Best Free Online Blueprint Maker Softwares: all You need to Know

Many people ask the same question over and over again: what is the best free online blueprint maker software. It is presented 15 app to make free floor plans. If you want to design your house by your own means, keep reading…

programs to make free house plans
Amikasa: free online blueprint maker software.

Once you know HOW TO LAYOUT a house, then, you can achieve the best results using the applications and apps to make free plans online

To design SMALL HOUSE PLANS online we need the help of programs and software that allow us to see the distribution of spaces in 2D and at the same time be able to visualize them in 3D. This is very convenient to make house plans for free, easy and fast.

Next, we are going to know the best applications to make house plans in 3d . Most of these architectural plan makers are free, so you can start using them right away.

On the other hand, in general (not all of them are like that), they are easy to use and intuitive applications. These apps to make free plans will allow you to design a home in a very short time, having clear ideas, of course.

Best Free Online Blueprint Maker Softwares

1.  Floorplanner : Free Online Floor Plan Maker

The Floorplanner program is one of the most widely used 2d and 3d floor plan applications in the world. It is a free to use app, since 2007, although only in the modality of personal use .

It has other modalities for its use, such as Interior Design, Real Estate, Retail and Education that offer more powerful and even interactive tools.

In the free version, this program to make plans can create houses in 2d and 3d in an easy and fast way, (drag and drop components, such as furniture, doors, etc.), you can create renders having access to a library of more than 150 thousand free objects, achieving, at the end of your project, exporting the images in a resolution of 960 x 540 pixels, that is, images in standard definition.

The main design tool is located in a floating window called Build where you will find all the tools you need to start the project, in the left column you can choose the necessary furniture and equipment for the plan with a large library.

You can choose the type of lighting, camera height, type of carpentry, materials and colors, among other elements.

To start using the application you must register on its website, create a project and that’s it, start.

With Floorplanner you can, in a few hours, make your plan in 2d and 3d, as it offers some pre-loaded templates that you can modify and that will save you time. The graphics experience is smooth (depends on your internet connection speed), even if you have a large and highly detailed house plan. To work with the Spanish version you must enter

The paid (cheap) versions allow you to export images with higher resolution, create panoramic images, virtual tours, among other advantages.

The main disadvantage that I see is that you have to work with the online plan design program. There is no download version. Another “but” could be that all the work must be done in 2D, although you always have the option of viewing it in 3D.

Best Free Online Blueprint Maker Softwares

2.  Sweet Home 3D : Program to make Simple Plans in 2D

Another of the programs to make plans: Sweet Home 3D is a free application that you can download and install on your computer, although an online version is also available. This app to make plans, you can use it in multiple languages, and create your plans in 2D and be able to view them in 3D at the same time.

Designing plans in 2D and 3D is very easy with this application, which has tools to build pre-designed walls, windows, doors, floors and ceilings, as well as all the furniture.

Like Floorplanner , you can upload a sketch or house plan and from there make the changes you need according to the preferred design for your home.

Sweet Home 3D is one of the free simple floor plan making software that makes the most of 2d floor plan viewing.

3.  Planner 5D : It has visual guides to make the plan online

Designing houses has never been so easy. This is how they announce it on their website, explaining that in just 3 steps you can create free house plans, with this application, designed for non-professionals.

Planner 5D is an architectural design app to make free plans in 2D and 3D at a somewhat more professional level. The application is available to work from the web, on devices with Android, Windows and iPhone,

After reviewing multiple images created with Planner 5d , I share some with better result. I have the perception that for interior design it is a more interesting application, achieving striking results, such as those that can be seen below.

Planner 5d is an app to make house plans, with custom furniture, walls, floors, colors and patterns, among other materials.

Planner 5D: free online blueprint maker software.
Planner 5D: free online blueprint maker software.

You can use the 2D view to make floor plans and layouts with furniture and other household items. At the same time you can switch to 3D mode to explore, review and edit the design from any angle.

