Small Bathroom Layout

Small bathroom layout designs with minimum measurements. All the configurations and plans about minimum bathroom sizes that are functional for small homes. 

If you want to build or remodel an small HOUSE DESIGN, these bathroom options will be very useful.

The bathroom is one of the smallest spaces in the house and at the same time, one of the most important and functional. 

Small Bathroom Layout Dimensions

5×6 Bathroom Layout with Shower

5x6 tiny Bathroom Layout with Shower
32 sq ft tiny bathroom layout idea.
6x8 small bathroom floor plan
6×8 Small bathroom floor plan with shower.

5×7 Bathroom Layout with Shower

5x7 Bathroom layout with shower only.
35 sq ft Bathroom layout.

6×6 Simple Bathroom Layout with Shower

6x6 bathroom layout with shower
6×6 Bathroom layout with shower only.

Small Bathroom Dimensions

The second complete bathroom layout that occupies the smallest area is the ones shown below, with a useful area of ​​2.72 to 2.90 square meters

You can see that the center distances between bathroom furnitures and and from bathroom furniture to walls are respected. These are the minimun standard dimensions in cm for most countries, in square small bathrooms.

Minimum Measurements of Square Bathrooms

Small Bathroom Dimensions
1700 x 1700 Bathroom layout.
Dimensions of a Small Bathroom
1600 x 1700 Bathroom layout with shower.

6×7 Small Bathroom Floor Plan with Bathtub

6x7 bathroom layout with shower only
Floor plan 6×7 bathroom layout.

6×7 Tiny Bathroom Layout with Shower

6x7 bathroom layout with shower only
6×7 Bathroom layout with shower only.
small bathroom plans
1.7 x 1.7 meters Full small bathroom floor plan.

In houses with reduced spaces, it is usually the bathroom that “suffers” the most, since the design of social spaces and bedrooms is almost always given greater priority.

Narrow Small Bathroom Layout

Therefore, having clear ideas in terms of style and design that we want, as well as knowing the minimum measurements for small bathrooms, is essential to achieve a functional and comfortable space, at the level of the best in the house.

4×8 Bathroom Layout with Shower

narrow 4x8 bathroom layout
Narrow Small Bathroom Layout design

4×8 Bathroom Plan with Shower

Small norrow Bathroom Plan with Shower

Small Bathroom Floor Plan Ideas

Small Bathroom Floor Plan Ideas

Narrow Rectangular Small Bathroom Layout

Rectangular Small Bathroom Layout

You have thought that many times, the more difficult it is to carry out a task, the more creativity it requires…

Well, you must apply this maxim of life and put more ingenuity into the design of a small bathroom with minimum measurements.

To do this, let’s look at all these options for small bathroom plans and their minimum measurements.

Small Bathroom Layout with Shower

Classic “three to one wall” small bathroom design, where all the plumbing components (the shower, toilet, and vanity) are all on one wall. This configuration reduces construction costs.

A simple and efficient design, ideal for a small house or a guest bathroom.

Small 5x8 Bathroom Layout with Shower

Small Bathroom Layout Ideas

Small Wet Room Floor Ideas

small wet room floor plan ideas uk
Small norrow 4×7 feet wet room floor plan idea with dimensions in feet.

The smallest distribution for a small bathroom requires at least a 2.5m² area as shown below, where the center distances between furniture and from furniture to wall are the minimum to respect. 

This bathroom configuration occupies a useful area of ​​2.52 m2 with an internal perimeter of 6.6 meters.

Small Bathroom Plans
Floor plan of the complete smaller bathroom layout.

The minimum measurements of complete small bathrooms must include at least a usable interior area of ​​2.5 square meters (about 27 sq ft area).

small bathroom layout with shower
7×4 feet smaller bathroom layout with shower.

Measurements of a Small Full Bathroom Plan

Plans for Small Bathrooms

In this case, the distribution is similar but with better standard dimensions.

Plans for Small Bathrooms with norrow standard dimensions in cm
Compact bathroom layout with shower.

Dimensions of a Small Bathroom

Minimum Measurements of a Bathroom without Shower

Below, you will be able to see all the configurations and their distribution of possible small bathrooms, with or without a shower, delimiting their exact measurements.

They are solutions to optimize the small wet room of your home. You should look at the separation between the different furniture as well as the distance to the wall.

Let’s see these ideas for small bathroom plans…

Different Measures of Tiny Bathroom Layout

These measures are the smallest that can be established, according to the furniture that is placed. You have the possibility to choose to increase the area, if it is feasible.

half Small Bathroom Plans

Half Bath Dimensions in Feet

This configuration is often used as a daytime toilet, probably because the property has full bathrooms for each room.

Thanks to interior design, we can make the smallest spaces feel more generous and spacious. The addition of fresh white towels and an organic-looking basket can even make it a “chill out” spot.

Half Bath Dimensions in Feet
Half Bathroom layout Dimensions

You can see the useful interior area and in this way make a comparison.

The plans are accompanied by photos with BATHROOM DESIGNS associated with the layout plan that are presented.

In small bathrooms with tiny dimensions, it is advisable to use countertops, since it allows you to increase storage space. Light colors are preferred, to increase the feeling of spaciousness.

Minimun Half Bathroom Dimensions

Minimun Half Bathroom size

You can also opt for simpler and more minimalist designs using visible materials.

