Wall Material Calculator (sqm) (m2) (sq ft)

Use these free Wall Material Calculators per sqm – m2 – sq ft, of masonry or drywall. For builders, use the proper amount of materials for differents works.

It will allow to prepare, a list of resources, as part of technical preparation of the work, to later carry out their purchase and transfer to the construction site.

Calculate How Many Blocks per m2 of Wall

How many Bags of Cement per square meter of Wall you Need

Different mixes have been used, depending on type of materials, wall thickness.


Use this CINDER BLOCK WALL CALCULATOR, of any block size.

How many bags of cement per square meter of wall

How many Bricks fit in a Square Meter of Wall?

To calculate the number of bricks needed to build a wall, it is necessary to know the measurements of the bricks, the way to place the bricks and the dimensions.

Use the following table to calculate HOW MANY BRICKS IN A SQUARE FOOT are, of different types.

Quantity of Materials per m2 of Wall

How many Hollow Bricks fit in a Square Meter?

Hollow bricks are one of the most widespread today. Its holes manage to reduce the weight of the wall, the amount of raw materials used, and preserving the resistant, insulating and aesthetic properties of walls.


How many Hollow Bricks fit in a Square Meter?

Quantity of Materials per m2 of Wall Plaster

Plastering a wall is another of the activities that requires a calculation of materials, according to certain dosages.

The amount of materials will depend on the type of plaster, as well as the type of wall and the wall substrate. Calculate the amount of CEMENT – SAND RATIO REQUIRED FOR PLASTERING for walls.

Quantity of Materials per m2 of Wall Plaster

Material Calculator per m2 of Drywall (Dry Wall)

Dry constructions are in fashion. A “dry” built wall does not use masonry, but a framework of lightweight metal profiles (or wood) covered with drywall, plasterboard, etc.

Continuing you will have a DRYWALL MATERIAL CALCULATOR , with multiple options.

Calculator of Materials per m2 of Drywall Wall

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