10×10 m Floor Plan – 33×33 Feet House Plan Designs

Examples of 10×10 house plan with measurements, different ideas to build, which can be very useful. 

Examples of FLOOR PLANS WITH DIMENSIONS of 33×33 ft with one floor or two floors, with a garage, two or 3 bedrooms, among other characteristics. Distribution plans in plots of 10 by 10 meters.

A 33×33 feet house plan offers the possibility of locating a variety of rooms and elements. In a plot of 10 x 10 meters, there is a construction area of ​​100 square meters, which can be used for bedrooms, kitchen, dining room, bathrooms, among other spaces in the house.

10×10 House Plans with Measurements

In addition, the design can be square (10 meters wide, 10 meters deep) or irregular, which makes it more interesting and has more possibilities. Some of these designs or models of houses may not be strictly occupying the entire surface of 100 square meters.

10x10 house plans
10×10 house floor plan 3BHK

This can happen due to wishes raised by the client, the situation of the lot (microlocation), or due to other specific needs.

10×10 House Plan One Floor

This first example of one-story 10×10 house plans includes the social area, two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a small light patio. There are two access areas to the house, the main entrance and a portal with access from the living room.

10×10 House Plans
33×33 house plan 3bhk.

The master bedroom has a walk-in closet and its own bathroom. The kitchen, as a service area, includes an attached laundry room, as well as an exit to the patio.

The views into the bedrooms and bathroom for common use are protected.

10 x 10 m House
Entry3.3 sqm
Dinning room kitchen21.0 sqm
Living room12.6 sqm
Porch5.6 sqm
Hallway3.3 sqm
Bedroom 213.6 sqm
Wardrobe2.4 sqm
Bathroom 24.0 sqm
Bedroom 17.2 sqm
Bathroom 13.1 sqm
Washed1.6 sqm
Grand Total77.7 sqm

Continuing you can see two variants of the location of the 10×10 house plan, depending on the layout of the access and the main facade.

33×33 House Plans with measurements in Meters Variant 1

10×10 House plan 2bhk
10×10 House plan with measurements in meters.

10×10 House with Measurements (33×33 House Plan 2bhk)

33×33 House Plan 2bhk
10×10 House floor plan with measurements in meters.

33×33 One Story House Plan

Another house plan  of 10 x 10 meters. We can see the distribution of a one-story house with 3 bedrooms. Although the space on the land is relatively small, we can see that a social area has been achieved with a large living-dining room.

The 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms are located in such a way that privacy is not affected, presenting an interesting location of their access doors.

It is important to remove 1 meter in the front part of the façade with a green area, to improve the visuals, and obtain cross ventilation, in the living room and 2 bedrooms.

10×10 House Plan with 3 Bedrooms

33×33 house plan pdf
10×10 House plan with interior patio.
10 x 10 m House
Porch5.6 sqm
Dining room26.0 sqm
Kitchen5.7 sqm
Terrace4.8 sqm
Hallway4.0 sqm
Bathroom 14.3 sqm
Bedroom 16.9 sqm
Bedroom 39.7 sqm
Bedroom 210.0 sqm
Bathroom 23.4 sqm
Total80.3 sqm
Plano de Casa de 10x10 con 3 Recámaras
10×10 House plan with 80 square meters.

House Plans 10 by 10 with Measurements

House of 10 by 10.5 meters

10 x 10 floor plan 3bhk.
33×33 floor plan 3bhk.
House 10 x 10,5 m
Porch3.4 sqm
Hall9.1 sqm
Bath 13.6 sqm
Living – Dining24.9 sqm
Kitchen8.5 sqm
Wash4.7 sqm
Bedroom 18.7 sqm
Bedroom 28.8 sqm
Bath 23.6 sqm
Bedroom 37.7 sqm
Total 82.8 sqm

10x10 square meters house with 3 bedrooms.
10×10 square meters house with 3 bedrooms.

10×10 House Plans with Garage

House design of 10 by 10 meters of a floor with garage. The house plant is approximately 10 meters wide by 10 meters long. Garage area for a car space is included, which in turn constitutes the main access to the house.

On the plan, a roofed exterior side corridor has been drawn that connects the front of the house with the back. For this, a width of terrain greater than 10 meters is necessary.

The access places us directly in the social area, living room and dining room, which is spacious. In the same section, at the end is the kitchenette that allows access to a rear patio.

33×33 House Plan with Car Parking

33x33 house plan 3bhk.
33×33 house plan 3bhk.
33×33 ft house
Garage12.1 sqm
Dining room24.6 sqm
Kitchen8.5 sqm
Bedroom 113.6 sqm
Bathroom 12.8 sqm
Bathroom 23.0 sqm
Bedroom 210.3 sqm
Bedroom 312.3 sqm
Bathroom 32.5 sqm
Hall1.3 sqm
Grand Total91.0 sqm

In this 10×10 house plan with garage, the rooms are located on both sides of the social area. Two rooms have their own bathroom, in addition to the bathroom for common use.

Although it is not the most optimal distribution for private spaces, it is a variant to consider for those who want it. 

They are bedrooms that you can take as a reference, due to their design and measurements. For more details on this topic, check the article, where I explain HOW BIG IS A BEDROOM.

33x33 House Plan with Car Parking
10×10 house plan, where all rooms have openings for natural lighting and ventilation.

33 x 33 feet MODERN House Plans

SMALL HOUSE DESIGNS of 10 × 10 Two Floors

10×10 House Design 2 Storey with Garage

10x10 House Design 2 Storey with Garage
House 10 x 10 ground floor.
10x10 House Design 2 Storey
10 x 10 high floor house.
10 x 10 m House2 Floors
Top floor 
Hall4.7 m²
Bedroom 19.5 m²
Bedroom 29.1 m²
Bathroom 23.0 m²
Bedroom 39.2 m²
Bathroom 32.9 m²
Total Upper Floor38.5 m²
Low level 
Porch4.0 m²
Dining room29.5 m²
Ladder6.1 m²
Kitchen6.7 m²
Bathroom 12.9 m²
Garage28.5 m²
Yard13.9 m²
Whole Ground Floor91.6 m²
Grand Total130.1 m²

House of 10×10 with 2 Floors

House of 10×10 with 2 Floors and garage
10×10 Two-Storey house plan.

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