One of the 3d floor plan software that provides you with a library of furnishing elements such as upholstery, beds, storage cabinets, curtains, rugs, kitchen utensils and more.

It is a free online blueprint maker software that allows you to create HD images with shadows, lights, and colors, emphasizing interior design, as shown in the following image.

Free Online Blueprint Maker Softwares

How do you Use Planner 5D?

You can start by choosing a blank template or a predefined template. You start the design by choosing the shape of the room(s) and you add the other furniture elements. Placing doors and windows is as easy as choosing the type, drag and drop where you want it.

As with Floorplanner, you cannot add furniture in the 3d view, nor modify the walls, doors or windows. That is to say, you must work only in the 2d view and go visualizing in 3D mode.

The catalog of elements is extensive, but with the paid version you get a greater variety and quality than with the free plan. The program has a wide variety of options for editing objects , so you can easily change materials and textures.

These are other widely used applications to make 2d and 3d FLOOR PLANS WITH MEASUREMENTS

4.  HomeStyler: Free Online Blueprint Maker Softwares for 2D – 3D Plans

What is Homestyler?

Homestyler is another of the programs to make architectural plans for free and online. This app has been developed by Autodesk Homestyler, which allows interior designers to achieve very realistic images with object animation included.

It can be used both in the web version and the Homestyler mobile application available for iOS and Android devices. Being an application to make architectural plans online, you need to register on their website (it’s free), to start designing.

Below, you can see the user interface of the program.

Free Online Blueprint Maker Softwares

With a Spanish version available, the online design app provides interior floor plans, making remodeling a traditional or modern home a reality.

It is one of the easiest to use free online blueprint maker softwares for both hobbyists and professionals. With little effort, you can visualize and experience home renovation designs in both 2D and 3D.

Free Online Blueprint Maker Softwares

How to use Homestyler

Homestyler works with an intuitive and simple interface, with 3D design commands, where the design tools are located on the left of the screen. With regular updates to its catalog of objects, even for interior design professionals, it has become a basic tool in their daily work.

HomeStyler: One of the best free online blueprint maker software.

Among its most striking features is being able to make animations and render them.

Among the many programs to make plans that are on the internet, this one allows you to make animations, and they really look very good.

To do this, you must create a design and go to the create realistic image tab. Subsequently, you must set the keyframes as well as the camera path.

Once the above is done, you choose the movement and animation effect, and proceed to edit it in the clips. Done, you can start rendering the video, and later you can download or share it. You can also print the created images directly from the application.

Free Online Blueprint Maker Softwares

Being a more complete program to make house plans, it has a greater variety of realistic modeling tools, among which we could highlight, being able to establish the real North of the project, exporting the model in dwg format,

HomeStyler is a highly recommended app for designing 2d plans and 3d models.

This app is also very convenient for making BATHROOM LAYOUT WITH DIMENSIONS.

5.  RoomStyler : App to make Plans Easy and Realistic

RoomStyler is an online platform for creating and getting interior design inspiration and images. This is how the company defines it.

To work with this 3D floor plan app, you don’t need to have drawing skills, although it is of course always helpful to have a good taste for design.

As in the previous plan-making programs, you can draw rooms, with walls, floors and ceilings, doors and windows. To start drawing, you have to register in the online application.

Realistic 3d model made with RoomStyler: Free Online Blueprint Maker Softwares
Realistic 3d model made with RoomStyler: simple program to make house plans online.

Once you do it, it allows you to start a tutorial help, on how to use the program in a basic way or if you want to go directly to creating your room model. On the left, you will have predefined room shapes, seen in plans, which you can easily drag and drop, to start your interior design.

The application uses a virtual camera inside the room plan that can be rotated in different angles and you see the room in 3D in a small view to the right. Another detail is that when selecting elements automatically, it offers you their characteristics, such as length, height and area in the case of walls.

