10×12 meters House Design – 32×40 Feet Floor Plans

10×12 meters House designs with measurements: a lot of ideas to build 32×40 feet floor plans with plans. You will find ideas of houses of 10 by 12 meters of 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedrooms, one story and two floors.

10×12 House Plan

10×12 house plan with measurements in meters. To enter the house we have an access portal. Towards the right side of the floor, the social area and internal services of the house have been located. To the left we have the 3 rooms (private area).

32x40 2 story house plans
10×12 meters House plan

There is great spatiality in the dining room and kitchen, although the latter is protected from views from the entrance, by means of partitions.

The master bedroom located to the rear, has its own bathroom. A laundry room allows access to a rear patio.

10 x 12 m House
Porch9.7 sqm
Dining room22.7 sqm
Kitchen22.5 sqm
Wash6.3 sqm
Bathroom 23.6 sqm
Bedroom 215.9 sqm
Bedroom 311.8 sqm
Bedroom 112.9 sqm
Bathroom 13.2 sqm
Total108.6 sqm
Casas de 10x12 metros con Planos
32×40 house plan with 3 bedrooms.

House Plans of 10 × 12 meters

Plan idea for a house with measurements of 10x12m. After passing the access portal, there is the social area as a complete and continuous space, made up of the living room, dining room and kitchen.

10x12 House plan.
10×12 House plan.

There are two side exits, one from the living room and the other from the laundry room, attached to the kitchen.

Two spacious bedrooms, each with a bathroom and dressing room, complete the layout of the floor.

10 x 12 m House
Yard3.5 sqm
Dinning room kitchen27.1 sqm
Living room15.6 sqm
Portal5.6 sqm
Hallway2.9 sqm
Bedroom 213.7 sqm
Wardrobe4.3 sqm
Bathroom 24.0 sqm
Bedroom 113.1 sqm
Bathroom 14.3 sqm
Washed4.0 sqm
Dressing room3.6 v
Hall1.8 sqm
Total103.5 sqm
32x40 house floor plans with 2 bedrooms.
32×40 house floor plans with 2 bedrooms.

House Plan 10×12 with Measurements

Measurements of a House of 10 × 12 meters with 4 Bedrooms

This example of 10 by 12 meter house plans shows a 10x12m home with 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms on a 120m2 lot. The living room and dining room are separated from the kitchen, which has direct access to a small terrace or service patio.

10×12 house plan with measurements.
10 by 12 meters house plan with measurements.

The main room has its own bathroom. Another bathroom would serve the remaining 3 bedrooms and social use.

A bedroom with a closet is left without a wall to the outside, which may require creating a difference in roofing for the placement of windows with overhead lighting.

10 x 12 m House
Porch5.6 sqm
Dining room25.5 sqm
Kitchen8.8 sqm
Terrace6.7 sqm
Hallway5.3 sqm
Bathroom 24.4 sqm
Bedroom 47.4 sqm
Bedroom 39.4 sqm
Bedroom 213.9 sqm
Bathroom 13.7 sqm
Bedroom 17.4 sqm
Cupboard2.0 sqm
Wardrobe1.0 sqm
Total101.1 sqm
10×12 House Plans with 4 Bedrooms

10×12 House Plans with 3 Bedrooms

The following 10×12 plan has three bedrooms and 3 full bathrooms, plus space for a garage.

Planos de Casas de 10x12 con 3 Recámaras

The integrated living room and dining room are spacious. The U-shaped kitchen has access to the backyard.

Two of the three rooms have a bathroom and dressing room.

10 x 12 m House
Garage17.1 sqm
Living-Dining room26.7 sqm
Kitchen11.3 sqm
Bedroom 19.7 sqm
Bathroom 13.3 sqm
Bathroom 33.1 sqm
Bedroom 310.5 sqm
Bedroom 214.3 sqm
Bathroom 22.9 sqm
Hall1.4 sqm
Dressing room 14.3 sqm
Wardrobe1.7 sqm
Dressing room 33.1 sqm
Total109.5 sqm
32x40 House Plans

House Plans 10×12 with 2 Floors

Interesting example for a 10×12 meter house with two levels.

The plan distribution shows how a part is rotated at 45 degrees, to create a second volume of the house that differs from the rest, thus creating different angles and visual perspectives, both from the outside and inside.

