120 sqm House Design, Floor Plans with Elevations

Examples of 120 sqm house design with exact measurements, on one and two floors. You’ll be able to see several ideas of 120 square meters house plans with 2, 3 and 4 bedrooms. The most important characteristics of each housing example are described.

120 sqm House Design One Floor Plan

Despite having minimal measurements, this 120 square meters house plan can satisfy all the needs that a family of about 5 people requires.

The architectural program includes the social and service spaces, two complete bathrooms and 3 bedrooms.

120 sqm House Design one floor plan
House elevation of 120 square meters simple house design.

The design of the 120 sqm one-story house has a simple and modern front façade at the same time, which uses materials such as smooth cement (fine plaster), wall veneers with large-format ceramic slabs, carpentry of aluminum and glass, combined with a small planter with shrubs from the palm family.

Modern 120 sqm House Design

Modern 120 sqm House Design1 story 3 bedrooms
120 square meter house plan and design bungalow.

Two outdoor spaces (the access porch and a terrace) make the house turn towards the front, linking the living room and dining room with said outdoor spaces.

120 square meter house plan bungalow
3 Bedrooms 120 square meter house floor plan.

The reinforced concrete vaulted ceilings create two horizontal planes, which combine by color analogy with the wall that separates them. Taken together, they give the modern expression of façade design.

120m2 house design
Main perspective of one floor house design with 120 square meters.
120 sqm house plan with measurements
120 sqm House plan with measurements.

The distribution of the interior spaces is very functional. The social, living and dining spaces are articulated, remaining separate but closely connected. Something similar happens with the dining room and kitchen.

The service spaces, a bathroom for social use and the service patio, finish completing this kind of spatial staircase (see plan view) that has been created.

The distribution of the 3 bedrooms and a second bathroom for common use, are completely protected from any inappropriate visual.

10x16m House
Entry7.6 sqm
Living room21.1 sqm
Bathroom 14.3 sqm
Dinning room17.2 sqm
Terrace12.5 sqm
Kitchen9.7 sqm
Circulation5.2 sqm
Bedroom 212.4 sqm
Bedroom 110.0 sqm
Bedroom 38.6 sqm
Bathroom 23.8 sqm
Service yard7.5 sqm
Wardrobe0.6 sqm
Total120.8 sqm

Below are other pictures of this example of 120 sqm bungalow house design.

120 sqm bungalow house design
Exterior view of the entrance to the house.
Sketch of a 120 sqm house.
Front elevatio of 120 sqm house
Front elevation.

120 square meter House Floor Plan

The following variant of a house plan of 120 square meters with one floor, has a simple but functional rooms distribution.

120 sqm one-story house plan
3 Bedroom 120 square meter house floor plan.

A covered portal protects the entrance, and then we find the living room and dining room in integrated spaces. There is also the kitchen, although it remains subtly behind a dividing wall. From the dining room and the kitchen it is possible to go out to a rear patio.

A central corridor allows circulation to the bathroom and the 3 bedrooms. The main room has a bathroom and a dressing room inside.

8.5x14m House
Porch14.0 sqm
Living room29.6 sqm
Dining room kitchen17.8 sqm
Hallway5.6 sqm
Bathroom 15.3 sqm
Bedroom 111.9 sqm
Bedroom 312.6 sqm
Bedroom 216.6 sqm
Bathroom 23.4 sqm
Walking Closet5.7 sqm
Total122.4 sqm
bungalow 3 bedroom 120 square meter house floor plan
House plan with measures of 120 square meters.

120 square meter House Plan

House Plan of 15 × 9 meters 4 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms

The following 120m2 home idea has many aspects in common with the previous example.

4 bedrooms 120 sqm house floor plan philippines

4 Bedrooms 120 sqm house plan.

This variant differs by having 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and an interior room for washing clothes, with access to outside.

9×15.5m House
Porch5.9 sqm
Dinning room kitchen33.4 sqm
Living room14.9 sqm
Circulation8.7 sqm
Wash7.4 sqm
Bedroom 110.6 sqm
Bedroom 310.2 sqm
Bedroom 211.4 sqm
Bathroom 24.4 sqm
Bedroom 411.5 sqm
Bathroom 15.5 sqm
Total123.8 sqm
120 square meter house plan and design bungalow
120 square meter House plan and design bungalow.

4 Bedrooms 120 square meter House Floor Plan

9x15m House Floor Plan

Next, another house plan of 9×15 meters with one floor with a useful area of ​​117.6m2.