With this app to make architectural plans, you can have access to more than 120,000 high-quality objects and furniture, ready to be used in your interior modeling, achieving a very realistic final result (see the images).

6.  Roomle: Professional Interior Design

Roomle is a lightweight free online blueprint maker softwares that allows you to make plans like pencil and paper, or easily add elements to your designs, such as doors and windows.

This is a 3d floor plan app, a platform where you can create and manage all your 3d data in one place. You have the possibility to create static or configurable products, structure them in catalogs, and request high-quality renderings. Undoubtedly, it is a very professional tool for modeling the interior space.

It works entirely online. Its best features are available in the premium versions. There are success stories of companies that have managed to relaunch their interior design products and services, with the Roomle application.

The application has the disadvantage that it is only available, for now, in the English and German languages.

With Roomle Content Analyzer, you can get quick feedback about your existing 3D content or information, such as furniture items. This application is mainly focused on interior design.

7.  Amikasa : App to make 3D Plans and Rooms

Another of the interesting programs to make house plans. Amikasa is an online application that uses Flash to create the 3d spaces of the house, without any knowledge of 3D design or similar.

It also has a good repository of interior fittings, furniture, flooring, and wall colors of actual branded products that are available in the market.

You can explore different color combinations in your room, using the color wheel and the catalog of various flooring materials.

Free Online Blueprint Maker Softwares

You can easily drag and drop furniture from the catalog and then adjust, rotate and arrange it to your liking. Of course, you always have to add a bit of good taste to what you want to do.

Tour mode will allow you to tour the room. You can share the results and images achieved with friends through social networks. It also allows you to view the model in virtual reality or augmented reality.

Free Online Blueprint Maker Softwares

If what you want is to hire the interior design service for your home, you can send the information to Amikasa, and they will take care of doing it for you.

Amikasa currently works on Windows and iOS, we hope to develop it for Android later. You can download the program for free or use it online. It is very easy to use.

8.  Tinkercad: Application to make Plans and Programming

Tinkercad is another of the programs for drawing plans, from the Autodesk consortium . It is a free and easy-to-use web application for both neophytes and designers and engineers… it has the necessary and fundamental tools for innovation: 3D design, electronics and coding… Almost nothing.

If you have a creative and innovative genius or a very high QI Tinkercad is for you. You can start seeing it with the simple free tool Tinkercad and develop that genius in you. You can program in Tinkercad. You can also combine it with SketchUp or even Blender  for more complete results.

9. RoomSketcher: Create High-Quality 2D and 3D Floor Plans

RoomSketcher has a large following around the world, as it enables both professional and novice users to achieve high-quality results.

This company also gives you the option of drawing yourself or asking RoomSketcher collaborators to do the work for you.

Another interesting program to make a free map online, both in 2D and 3D , which allows you to download the app to your cell phone or computer. It offers the options of personal use (free), educational plan and business plan.

Free Online Blueprint Maker Softwares
RoomSketcher: One of the best free online blueprint maker software.

In this 2d free online blueprint maker software, you can use guide lines while placing the walls of the walls. This is very useful, since it allows a better calculation of the interior divisions by showing the angle and distance in meters.

Another feature is that you can make your design online, save it on the RoomSketcher platform, and later reopen it and continue working on it.

programs to make plans
RoomSketcher: free online house plan maker .

You can start using it, through “Start Designing”, once inside the drawing sheet press: New in the upper left part of the screen. You can start working on a blank sheet from a sketch you made yourself, or use predefined room shapes that you can modify later.

This is a good choice of programs to make 2D and 3D house plans.

3D Garden Design Examples

Other features that it offers are staking out the boundaries of your house or garden, land plans, 360 panoramic views, delimited in different units of measurement, and others.

After finishing the modeling of floors, walls, ceilings, etc. You can include the furniture and equipment with the «Furniture» tool, being able to choose various types of furniture and equipment for the home.

