How Many Blocks will Build a 12 by 12 Room

Let’s see how many blocks will build a 12 by 12 room, Calculate a 4×4 m room with 2.60 m high walls (8′ 6” ceiling height). You’ll need ( 37.45 sqm) , that is, 482 cinder blocks with 400x200x150 mm.

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How Many Blocks Are Needed to Make a 4×4 Room

Amount of Blocks to Make a 4×4 Room

12x12 Room floor plan.
Number of Blocks to Make a 12x12 Room
12 by 12 Room h=8′ 6” 
Wall AreaLength
8.71 sqm (94 sq ft)3.85m (12′ 6”)
10.18 sqm (110 sq ft)3.85m (12′ 6”)
8.39 sqm (91 sq ft)3.85m (12′ 6”)
10.18 sqm (110 sq ft)3.85m (12′ 6”)
37.45 sqm (405 sq ft)15.4m (50′ 6”)

At the rate of 12.5 blocks with 40x20x15cm per square meter, that would be 482 units of CINDER BLOCKS with 400x200x150 mm (16”x8”x6”), including 3% waste.

How many Block does a 12 x 12 Room Take?

12×12 Room with 8′ 3” High Walls

The necessary quantity is 464 standard blocks with 400x200x150mm (includes 3% loss).

4×4 m Room with 2.40m High Walls

The necessary quantity is 444 blocks of 400x200x150 mm (3% loss is included).

Calculate How Many Blocks a Room of 4×4 meters needs

A 3% shrinkage is included.

How Much Material is Needed to Build a 4×4 Room

As extra information, summary tables are shown with the amounts of concrete needed to build the cyclopean foundations, the 4 columns and lintels.

ColumnsQty .VolumeSectionLong
M25 Concrete40.24 m³150x150mm2650mm
FoundationSectionVolumeQty .Area
Cyclopean 17.5MPaLong Foundation 600x500mm2.43m³45.4 sqm
0.035m³150x200mmM25 concrete1150mm
0.045m³150x200mmM25 concrete1500mm

How many Bricks do I need to make a 4×4 Room

Knowing the amount of sqm of wall 37.45 sqm (403 sq ft), you can also calculate, how many bricks a 12 by 12 room will need.

For that, you can visit this page, and see HOW MANY BRICKS ARE NEEDED FOR a wall, depending on the brick size.

How many Bricks does a 4×4m (12’x12′) Room Take?

If it is about the construction of an isolated room, 4 walls are needed, at least.

In case of being an addition room, the construction of the room may require only 3 partitions walls.

Also, it may be the case that only 2 partitions or dividing walls are needed, as in this 450 SQUARE FEET house.

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