Bed Size and Mattress Dimensions

Choosing the Bed Size and Mattress Dimensions is an important step in the design of the bedroom and its comfort. 

When designing the bedroom, the first piece of furniture to which we must direct our attention is the bed or beds that are going to be placed in it.

Main Bed Sizes and Dimensions

Beds can be found in almost any width. The most standardized measures are shown below.

These are the 6 main bed sizes, or basic beds, in most Spanish-speaking countries. Let’s see…

Bed Size in Centimeters

Bed MeasurementsBroadLong
Name (cm) (cm)
Individual bed90190
Single Wide100190-200
Full Bed (Double Bed)135190
queen bed150190
king bed180190-200
California King Bed200200-210

Many times, standard mattresses that are sold come with their measurements in inches .

Bed Size Dimensions in USA

Mattress measurements
in the USA
BroadLongNames of Beds
in the USA
NameInchesInchesAnglo – Saxon name
Individual bed39”74”Twin or Single
Wide Single Bed39”80”Twin XL Size
Full bed54”74-75 ”Full or Double Size
Queen bed60”80”Queen Size
King bed76”80”King size
California King Bed72”84”California kingsize

Mattress and Bed Sizes in the USA

The average size of a bedroom in the United States is 5.20m by 4.50m. It is the reason that their beds can have larger dimensions.

Mattress sizes in the United States
Wooden bed with headboard and footboard

Mattress Size, Description

Single Bed (Single Bed or Single Mattress)

This size of bed or mattress is ideal for children and adolescents. It usually has a width of 90 cm and a length of 190 cm.

Wide Single Bed (Single XL Bed or Single XL Mattress)

Bed measurements ideal for adolescents and larger adults. This type of bed is the one that is usually put in pre-university schools and universities. 

It usually has a width of 100 to 105 cm and a length between 190 to 200 cm. These are the dimensions par excellence when the bed is for one person.

Bed and Mattress Measurements for 2 Seats

Next, let’s see the dimensions of the double beds.

Double or Matrimonial Bed (Full Size or Double Size)

The measurements of a single and a half bed are 190×135 cm. It was the standard measurement in Spain for couples, with a width of 135 cm and a length of 190 cm. It is a common bed in small houses and with young couples. It is also often used as a single bed.

Double beds

Standard double beds, which also include double beds, are those from  150 centimeters wide onwards, with a minimum length of 190 or 200 centimeters . They are wider, so they are more comfortable to sleep with, without affecting rest. 

Queen Bed (Queen Size)

It is the most popular bed in many countries, being a common bed size for couples to sleep in. It has a width of 150 cm and a length of 200 cm. Not all bedding brands offer these measurements.

King Bed (King Size)

The King Bed has the same function as the Queen Bed, but is more spacious. Its measurements are 200×200 cm. Therefore, it requires a larger bedroom size, more space, and its price is higher. 

These dimensions can be greater, if we add a good headboard. They are not recommended for apartments. You should check the measurements of the room where you want to place a King Size.

California King Size Bed

This bed is longer than the King bed but slightly narrower in width. Its measurements are 210 cm long by 190 cm wide. 

The California King Bed has the same area as the King Bed, but its measurements are different. The difference between choosing a California King Bed or a King Bed may depend on the MINIMUM BEDROOM SIZE.

queen bed

Bed Sizes by Countries

The sizes of each bed model usually differ slightly depending on the country. In Mexico and other Latin American countries,  mattress measurements are very similar to those in Spain.

On the other hand, the measurements of beds and mattresses in the United States tend to have larger dimensions. Even in the US, types and sizes of beds are sold that are unique, and are not marketed in other countries.

Actually,  the important thing when looking for a bed and mattress for your room is to know the measurements that exist , rather than the name that is given to it.

bed sizes

Knowing the measurements of a bed will help us to correctly establish the measurements of the room. Likewise, to get the best of the VARIANTS OF DISTRIBUTION OF A BEDROOM .

Bed Sizes in Europe

Each country has developed its own regulations for the manufacture of beds and mattresses. Even within the same region or community of countries, such as the Euro Zone, there may be different sizes of beds.

Each manufacturer and marketing company can adjust or vary the dimensions, even seeking to differentiate themselves to a certain extent from the competition.


In France, the best-selling mattress sizes are 135 x 190 cm and 150×190 cm, with more than 50% of the total sold.


The Spanish also tend to have bed measurements of 135 x 180 cm and 150 x 190 cm.

Mattress Measurements and Number of People in Spain
Mattress TypeWidth x Length
Width x Length
Number of
Single or Twin90×19035×75”1
Spacious Single100×19039 x 75”1
Double bed135×19054×75”1 or 2
Queen bed150×19060×75”2
King bed180×20072×79”2 + baby
California king200×20079×79”2 + child


In Italy, 180 x 190 cm double beds are usually chosen. Another way they have to accommodate the double beds is by means of two joined single mattresses (2 single beds of 90x190cm).

Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands

Northern Europeans prefer traditional bedding consisting of two sets of box springs and mattresses twice 90x200cm or twice 100x200cm.

German beds: two single beds pushed together
German beds: two single beds pushed together

How is a Mattress measured?

You should measure the mattress, from head to toe for the length and from side to side for the width. Also measure the thickness or depth of the mattress. You should take measurements from several points, twice each if necessary.
It is important to measure the mattress and box spring before purchasing bed sheets.

Your Room Size

The amount of space available for other functions within the chamber must also be considered. 

A bigger mattress will take up more space in your bedroom, so you should plan the space well for a possible study table, a desk, a sofa… To plan, use these BEDROOM PLANS WITH MEASUREMENTS.

What size should my bed be?

There are many things to consider, such as who will sleep in the bed, how much space you will need, how much space is in your bedroom, and any specific health or sleep issues you may be facing.

Measurements of my Body and my Bed

The mattress should exceed, at least, about 10 centimeters on each side of the shoulders, and thus guarantee proper support of the body and psychological tranquility. 

Likewise, the mattress must be 15 centimeters more than the height of the person when sleeping.

You may also consider an adjustable bed frame for maximum comfort, especially if the person is growing.

Which is bigger the bed or the mattress?

If you already have a bed and want to buy a new mattress, you may be wondering which size is right for you. 

Normally the mattress should be the same size as the frame (also called box spring) of the bed. However, you may want the mattress to stick out slightly, about 10-15mm to either side of the frame, and that would be fine.

wooden bed with mattress

Another possible variant of the bed design is when the frame is considerably larger than the mattress. This is a more contemporary design that you can choose. It will depend on the size of the box spring or frame of your bed.

How do I enter the Mattress and the Bed into the Room?

If you buy the mattress in a commercial store, it should come in a box, so you shouldn’t have a problem getting it into your house, through the widest door, even into the bedroom.

If it is a mattress that you order to be manufactured, with specific measurements (custom mattress), you may receive it in all its fullness. 

So you should check before, the measurements of your doors and the corridors of circulation. You may need to do this if you will be placing a King Size or California King Size mattress, or even a circular shaped mattress.

Bed and Mattress Prices: Your Budget

There are a variety of options to buy a mattress. A careful assessment of the amount of money you are willing to spend can help you choose the right size. 

The price of a king bed will be higher than a queen, and a queen more than a full, etc. Choose a mattress that meets your needs, both for surface or horizontal area, as well as budget and financial.

Guarantee of the Purchase of a Bed and a Mattress

Normally when buying a mattress, it should have a minimum of 100 nights of guarantee. Some manufacturers or sellers offer 6 months to 1 year warranty.

You need to assess your individual needs when shopping for a mattress. If you have a history of back pain or sleep problems, you should bring it up. It will be important to have a free warranty period, so you know if you sleep comfortably with your new mattress.

Review warranty information when purchasing a mattress or bed.

Mattress Size and Bedding

Today’s mattresses are at least 20 to 24 cm thick. The sheets must be adapted to these new measures. In some cases, for thick mattresses, you may need new custom sheets. 

Bed Linen Measurements

Changing the size of the bed also requires equipping itself with bedding sets and accessories adapted to the new dimensions.

Here’s a size breakdown for the different types of bedding, based on the dimensions of your bed:

Single Bed and Wide Single Bed: 90 × 190 or 100 × 190 cm

  • Protector: 90 x 190 x 35 cm or 100 x 190 x 35 cm
  • Fitted sheet: 90 x 190 x 35 cm or 100 x 190 x 35 cm
  • Top sheet: 170 x 265 cm
  • Duvet covers: 170 x 235 cm

Double bed : 135 x 190 cm

  • Protector: 135 x 190 x 35 cm
  • Fitted sheet : 135 x 190 x 35 cm
  • Top sheet: 190 x 265 cm
  • Duvet covers: 200 x 235 cm

Queen bed: 150 x 190 cm

  • Protector: 150 x 190 x 35 cm
  • Fitted sheet : 150 x 190 x 35 cm
  • Top sheet: 210 x 275 cm
  • Duvet covers: 220 x 235 cm

King bed: 180 x 200-210 cm

  • Protector: 180 x 210 x 35 cm
  • Fitted sheet : 180 x 210 x 35 cm
  • Top sheet: 250 x 280 cm
  • Duvet covers: 260 x 250 cm

California King bed: 200 x 200 cm

  • Protector: 200 x 200 x 35 cm
  • Fitted sheet: 200 x 200 x 35 cm Top
  • Sheet: 270 x 310 cm
  • Duvet covers: 280 x 235 cm

If you have doubts about your BEDROOM DESIGN , you can write in the comment box.

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