What the Free version of RoomSketcher offers

The free version allows you to test basic features, including:

  • Create 5 projects.
  • Use a library of 4000 furniture and materials.
  • Draw in meters or feet.
  • Place exact measurements in meters or feet.
  • Name the rooms and their sizes.
  • Take low resolution photos.

What does the Paid version of RoomSketcher offer?

The paid version includes all the possibilities of the free one and also the following:

  • Make high-quality 2D and 3D floor plans.
  • Print the plans in 2D and 3D.
  • Take 3D photos.
  • Put measurements on the plans.
  • Interact with the project in 3D.
  • Modify the materials of furniture and accessories.
  • Access to the complete library with more than 5,000 pieces of furniture and materials.

Undoubtedly, a good application to make 3d house plans.

10.  Home By Me : App to make free House Plans and Interiors

HomeByMe is a great house plan maker app, a real tool that will allow you to easily make a house plan in no time.

It is a tool that can help you design the interior of your house or room, very useful for construction, renovation or simple interior decoration, with surprising results.

programs to make plans
programs to make plans

Like the other interior design apps, it has 2D and 3D view modes. The 3D views can be seen very realistic. It has all the necessary tools to design your house, apartment, office, apartment, etc.

Home By Me: Another free online blueprint maker software.

Being an online tool, all the work is done connected to the internet, so there is no download or installation required.

The only requirement to work all the functions of this program is to create a (free) account on its web platform. You can enter, using your Facebook or Google credentials.

programs to make plans

Features of HomeByMe

  1. Free web application to design house plans.
  2. You can quickly switch between 2D or 3D views.
  3. It has an intuitive interface that is easy to use right from the start.
  4. A photo gallery with all the elements of your plan: furniture, floors, windows, stairs, etc.
  5. You can save your projects and continue working on them at any time.
  6. Download your project images, including HD quality images.
  7. You can create multi-level buildings, including basements.
  8. You can use the classic “drag and drop” technique.

How to use HomeByMe?

You should visit the page of this  application to make house plans . You register by creating your account and you can start creating your first plan. At the end of each session you must save your project.

The site also has a ” Gallery ” of images that will serve as inspiration and where you can find plans designed by other users.

Programs to make Flows and Sketches of Houses

11.Gliffy.  To make Flowcharts.

An application to carry out preliminary studies of flow diagrams in a house , especially for plans of large and slightly more complex houses.

Enterprise Page Image — Complex Processes

It is an easy to use app, with the “drag and drop” technique , creating basic shapes such as squares and circles, and other derived shapes. It also has the collaborative function, to work as a team. You can import shapes and flows created in other apps.

Allows you to make links from one diagram to another (when working as a team) and update them progressively. You can make revisions and annotations, in each one of the diagrams, and much more.

To use Gli f fy, once inside the drawing sheet go to “Floor Plan” and then “More shapes” (bottom left of the screen).

12. SmallBlueprinter Simple Plans and Sketches

SmallBlueprinter is a tool that allows you to make various types of designs. Among them we have the Garden Planner tool, a program to make a simple garden plan or landscape design. You can use it on both Windows and Mac.

SmallBlueprinter: One of the free house plan maker programs for mac.
SmallBlueprinter: One of the free house plan maker programs for mac .

It also offers SmallBlueprinter, the easy plan maker app, ideal for quickly sketching floor plans.

All of these are applications to make simple plans, free and online, although you can also download these apps to your computer.

13. Archifacile

Another program to make easy plans in 2D. It is one of the applications to make free house plans and sketches, easier to use.

Free Online Blueprint Maker Softwares
Archifacile: free online blueprint maker software.

This app works online from its website, and gives the possibility of creating an account and starting to work in several languages, including English and Spanish.

It barely has a work window on the left, from where you will find all the necessary tools to make the drawing.

This app also serves as a program to make electrical plans online, as well as plumbing and heating.