Small Bathrooms with Plans and Measurements

HALF Plans Small Bathrooms
These are the smallest half bathroom dimensions.
bathroom half wall dimensions
Bathroom half wall with minimum dimensions.

Another important aspect to consider when designing small bathroom plans is artificial lighting.

bathroom half with minimum dimensions.

It is very nice and interesting to have functional and stylish indirect lighting in a small bathroom.

Half Bathroom Layout Dimensions

typical half bathroom dimensions
small half bathroom layout dimensions
Minimum Measurements of a Bathroom without Shower

Minimum Measurements of a Small Full Bathroom

Small Full Bathroom with dimensions

In general, the sink should be located next to the bathroom entrance door, since the sink is the part that is most frequently used. Later you can place the toilet and shower, in that order.

Basin piece with a basic shape but with an elegant and classic design. The bathroom piece that is usually the center of the decoration. A pedestal sink that matches the wall veneers.

Small Square Full Bathroom Layout

square small bathroom layout

Minimum Measurements of a Bathroom with Bidet

Minimum Measurements of a Bathroom with Bidet

Is it Necessary to Have a Bidet?

Perhaps it is basically 2 factors: available space and tastes.

A bidet is a complementary bathroom piece but not essential. Already with the fact of asking ourselves if it is necessary, it does not imply that it is not essential.

Currently you can find TOILET DESIGNS that include the bidet accessory or shower, and in this way it is possible to save space in a small bathroom. 

You can also find modern and ergonomic bathroom designs that allow you to optimize the space in the bathroom without giving up anything. This goes both ways.

Minimum Measurements of a Bathroom with Bidet

On the other hand, there is the issue of interior decoration of the bathroom. If you have a large space, it could surely look more interesting and modern, including the bidet, as a functional complement and as part of the interior design and decoration.

It is an optional part.

small bathroom designs with measurements

Measurement of Small Bathroom Plans

Minimum Measurements of a Bathroom with Bidet
small bathroom plans with measurements
8×8 bathroom layout with tub

There is no doubt that lighting and ventilation inside the bathroom is essential. 

It is highly preferable that it be done naturally, with all the advantages that this entails, in a space that is almost always small and reduced.

small bathroom layout with bathtub
10×6 bathroom layout with tub
small full bathroom plans

Minimum Measurements of a Bathroom

All countries may have their own design regulations, in this case, on the design and plans of small bathrooms.

It should be thought that a regulation is an official document that is published with the aim of serving as a guide in a certain process, in our case, on the design of architectural spaces. 

The regulations serve as a guide, but they should not be considered in an absolute way, but rather, documents that must be interpreted and adapted to each situation that arises.

Best Small Bathroom Layout

50 sqf Small bathroom layout with dimensions
7×6 Small bathroom layout with dimensions

On the other hand, a regulation that deals with the minimum measurements of a bathroom, is designed and written so that people can make more functional and comfortable use of this space.

Since people, in a general sense, have very similar characteristics, in terms of the physical composition and proportions of the human body, then, legitimate extrapolations can be considered, from one country to another, adapting to the specific situation before us.

It is not necessary to give great importance to the country of origin of the document, especially if we have other reliable information that serves as a guide. This also occurs with the Minimum Measurements of a Bathroom in many countries.

9x6 bathroom layout with shower only
9×6 Small bathroom layout with bathtub (or shower) only.

However, it is clear that it would be best to always have our own country standards.

Getting to the point, about minimum measurements of a bathroom in Peru, it is relatively recent, the modification of the Technical Standard A.120 “Universal Accessibility in Buildings” of the National Building Regulations of Peru was published.

space saving small bathroom layout
Space saving 9×6 feet (1.8×2.7m) small bathroom layout with dimensions in feet and meters.

It is a standard considered rather for its use in public buildings, but from which some references can be taken to apply them in the design of homes.

In Sub-Chapter III on Hygienic Services, some characteristics that must be met in bathroom design are established:

a) The interior dimensions and the distribution of the sanitary ware must contemplate an area with a diameter of 1.50 m. that allows the rotation of a wheelchair in 360 °.

b) The access door must have a minimum free width of 0.90 m. and it can open outwards, inwards or be sliding, as long as a turning circle of 1.50 m is left free.Technical Standard A.120 “Universal Accessibility in Buildings.

bathroom with tub

Other aspects to be fulfilled that are established are that there must be a minimum separation between sinks of 900mm, measured from the axes of each piece of furniture. Also that…

c) There must be a free space of 0.75 m. x 1.20 m. in front of the sink to allow the approach of a person in a wheelchair.Technical Standard A.120 “Universal Accessibility in Buildings.

Inside the bathroom there must be a free area of ​​150cm in diameter so that a person in a wheelchair can turn freely.

On the other hand, the height of the toilet with its lid must be between 45 and 50cm above the finished floor level.

These are important aspects to take into account when making a bathroom with minimum measurements.

Very Small Bathroom Floor Plan with Shower

Very Small Bathrooms with Shower and its Measurements
50 sq ft Small bathroom floor plan

Small Bathroom Plans with Measured Shower

A scheme of plans for small bathrooms with a shower and measures 1.6 x 2.8 meters. Example of SIMPLE MODERN BATHROOM DESIGNS that can be considered for different TYPES OF HOUSES.

small ensuite bathroom layout
12×8 Small ensuite bathroom layout.

If you wish, you can see more ideas related to BATHROOM PLANS WITH DIMENSIONS.

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