Bedrooms Size and Dimensions – Types of Rooms

Knowing the bedrooms size and its minimum dimensions will help us with our HOUSE DESIGNS and its general comfort. Clients and owners find it interesting to know how big a normal room is, what type of furniture it should have and other fundamental characteristics.

We spend about 30 percent of our lives in the bedroom. This gives us the measure of how important it is to have a comfortable bedroom with adequate measurements.

Standard Bedrooms Size

Bedrooms Size and Dimensions

When distributing any house plan, we must know what the different types of bedrooms are, how much a standard room should measure, and the best way to distribute your furniture. 

To determine  how many meters a room should have , you also have to think about the needs and tastes of each family or tenant.

Bedroom Types

Three types of master bedrooms can be considered:

  • Staff bedroom.
  • Double bedroom.
  • Honeymoon suite.

From these 3 fundamental variants, others are derived, among which, you could review, examples of BEDROOM PLANS with bathroom and dressing room.

Personal Bedroom Size and Dimensions

Small bedroom, with the function that a single person can sleep in it with privacy and comfort. It is also usually a space to carry out hobbies and study. It can be considered as a small, youthful or children’s bedroom.

Measurements of a Personal Bedroom
How big is a small room

In personal bedrooms, it must be possible to locate a personal bed , at least one nightstand, and a minimum volume (1.0m³) for storage of clothing and necessary objects. It should also include (although it is somewhat more optional), space to locate a study table with a chair .

What is the Minimum Bedrooms Size?

By international regulations, a minimum of 6.5m2 of usable area is considered. However, to achieve greater functionality, comfort and versatility, a useful area between 7.0 and 9.0 m2 should be considered.

The single bedroom must not have any side less than 2.10m, among other factors, for reasons of proportion and psychological comfort.

Many times, children’s bedrooms with loose measurements end up being their own youth bedrooms or double bedrooms. Proper design planning can save resources in the future.

What is the Minimum Size of a Single Room
Room plan with useful area of ​​8.2m².

In this example, a small bathroom is attached inside and has direct access to a balcony or terrace. The bed is double, measuring 1500x1950mm (approx. Queen Size). The corridors have widths between 550 and 750mm.

Double Bedrooms Size and Dimensions

Bedroom with enough space for two or more people to develop, separately or together (different beds, a double bed or bunk beds), the functions related to resting and sleeping. This type of bedroom could also be considered as a youth room, or for guests.

single Bedrooms Size
Room plan with 2 single beds, night table, closet and study area.

For this, it must include a double bed or 2 personal beds, 2 to 3 nightstands, an additional space for a study table with a chair, and storage space, with 1.0m³ for each person.

How big is a Normal Bedroom?

If we consider that a normal room is one that allows placing a double bed or two single beds, with a wardrobe and bedside tables, then we could say that a normal bedroom must measure at least 11 to 12 square meters.

The minimum measurement inside a double bedroom must be 2.70m.

How big is a Normal Bedroom?
Double bedroom with study table. Area=11.3m² . Two options for placing a window are displayed .
Measurements of a double bedroom
Double bedroom with 2 bedside tables. Area=11.3m² . By having 2 nightstands, the circulation area increases.

Honeymoon Suite Bedrooms Size

It is the type of main bedroom in a house, with enough space for two people to sleep, in the same (double) bed.

double Bedrooms Size
Double bedrooms size with dimensions

A double bedroom has different furniture. It should have 1 double bed, 2 nightstands and a dresser. It must have space for a cot, at least one armchair, and a minimum storage space of 2.2m³.

What is the Ideal Size for a Double Bedroom?

The double or main rooms are the most spacious and must have a minimum area of ​​12m² to place the basic furniture. Like the double bedrooms, they will have 2.70m as the smallest wall, which would allow comfortable circulation corridors, 700mm, in most cases.

Ideal Size for a Double Bedroom
Double bedroom with integrated closet, secretaire (1600x350mm) , armchair (700x600mm) and terrace. Total useful area=17.8m² .
Master bedroom with bathroom and dressing room
Master bedroom with bathroom and dressing room . Total useful area=19.6m² .

The double bedroom should have its own bathroom inside the room, and if possible, with a dressing room.

Measurements of a double bedroom with an en-suite bathroom
Bedroom plan with bathroom en suite . Total useful area=17.2m² .

Bedroom Ceiling Height

The height of the bedroom ceiling should be over 2.10m at its lowest point, when it is a sloping ceiling. As a general measure, the roof should leave a free depth of 2.40m.

Windows Area

The minimum area of ​​the windows may vary depending on the country and its prevailing climate. As a general rule, a minimum window area of ​​10% of the floor area of ​​the room can be considered. This will allow for minimal airflow and natural light.

At the same time, the size of the window must work when necessary, as an emergency exit, for housing on the second level or more.


The entrance door to the bedroom (in all its variants) will have a minimum width of 80cm (72cm of free passage plus 8cm of frames). The height of the door must be at least 205cm.

Measurements of Beds, Cribs and Bunk Beds


The bed is the main piece of furniture in the bedroom and is a basic element to establish how big a room is. The design and distribution of furniture and circulation must be based on the best position of the bed and its measurements.

Queen Size beds, with measurements of 2.00×1.50 meters, require bedrooms with minimum measurements of 2.70×3.60 meters.