The entrance is made through an access portal and we immediately find the dining room. To the left we have, in a space interconnected with the dining room, the living room.

Following the dining room we have the two-section staircase and the kitchen with a pantry.

House Plans 10×12 with 2 floors
10x12m house, ground floor
House Plans 10×12 meters with 2 story
10x12m house, top floor

Both from the living room and from the dining room it is possible to go out to two open spaces that would function as a terrace or portal . A full bathroom finishes completing the downstairs.

On the upper level, 3 rooms are distributed from a hall. The main room has a bathroom, dressing room and access to the balcony. The 2 small bedrooms must make use of a common bathroom, also located on the upper floor.

The upper floor also has a large outdoor terrace at the back.

10 x 12 m House
Top floor
Hallway2.5 sqm
Hall6.6 sqm
Bathroom 23.6 sqm
Bedroom 25.8 sqm
Bedroom 110.0 sqm
Dressing room5.6 sqm
Bedroom 312.2 sqm
Bathroom 34.3 sqm
Balcony 22.4 sqm
Terrace 312.4 sqm
Total Upper Floor65.4 sqm
Low level
Porch6.6 sqm
Dinning room20.6 sqm
Living room11.1 sqm
Terrace 22.4 sqm
Bathroom 13.6 sqm
Terrace 112.6 sqm
Ladders8.6 sqm
Kitchen6.1 sqm
Warehouse3.5 sqm
Whole Ground Floor
Total140.6 sqm
32x40 2 Story house plan.
32×40 2 Story house plan.

32×40 House Plans

More ideas. This example shows a 10×12 house plan with a garage, two bedrooms, and 3 baths. Undoubtedly, it is a spacious and comfortable home.

The entrance occurs through a hall that connects to the garage and to the social area. Also, from said access hall you can go directly to a small toilet for common use.

House Plans on 10 x 12 meters Lots
House plan with garage on 10 x 12 meters lots.

First we find the kitchen and dining room, and in the background the living room with an exit door to the outside.

In this case, the two bedrooms are located in different areas of the house. The first bedroom faces the front façade and is accessed from the dining room. This has a closet and bathroom inside.

The second bedroom is located at the back and is slightly larger. It also has its own dressing room and bathroom.

The garage has a room for tools inside.

House of 12 x 10 m
Dinning room kitchen19.3 m²
Living room13.2 m²
Half Bath2.6 m²
Bedroom 211.8 m²
Bathroom 24.0 m²
Dressing room5.2 m²
Bedroom 112.9 m²
Wardrobe2.0 m²
Bathroom 32.8 m²
Garage20.1 m²
Store4.4 m²
Total105.0 m²
32x40 feet floor plan with garage
32×40 feet Floor plan with garage and 2 bedrooms.

Department of 10×12 Meters

Idea for an apartment plan of 10 × 12 meters. This has an integrated living-dining room and an independent kitchen. From the kitchen you can go outside and enter a place to wash clothes. The bathroom for common use is accessible from the living-dining room.

Departamento de 10x12
32×40 feet house plan with 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms without garage.

A wide corridor connects the social area with the three rooms. Two of the rooms have a bathroom inside. This could be modified, to suit the client, placing a closet-dressing room instead.

Undoubtedly, a fairly spacious apartment for a family of 5 to 6 people.

10 x 12 m House
Porch9.3 m²
Dining room24.1 m²
Hallway9.0 m²
Kitchen10.2 m²
Wash3.3 m²
Bathroom 13.1 m²
Bedroom 112.4 m²
Bedroom 214.4 m²
Bathroom 23.1 m²
Bedroom 315.0 m²
Bathroom 33.1 m²
Total109.0 m²
32x40 House Plan with Measurements

Plans of 10 meters by 12

32×40 House Plan with Measurements

A distinctive feature of this example is the location of 2 small terraces in each of the bedrooms, allowing greater contact with the outside. The main bedroom has a large dressing room and bathroom inside.

32x40 house plan with 2 bedrooms 2 bathrooms
32×40 house plan with 2 bedrooms 2 bathrooms.

The living-dining room is integrated and the kitchen is independent, with the possibility of storing food in a small cupboard.