Programs to make House Plans and Designs Professionally

14.  Sketchup : Design Plans in 3D with Greater Realism

SketchUp is one of the best softwares to make plans for a TINY and large house, which is most used by professionals in the construction sector.

Free Online Blueprint Maker Softwares
Model made in SketchUp: free online blueprint maker software in differentes languages (English, Spanish, Portuguesse, etc).

What is SketchUp?

SketchUp is one of the best free online blueprint maker software that allows you to conceptualize and model in 2D and 3D buildings, cars, people and any object or item within the designer’s imagination. For greater ease, the program includes a gallery of ready-to-use objects, textures and images. However, it also allows you to import your own objects and textures.

In a range of ease/difficulty for its use, it would be at a medium level, that is, neither very easy nor very difficult to use.

The facility is given by its basic tools to make walls, doors and windows, floors and ceilings, among others. But it also has a number of tools and plugins to make and model any type of house, even the most complex shapes and elements that a home design can have.

3D design made in Revit and Sketchup .
Model made with Revit and Sketchup .

SketchUp is also a 2D and 3D land plan maker that can be used as a free version, educational version, as well as professional. It can be downloaded to your computer.

How does SketchUp work?

It also gives the possibility of making renders with the highest professional level that exists, accompanied by plugins such as V-Ray, among others.

To do elevations or elevations and 3D cuts, it is ideal, being able to see the finished house with all the details before starting construction. It doesn’t have a large number of basic tools, but it does have plenty of very useful plugins.

As its name indicates, you draw the house as if it were a sketch, but at the end you can achieve, with this application to make architectural plans, a high level of quality and realism in the images.

You can see this example of 20×40 FT 2-STOREY house plan.

It also supports the layout of the plot to be able to place the plan of the house on it, giving it an exact orientation with respect to the North, or even being able to place the house and the land in the exact coordinates of the country and microdistrict where you live. It also allows analysis of sunlight and shadows, among many other possibilities.

An online version of SketchUp is now available, where you will find the main 3D modeling tools, also allowing you to save your work.

15. REVIT: Program to make 2D Plans and Complex 3D Models

How Revit Arises

Revit is another of the software from the Autodesk company, without a doubt, one of the best programs to make free house plans in 3d and 2d. 

Emerged in the mind of Leonid Raiz, a worker at a company that produced “Pro-Engineer” software, a parametric program for mechanical objects, the idea for Revit was born in 1997 and its first market launch was in April 2000 with the first version of the software, Revit 1.0.

Two years later, in April 2002, that company, which had been created in a living room, was acquired by the giant Autodesk, for which it paid the amount of 130 million dollars, and all its employees joined this company. .

Hand in hand with Autodesk, the Revit concept was extended to all disciplines and positioned itself as the best solution for Building Information Modeling (BIM), making it the most widely used Program for making complex 2D plans and 3D models in the industry. present.

What is Revit

Revit is a parametric program that uses BIM (Building Information Modeling) methodology to generate 2D and 3D models with a high level of detail. One of its main qualities is the integration with many other programs, in order to speed up the project development process and its control.

What types of Revit are there?

The program for making 2D plans and 3D modeling called Autodesk Revit has 3 fundamental specialties, which are: Revit Architecture, Revit Structure and Revit Facilities.

In its beginnings it only had the specialty of architecture. In subsequent years,  Autodesk developed  specific versions of  BIM software  for the disciplines of structures and mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) design.

Some Revit Features

  • It is one of the best programs to make plans in a parametric way, where each element of the model has real parameters, such as dimensions, material, weight, among others.
  • It is a program to make 3D house plans, with collaborative functions, to work in teams, from anywhere in the world.
  • It allows to make models of complex buildings, in a very short time.
  • The learning curve is somewhat slower than with other house planner apps, due to its wide arsenal of tools and plugins
  • Allows design changes to be made to any view of the building, and Revit Architecture’s parametric change engine will coordinate those changes to all other views.
  • Allows you to rotate viewports in a plane.
  • In a project view you can change the visibility and graphical display of individual element instances.
  • You can hide individual items or categories of items in a view.
  • You can apply transparency to the faces of categories of model elements, or to faces of individual model elements.
  • You can create and edit groups.
  • Extensive functions for working with structural components and facilities
  • Other functions.

