranteeing ventilation and natural lighting, bathroom windows have the advantage of allowing views to the outside and, therefore, providing a more appropriate environment for rest and relaxation, from the bathtub.

Some people like rustic spaces with natural wood surfaces, while others prefer sleek lines and minimalist designs. Whatever you choose, make sure it reflects your personal style and preferences.

Modern White Bathroom

Spacious bathroom in very soft white and pink colors. The brightness of the floor reflects the different sources of lighting (natural and artificial). The free-standing bathtub in front of the window.

modern bathroom next to the garden

These are the best modern bathrooms: those that integrate with the garden. This way, you don’t feel like you’re in a bathroom. The feeling is of peace, tranquility and comfort.

A large circular bathtub (jacuzzi style) for the modern bathroom, with access to the terrace and spectacular views of the exterior landscape.

Modern Bathroom in White Color

A modern bathroom where the white color prevails. It can be noted that adequate lighting is essential. Compare it with the examples above.

Modern Black and White Bathroom

Modern Black and White Bathroom

Elegant interior design of a sanitary room, which successfully combines the finishes of the walls in light color with the floor in black. Indirect lighting design on the floor .

Modern Bathroom in Black and White

The same concept as before: black floor and white walls with different textures. Note how (almost) always, the bathtub is located next to the window to admire the exterior.

Full bathroom design with shower and bathtub. In this photo, a vertical blind prevents, for the moment, the entry of light through the window, next to the bathtub.

Modern Bathrooms with Vegetation

Wavy-shaped tub, especially positioned to look out onto the vegetated patio. This is living in a HOUSE INTERIOR PATIO.

Modern Bathrooms in Black

Modern Bathrooms in Black

Modern black bathroom with exit to the outside. The color black is always elegant in interior design. A dark-colored bathroom should have subtly placed artificial lighting.

If the bathroom faces a terrace or balcony, you can put plants and flowers and place resort-style chairs, thus creating a very modern and pleasant atmosphere.

 You can also change the planting according to the season, or place fern plants that can be enjoyed even in high temperatures and humidity.

Monochromatic colors, with black accents, can also create pleasant and calm environments for the bathroom. The way of placement and the design of the furniture and sanitary furniture influence a lot.

The combination of black and brown like this case, creates a calm atmosphere. Smooth finishes help a lot in this .

Modern Bathrooms in Black

A minimalist stone bathroom, also in black and grey. The texture of the tiled surfaces creates a variety of textures that change expression depending on the time of day.

Modern Wood Bathrooms

It is also very important to take into account where you place the different areas of use and the sanitary furniture. 

This should be done by locating the ones most used closest to the entrance door. Maybe this is not the best example…

White and Wood Modern Bathrooms

Bathroom Design with Wooden Floor

Bathroom Design with Wooden Floor

It can be a bathroom with a wooden floor or also with a floor imitating wood. Look for the best offers on the market, for wooden floors, as they tend to deteriorate more. 

The wall imitating branches combines well with the texture and color of the wooden floor.

Modern Bathrooms in Colors

When you walk into a bathroom, one of your first impressions is determined by the color and texture of the walls. Color and textures…

If you unify it with a material, it will be refreshing, but it can be a bit boring. If you want a more cheerful and stylish bathroom, include a variety of objects in different colors and materials, combining them, not by analogy, but by contrast.

A full modern bathroom, including bidet. Here, different colors and materials blend harmoniously to achieve a cheerful and elegant decoration. The white floor and walls serve as a unifying base for the whole.

This is a simple and elegant combination that uses parquet wood flooring, white and gray walls, a black countertop, and a designer chair in purple.

Tiles of different sizes, colors and textures are combined on both floors and walls. Mosaics with different shades of green create a striking and refreshing expression.


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