4 Bedrooms 120 square meter House Floor Plan
Floor plan 120 sqm lot house design.

Its internal distribution includes a variety of functions, such as a pantry, a small toilet, storage space for household items, a place to wash clothes, a portal and a terrace.

The entrance to the house does not allow greater views than towards the living room and dining room. The kitchen is long with a straight layout.

On the other hand, there is the possibility of placing an exit door to the terrace, from the main room.

9x15m House
Porch7.4 sqm
Living room18.3 sqm
Dinning room kitchen21.1 sqm
Hallway7.0 sqm
Bedroom 18.9 sqm
Bedroom 28.8 sqm
Cupboard2.5 sqm
Half bath1.8 sqm
Bath3.9 sqm
Bedroom 315.8 sqm
Storage5.7 sqm
Wash6.4 sqm
Terrace9.4 sqm
Wardrobe0.5 sqm
Total117.6 sqm
Houses 120 m2 on one floor

Plans to Build a House of 120 sqm lot

House Plan Idea 14 × 11 Meters

Now a 120m2 house plan is shown with its somewhat square measurements.

The entrance is located in the center of the main façade, leaving the entrance door on the side.

house design for 120 sqm lot
House design for 120 sqm lot area

The wide space that results from the integration between the living room, the dining room and the kitchen with an island, 10 meters long, is striking . From the kitchen you can access the pantry and a service patio.

The general zoning of the plant has allowed us to perfectly differentiate the day zone and the night zone. The latter includes three bedrooms and two full bathrooms.

14.3×11.7m House
Living room19.4 sqm
Dinning room kitchen28.8 sqm
Hallway6.1 sqm
Bathroom 14.5 sqm
Bedroom 114.0 sqm
Bedroom 213.8 sqm
Dressing room4.6 sqm
Bathroom 26.1 sqm
Bedroom 310.6 sqm
Storage4.4 sqm
Service yard6.1 sqm
Entry8.5 sqm
Total126.8 sqm
3 bedrooms 120 sqm floor plan
3 Bedrooms 120 sqm floor plan.

120 sqm One-Story House Desgn with Garage

House of 120 m2 of One Floor
House design of 120 square meters floor area.

This design with 120 sqm can be found when you review these house PLANS WITH MEASUREMENTS.

2 Storey House Design for 120 sqm Lot Area

Continuing, let’s see an example of two floors on a 120-square-meter plot.

House Plans of 120 Square meters with Garage

As can be seen in the views from the ground floor and upper floor, it is a duplex house with a double garage and 5 bedrooms.

On the ground floor we have the living room and dining room in open spaces, and at the end the open kitchen with an island. It includes a bedroom and a full bathroom for social use.

2 Storey House Design for 120 sqm lot
Low level
Plans of Houses 120 m2 of Two Floors
Top floor

Going up the two-branch stairs, we arrive at a reception hall that articulates the distributor corridor and the exit to the small balcony. There are 4 bedrooms and two bathrooms upstairs. The main room has a large bathroom and a walk-in closet.

9x13m House
Top floor 
Hall10.9 sqm
Hallway6.4 sqm
Bedroom 213.4 sqm
Bathroom 28.3 sqm
Dressing room6.2 sqm
Bedroom 310.6 sqm
Bedroom 512.9 sqm
Bedroom 416.3 sqm
Bathroom 33.9 sqm
Balcony2.9 sqm
Total Upper Floor91.9 sqm
Low level 
Entry2.8 sqm
Living room26.6 sqm
Dinning room kitchen34.8 sqm
Hall2.2 sqm
Bedroom 19.3 sqm
Bathroom 13.4 sqm
Ladders7.2 sqm
Garage22.2 sqm
Whole Ground Floor108.5 sqm
Total200.4 sqm
House Plans 120m2 with 2 floors
120 sqm house floor plan 2 storey.

Floor Plans for 120 sqm House 2 Story

House Design with 120 square meters Area

House Design of 120 square meters of two floors
120 sqm Modern house design.
120m2 plan with 2 floors
120m2 plan with 2 floors
Living in a 120m2 house with 2 floors
Living in a 120m2 house with 2 floors

You can see all the information about this 16×50 FEET house plan on two floors with 120 m2.

120 sqm 2 Storey Moder House Design

120m2 Two-Storey House Model
House elevation design with 120 sqm in 2 floors.
Sketch of house of 120 sqm.
Sketch of house of 120 sqm.