10x12m HouseArea
Hall8.0 sqm
Bathroom 13.8 sqm
Hallway3.3 sqm
Bedroom 211.5 sqm
Dressingroom5.4 sqm
Bathroom 25.7 sqm
Bedroom 112.1 sqm
Dining room28.9 sqm
Warehouse2.9 sqm
Kitchen8.7 sqm
Terrace 13.9 sqm
Terrace 24.2 sqm
Total98.4 sqm
Plans of 10 × 12 meters 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms

10×12 House Design 2 Floors

10×12 duplex house with measurements. A wide portal receives the visitor (or inhabitant) to give access to the space of the room. In this case it is a spacious living room, and independent of the dining room and kitchen.

Towards the back of the house are the kitchen and dining room, interconnected by a doorway, so that they are semi-separated from one another. From the kitchen it is possible to access a terrace as a service patio.

The ground floor is complete with a half bath and a bedroom or study.

10×12 meters House Design 2 Floors
Low level.
10×12 meters House Design 2 Floors
Top floor.

A straight staircase takes us to the upper floor, where 3 bedrooms and 2 full bathrooms are located. The main bedroom has its own bathroom. A second room has a dressing room and it would also be possible, due to the available space, to place another bathroom inside.

From the central hall, you can access the balcony, really spacious, with a covered area of ​​25m2.

10 x 12m House
Top floor Area
Hall6.9 sqm
Bedroom 218.4 sqm
Wardrobe6.3 sqm
Bedroom 314.8 sqm
Bathroom 27.4 sqm
Bedroom 413.8 sqm
Bathroom 16.5 sqm
Balcony24.7 sqm
Total Upper Floor98.9 sqm
Low level Area
Porch24.7 sqm
Living room25.4 sqm
Ladder3.6 sqm
Hallway8.4 sqm
Dinning room14.8 sqm
Kitchen10.8 sqm
Half Bath3.3 sqm
Bedroom 113.8 sqm
Terrace6.6 sqm
Whole Ground Floor111.4 sqm
Grand Total210.3 sqm
32x40 House Plans 2 story
10×12 plan of 2 levels with measurements.

Plans of Houses of 32 × 40 ft with Garage

Another example of a 10×12 meter house layout with measurements. This floor is very organized, with the integrated social area (living-dining room-kitchen) and the private area (3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms) well differentiated and interconnected by a small hall.

10×12 house plan with measurements.
10×12 house plan with measurements.

The access portal also serves as an open garage.

From the kitchen you can go directly to a service patio.

The main room has an interior bathroom and another full bathroom for common use, it is inserted between the secondary bedrooms.

10 x 12 m House
Garage18.6 sqm
Circulation4.8 sqm
Living- Dining23.8 sqm
Kitchen9.0 sqm
Service5.3 sqm
Hall4.8 sqm
Bedroom 18.5 sqm
Bathroom 14.1 sqm
Bedroom 310.5 sqm
Bedroom 210.5 sqm
Bathroom 23.5 sqm
Total101.6 sqm
10×12 house plan with measurements.

10 x 12 House Plans with Measurements

This distribution of 10 by 12 meter house is another example of a clear zoning of functions within the house.

10 x 12 House Plans with 2 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms
10×12 house plan with measurements.

To the left are the social and service areas. The living room and dining room in fluid spaces and the kitchen open to the dining room. It also includes a storage area and another for washing clothes.

On the right are the intimate spaces, with 2 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, where each bedroom has its own dressing room and bathroom. Half bath works for common use.

10 x 12 m House
Porch2.7 sqm
Circulation10.7 sqm
Dining room31.1 sqm
Kitchen6.3 sqm
Warehouse5.2 sqm
Wash3.1 sqm
Half Bath2.0 sqm
Bedroom 210.9 sqm
Bathroom 23.7 sqm
Dressing room 26.0 sqm
Bedroom 111.1 sqm
Dressing room 14.4 sqm
Bathroom 12.6 sqm
Terrace9.4 sqm
Total109.2 sqm

10×12 House Plan with Measures in Meters

House Model of 12 × 10 meters

The following example is a large house measuring 12×10 meters, with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

All the spaces are independent, or what is the same, separated by a dividing wall or partition.

10×12 House Plans with Measures in Meters
Plant of a house of 12 × 10 meters of a level.

