Plastering Calculation

Plastering calculation with the amount of materials per sqm or sq ft. Wall plaster estimations, with important aspects to take into account to obtain the best results.

The amount of materials will depend on different aspects, such as:

  • Type of plaster used (cement sand ratio for plastering).
  • Characteristics of the material(s) used.
  • Type of wall (bricks, blocks, concrete).
  • Thickness of the plaster layer
  • Type of wall substrate.

If the material to make plastering mortar is already pre-made, you must read and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. If not, use the following plaster formulas.

Plastering Calculation for walls sqm

Plastering Material Calculation for Walls

Plastering Quantity Calculation in sqm for Wall Finishes

If the mortar is going to be made in the traditional way, on site, (with cement, sand, lime hydrate, etc.), then there are many possible combinations or mix ratios to use.

Plastering Material Calculation for Splash on Wall

Define Plastering Thickness and Mix Ratio

The mason’s skill level will influence the amount of materials used. This may use different application methods, in correspondence with the desired final finish, using specific plastering ratios of cement and sand calculations.

Plastering Calculation in sqm (Wall Plaster)


The plasters on exterior walls must have a higher proportion of cement and lime hydrate in their mixture, thus guaranteeing greater resistance and plasticity in the face of changes in temperature and humidity in the external environment.

Cement and Sand required for 100 sq ft Wall Plaster (with 1 : 3 : 1 Mix Ratio)

MaterialsFor 1 sq ft For 100 sq ft
Cement5.93 kg59.3 kg (2.4 25kg Bags)
Sand0.0138 m³0.138 m³
Plaster Sand0.0045 m³0.045 m³
With 15mm thickness plaster.

Cement Required for 1m2 Plastering on Wall (with 1 : 3 : 1 Mix Ratio)

MaterialsFor 1m2 For 100 sqm
Cement6.4 kg640 kg (30 bags 25kg)
Sand0.015 m³1.5 m³
Plaster Sand0.005 m³0.5 m³
With 15mm thickness plaster.

Material Estimator per SQM for Rustic Plaster on Wall

Calculate Cement and Sand required for 1 sqm Plastering.

It must also be said that in matters of masonry mortar mix ratios, and especially mortars for plastering, there is a diversity of proportions.

See more options for estimating cement required for 1 sqm plastering.

Quantity of Materials per SQM of Fine Plaster on Wall

Cement and Sand Required for 1 sqm Plastering

The different mix ratios can be different since each foreman has his own “experience”, each site has a characteristic climate, and each region has soils (sand) for the preparation of the mortar, with its own characteristics and physical-chemical properties.

Materials per SQM of Wall Plaster (Stucco)

Following these recommendations will help you to guarantee a good CALCULATION OF MATERIALS.

But maybe you want to see other WALL MATERIAL CALCULATORS. Use theme, for getting a better quality of construction of any AFFORDABLE MODERN HOUSING DESIGN.

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