Measurements of a bedroom Single bed
Individual bed
Wide single
Measurements of a bedroom Full bed
Double bed (full)
One bedroom size queen bed
King bed

The dimensions of a single bed should be estimated at 1.90×1.00 meters. A full bed should have a mattress of at least 1.90 × 1.35 m, although in some cases, it may not be enough.


The area for the crib must consider average measurements of 135×75 cm (size of the crib mattress), plus a few centimeters, due to the thickness of its structure. Any double bedroom should have enough space for a cot.

Bunk Beds

The bunk beds can have average measurements of 90 cm wide and 190 cm long. In the case of its height, the ceiling of the bedroom should be greater than 2.50m so that the person can safely accommodate it.

Circulation Corridors

Circulation corridors of 600 to 700mm are recommended. However, the corridors begin to be functional from 450mm wide, in most cases.

How Big is a Standard Bedroom

There are three basic types of bedrooms and each one requires respective BED MEASUREMENTS, types of furniture, circulation areas, and storage. All this must be taken into account when making the house layout and design.

When analyzing the spaces of a normal home and its characteristics, it is advisable to geolocate by country, and even by region. 

The normal size of a bedroom will not be the same in countries like Mexico or Argentina, as it is in the United States, Spain, or Asia. Social and economic conditions have a significant influence on this.

It must also be taken into account, to what TYPE OF HOUSE the bedroom would belong, if it is a house located in the countryside or in the center of the city.

Let’s do an analysis by country, using different examples of BEDROOM PLANS WITH MEASUREMENTS .

How big is a Normal Bedroom in Spain?

In Spain, individual bedrooms must be able to register a square of 1.80×1.80 meters, and the minimum surface must be greater than 6 m2.

What measurements does a Normal Room have?

In rooms for two people (double bedrooms), they suggest minimum measurements of 2.40×3.40 meters, or 1.80×4.40 meters, resulting in minimum surfaces of 8 square meters.

What measurements does a Small Room have?

Spanish regulations recommend minimum measurements for the master bedroom of 3.80×2.60 meters, resulting in minimum surfaces between 10 and 12 square meters.

How big is a Standard Bedroom in the United States?

The United States is such a large and diverse country that it is a bit risky to define an average bedroom size. 

With different climates, influence from different cultures, large numbers of immigrants, and vast differences in the purchasing power of its general population, American homes can be very different in design, style, and size.

Larger houses and apartments, urban and suburban mansions, tend to have larger rooms than typical suburban houses for the lower and middle classes. Even in condominiums, apartments in medium-standard buildings, rental apartments, or cabins, there can be very different useful surfaces.

However, a large portion of homes in the US have two basic bedroom types, based on square footage: the master (owner’s) bedroom and the standard or smaller bedrooms.

How big is a Main Bedroom in the USA?

The main bedroom of houses in the USA usually has between 18 and 20 m2 of usable area. Of course, in larger houses, this area tends to increase. It must be considered that the bedroom is usually smaller than a living room.

How Big is a Standard Room in the USA

In the case of “normal” or secondary bedrooms, the average area is around 15m². This room area (15m2) allows for a king size bed, with a 75cm corridor on both sides, a chest of drawers and a chair.

How big is a Small Bedroom in the USA?

By regulations, in the US, bedrooms with a minimum area of ​​11 to 12m2 are recommended, which would allow a full bed, 2 nightstands, 700mm corridors and the closet to be placed.

However, in housing for social projects, the minimum area is defined by international regulations as 6.5m², with the smaller side being 2.1m or larger.

How Big is a Room in Germany

Germany is one of the European countries (and in the world) with the greatest development and social welfare, and this also affects housing planning. With a high economic level, it is easy to understand that the bedrooms and homes in Germany are spacious compared to other latitudes.

It is fair to point out that the height of Germans (and Europeans in general) is above the world average, which influences the size of the bed, the circulation around it and the furniture in general.

The bedrooms usually have a wardrobe, a bed and a nightstand, as essential furniture. They also usually include a secretaire, a makeup dresser and space for seats. The bathroom and dressing room are attached to the double bedroom.

how big is a room in germany
Minimal bedroom in Germany
How big is a normal bedroom in Germany
Normal bedroom in Germany

The Germans consider that the space of the room must have at least 12m² of useful surface, regardless of the type of bedroom. Even for the children’s rooms, they take into account 12m² as a starting point in the design, including the play area.

The shortest wall of the bedroom is placed at 3m, in order to place a generous closet. In the bedrooms with a dressing room, they suggest increasing by 6 to 8 m2, for a total minimum area of ​​the room with a dressing room of 18m².

How Big is a Standard Bedroom in Mexico

You always have to take as a starting point the size of the bed you want and the number of people who are going to sleep in the room.

Around the bed, corridors of at least 500mm and 700mm are recommended.

Single Bedrooms Size and Minimum Dimensions

Considering a single room, with a single bed (1900x1000mm), 2 bedside tables (500x600mm), and a wardrobe (600mm wide), we have that the length and width of a small room should be 2600 x 2800 mm.

Minimum Measurements for a Double Bedroom

For double and matrimonial bedrooms, the minimum measurements would be 2600 x 3800mm, considering a Queen bed of 2000x1500mm. In this way we already know how many square meters a double room has.

How Many square meters should a Bedroom have, Summary

It can be seen that there is variety and similarity in the measurements that a room should have in each country. There must be an interpretation, based on the characteristics of the population, the climate, the culture and the economic development achieved.

From the architectural point of view, the sizes, the types of HOUSES, and the measurements of the beds, are essential to establish how big a room is. Personal tastes must play a definitive role.

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