Entering we have a hall with a function of distributing and circulating to the different rooms of the house. To the left we have the living room and to the right the dining room. Further removed we find the U-shaped kitchen, with direct access to the outside.

The main room has a large dressing room and bathroom inside.

12 x 10m House
Entry2.6 m²
Hall6.0 m²
Circulation9.7 m²
Living room15.9 m²
Dinning room20.4 m²
Kitchen10.2 m²
Bedroom 116.3 m²
Bathroom 13.5 m²
Bedroom 213.0 m²
Dressing room6.8m²
Bathroom 23.8 m²
Total108.3 m²
House plan of 12 × 10 meters of a plant.
House plan of 12 × 10 meters 2 Bedrooms.

10×12 House Designs

Two-Story 10×12 House Plan Design

House design of 10 × 12 meters with two floors with garage. Interesting example of how to build a 10x12m house.

10×12 House Designs
10×12 meters House plan design.

As can be seen, the house has a room on the ground floor, as well as a rear terrace. This terrace can be accessed from the kitchen, the living room and the dining room.

10×12 House Plan Design
10×12 house plan with measurements.

The house has a full bathroom on the ground floor and another on the top floor. Two more bedrooms complete the second level.

Diseño de casa de 10x12 en 3D
View of a 10×12 house layout in 3D.
Diseño de casa de 10x12 Interior
10×12 House Design Interior.

To see more information about this MODERN HOUSE PLAN with 2 floors and 10x12m, you can follow the link.

10×12 House Plan with Garage

Next we see another example, in this case a 10×12 house with a closed garage. It is a two-story house plan. On the ground floor it has a bedroom, a full bathroom and a half bathroom for common use, among other spaces.

10×12 House Plans with 5 Bedrooms

The entrance occurs after passing the access portal, and we find a hall that does not allow views of the main spaces.

From this hall we can access both the social area, the garage, the room on the ground floor or go up the stairs.

10×12 House Plans with 5 Bedrooms
10×12 house, ground floor.

Upstairs we have another 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. In total, this 10×12 meter plan has 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms.

An interesting example, which also has a terrace on the ground floor and two balconies on the upper floor.

Planos de Casas de 10x12  con Cochera
10×12 house plan, top floor.
Low levelArea
Access5.9 m²
Garage17.3 m²
Access Hall9.3 m²
Half bath3.2 m²
Wardrobe2.1 m²
Kitchen8.1 m²
Dining room32.3 m²
Bedroom 112.1 m²
Bathroom 13.0 m²
Terrace7.3 m²
 Whole Ground Floor100.8 m²
Environments of the House10x12m
Top floorArea
Bedroom 417.0 sqm
Bedroom 39.8 sqm
Circulation13.2 sqm
Bathroom 34.1 sqm
Bathroom 45.2 sqm
Dressing room6.6 sqm
Hall2.8 sqm
Bedroom 27.7 sqm
Bedroom 512.1 sqm
Balcony 27.4 sqm
Bathroom 23.1 sqm
Balcony 15.9 sqm
  Total Upper Floor94.9 sqm
  Grand Total195.7 sqm

House Plan in 10×12 Lot

If we look closely, we can realize that these 10×12 designs are 100 SQUARE METERS house plan and exact measurements. In general, they have a few meters or so of usable surface.

House Plan in 10×12 Lot

House plan WITH 3 BEDROOMS with measures of 10 × 12 meters.

The following example can be built on a 10×12 meter lot. It is a variant of a plant that we have already analyzed previously. In this case, it is differentiated by the layout of the kitchen, which is now attached to the right side wall.

On the other hand, another bedroom has been added, for a total of 3 rooms, while we only have one bathroom.

10 x 12 m House
Yard3.5 sqm
Dinning room kitchen22.5 sqm
Living room24.9 sqm
Porch5.6 sqm
Hallway5.1 sqm
Bedroom 111.5 sqm
Bedroom 28.7 sqm
Bedroom 313.1 sqm
Bathroom 14.3 sqm
Dressing room2.1 sqm
Hall1.8 sqm
Total103.0 sqm
House plans with measures of 10 x 12.
House plans with measures of 10 x 12.

I hope these designs and ideas of 10×12 meter houses with measurements will be very useful .

If you want a more plans for a longer lot, you might be interested in reviewing THESE 30×50 FEET house plans.

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