Brick Wall Calculator – How Many Bricks in a square foot or sqm

A brick wall calculator: I explain everything you must take into account to calculate how many bricks enter a square foot or square meter of wall.

How many bricks fit in a square meter of wall. Use the Brick Wall Calculator
Stretcher brick wall.

How Many Bricks in a Square Foot

  • In 1 sq ft of stretcher brick wall, enter (4.8 bricks per sq ft). Wall thickness from 5” to 6”.

How Many Bricks in a Square Meter

  • In 1 sqm of stretcher brick wall, enter 52 bricks per sqm. Wall thickness from 12cm to 15cm.

Use the Brick Wall Calculator

Enter the values ​​you need. The results appear in variants, of wall thickness, for different types of brick bonds. Use the brick wall calculator.

Bricks per Square Meter Calculator

Common Types of Brick Bonds

Common Types of Brick Bonds

Perforated common bricks.

Perforated common bricks

Common hollow bricks

Use the Brick Wall Calculator

Solid common brick

solid common brick

To calculate the number of bricks that fit in a wall, you must know the following data.

  • Length of the wall.
  • Height of the wall.
  • Types of bricks and their measurements. I’ll explain it to you below.
  • The way of laying the bricks in the wall.
  • Thickness of the vertical and horizontal joints, between the bricks. It must be in order to 10-12 mm (1/2”)
  • Percentage of waste that will be considered. Normally it is considered between 3 and 5%.

Below you will see a summary of all types of red bricks, and some of their characteristics.

Use the Brick Wall Calculator

Laying stretcher brick wall: between 50 and 56 units per m².

Summary of Brick Types Quantity

NameMeasurements WeightBrick/ft²Brick/m²
Common solid25x12x6.5cm (10”x5”x2.5”)2.5kg4.852
Hollow Common24×11.5×6.5cm (10”x5”x3”)23kg4.650
Perforated24×11.5×6.6cm (10”x5”x3”)2.4kg4.650
Solid Pressed24×11.5×6.7cm (10”x5”x3”)2.5kg4.650
Hollow Glasses24×11.5×6.8cm (10”x5”x3”)23kg4.549
Lightened Block30x20x10cm (12”x8”x4”)3.3kg1.415
Simple Hollow24×11.5x6cm (10”x5”x2.5”)2.4kg5.155
Double Hollow24×11.5x7cm (10”x5”x3”)23kg4.549
Refractory23×11.5x6cm (10”x5”x2.5”)2.2kg5.661

Brick Types and Prices

Perhaps it is interesting that you know what are the main types of bricks and their characteristics.

Brick TypeMeasuresPrice
Common Brick (solid)25x12x6.5cm0.20 dollar/u
Hollow Brick (lightened block)30x20x10cm0.80 dollar/u
Common Brick (perforated)24x12x7.0cm0.60 dollar/u
Brick Block20x10x10cm0.50 dollar/u
Average prices for different countries.

One of the advantages of building with bricks is its lower economic cost, compared to other construction materials. By following the link, you can see the ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES OF BUILDING WITH BRICKS.

How to Know How many Common Bricks enter 1 m2 of Wall

To find out how many common bricks fit into a square meter of wall, you must set the rigging mode, or way of laying on the wall.

Next, let’s see the calculation to know how many common bricks enter 1 m2 of wall, taking into account the main rigs that exist.

Solid common brick (25x12x6.5cm).
Solid common brick (25x12x6.5cm) (10”x5”x3”).

Quantity of Bricks that enter a Square Meter of Wall of 15

Quantity of Bricks per m² (rigged to Citara or Rope)

This way of laying bricks on the wall, to stretcher bond, involves 50 to 60 units of common bricks. A more approximate range would be 53 to 56 bricks per m² of wall. Therefore, you now know how many 25x12x6cm hollow bricks fit in 1 m2 of rope wall.

How many Bricks enter a Square Meter of Wall of 30 cm

Number of Bricks per m² (rigged to Citarón or an Antler)

The block of bricks, with a 30cm wide wall, contains about 120 units of common bricks. It would be 120 bricks per m².

How many Bricks enter a Square Meter of Wall of 40 cm

Number of Bricks per m² (One and a Half rig)

The garden wall bond set contains about 180 common bricks. It would be 180 bricks per m².

There are a variety of ways and ideas to build HOUSE WITH BRICKS, which you can combine in these SIMPLE HOUSE DESIGNS.

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