Advantages of using Revit

  • It allows to create a virtual model, (BIM model), allowing to visualize it with all the details and components of a building, before being built.
  • It allows to detect interferences, poorly designed construction elements or located in an incoherent position, where the construction or development of other components of the house interferes.
  • With Revit, it is possible to make MATERIAL CALCULATIONS, automatically.
  • It allows a faster and more efficient construction process, including the so-called fast track, which is a form of contracting used in investment projects, through which it is intended to shorten the period of materialization of a house PROJECT, so that its implementation is as early as possible.
  • This software to make 3d house plans also allows you to model the structure, and show it in COUNTRY house plans , with all its details.
  • For more complex types of structures like circular or organic, you could use Revit’s BIM application.
  • He has an educational license. Autodesk offers a free 3-year educational license.
  • Professional license and Autodesk brand.
  • It’s not just for architecture.
  • Many plugins available.
  • Many resources to work in different ways.
  • Interoperability with other autodesk software.
  • I work with simple and complex families (modifiable parametric components) that you can create, archive, edit and reuse very quickly.

Importance of a Well Drawn House Plan

A house plan or floor plan of the house is a scale view of the different rooms with their main characteristics, such as dimensions, doors and windows and the main furniture of the house or building, seen from above.

A 4-BEDROOM house plan , for example, should include measurements, furniture, and other elements on the distribution of a house, in order to have a real and detailed idea of ​​its distribution.

This information will help you carry out procedures for your home, repairs or remodeling, among other functions.

In order to know how to layout a house, that is, to make a new distribution, it is very important to have at hand the furniture plan of the house to scale and with its main measurements.

In this sense, it will help you to locate or relocate the doors and windows, the furniture, the electrical appliances, the wiring system, among others. If you want a professional to help you how to lay out your home, the house plan is the main communication tool between the professional and the client.

Tips to get correct House Plans

You can save a lot of time and hassle by taking careful measurements and thinking about the following questions before you start drawing, for example, a SIMPLE house plan with measurements.

  1. When measuring an existing space, place a tape measure on the floor and measure the room in several places, especially where furniture will fit. Don’t assume your walls are parallel.
  2. Before arranging furniture, look for overhanging windowsills and pay attention to the location of electrical outlets, light switches, vents, and thermostats.
  1. When setting up your desk, ask yourself “What do I want to see when I sit there?”
  2. In the case of a SIMPLE BATHROOM DESIGN , organize the sanitary devices in the sense of their flow of use, first the one most used (sink), and then the toilet and shower. Leave spaces of about 200mm, with the walls and between sanitary furniture.
  3. To reduce glare, try to avoid placing computer monitors directly in front of windows.
  4. Allow enough space in front of kitchen and bedroom drawers to fully expand the drawers, and at least an extra 20 inches if someone standing in front of them will access the drawers.
  5. Leave plenty of work space at a desk or cubicle. The distance from the working surface of your desk to the nearest wall or piece of furniture should be at least one meter.
  6. The circulation between a piece of furniture and the wall must be at least 50 centimeters (preferably 70 centimeters) in the residential space.
  7. Know the width of the hallway before placing the furniture, place a piece of masking tape on the floor to see how the different sizes feel.
  8. When placing furniture on the floor plan of a home, keep in mind that most furniture will actually be placed 2-4 inches from the walls.
  9. Do not align all the furniture along the walls. Break spaces by placing pieces in the room. Placing rugs, sofas, or other furniture at an angle can help avoid feeling too stiff.

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