You can find this 120 square meter house design when you review 200 ideas of TINY house plans with measurements and facades.

120 sqm House Design with Measurements

This is a 15×8 meter plan, as for a country house, with a certain symmetry in its main façade.

120 sqm House plans with Measurements
120 sqm House floor plans.

Some interesting features are the design of the dining room and kitchen independently from the living room. Note that it is possible to go out to a backyard.

Another aspect to consider is that the location of the two bathrooms could be reversed, with room 1 , in case you want more privacy for the latter.

15x8m House
Porch19.5 sqm
Living room22.2 sqm
Dinning room kitchen15.9 sqm
Hallway8.2 sqm
Wash3.9 sqm
Bathroom 13.7 sqm
Bedoom 18.1 sqm
Bedoom 214.0 sqm
Bathroom 24.1 sqm
Bedoom 318.2 sqm
Total118.0 sqm
Plans of 120 m2 with measures

120 sqm Bungalow Floor Plan with Measurements

The following house plan of 15 × 9 meters has a garage for one car.

Plans of Houses of 120 m2 one Floor with Measurements

The main access is through a side wall and leads to the living-dining room. The independent kitchen has a laundry space attached and also an exit to the outside.

The distribution is completed with 3 bedrooms and 2 full bathrooms.

15×9.2m House
Porch10.1 sqm
Dining room31.0 sqm
Kitchen10.1 sqm
Hallway6.9 sqm
Bathroom 14.4 sqm
Bedroom 117.8 sqm
Bedroom 315.9 sqm
Bedroom 216.6 sqm
Bathroom 26.1 sqm
Wash4.9 sqm
Total123.7 sqm
Homes of 120 m2 one Floor with Measures

Simple House Plans for 120 sqm Lot

More examples… This plan distribution is very interesting…

Simple House Plans for 120 sqm Lot
Distribution of house of 120m2.

The main access is removed from the left side and leads to the living room that is independent. The kitchen and dining room complement each other harmoniously, including a small island with a bar.

We can see that space is left for the location (in a possible extension) of a 2-branch ladder. Meanwhile, that area could be working as a small study space.

This 120m2 house plan with 4 bedrooms, has space for laundry and a terrace on the ground.

15x12m House
Porch4.0 sqm
Living room25.6 sqm
Dinning room kitchen28.8 sqm
Yard Service4.9 sqm
Wardrobe1.4 sqm
Cleanliness2.7 sqm
Hallway12.8 sqm
Bedoom 17.2 sqm
Bedoom 27.5 sqm
Bathroom 24.1 sqm
Bedoom 39.8 sqm
Bathroom 15.4 sqm
Bedoom 410.5 sqm
Total124.8 sqm
120 sq meter bBungalow house plan.
120 sq meter bBungalow house plan.

3 Bedrooms House Plan with 120 sqm

3 Bedrooms House Plan with 120 sqm
9x14m House
Entry12.7 sqm
Hall3.5 sqm
Dining room31.9 sqm
Kitchen9.5 sqm
Wash5.6 sqm
Hallway6.3 sqm
Bath6.5 sqm
Bedroom 116.9 sqm
Dressing room6.1 sqm
Bedroom 28.2 sqm
Bedroom 312.9 sqm
 Total120.0 sqm

Floor Plan 120 sqm House Design with Interior Patio

Floor Plan 120 sqm House Design with Interior Patio

12.1×17.2m House
Porch17.8 sqm
Dining room35.8 sqm
Kitchen8.6 sqm
Hallway11.2 sqm
Bathroom 14.4 sqm
Bedroom 111.1 sqm
Hall2.9 sqm
Bedroom 213.4 sqm
Bedroom 24.5 sqm
Bedroom 312.6 sqm
 Total122.3 sqm

120 sqm Floor Plan with 3 Bedrooms and 3 Bathrooms

In the following images of 120m2 house plans, we have a variant for land with a dividing side wall.

house plan on 120 sqm plot
Construction plan for 120 sqm house

In this sense, a small light and ventilation panel is included, associated with the living room, dining room and kitchen.

This distribution idea has 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. The third bathroom could correspond to the bedroom, relocating the door.

15×10.5m House
Living room20.9 sqm
Dinning room15.7 sqm
Kitchen7.1 sqm
Yard9.2 sqm
Bathroom 34.8 sqm
Hallway4.6 sqm
Bedroom 116.0 sqm
Bathroom 24.6 sqm
Bathroom 34.5 sqm
Bedroom 29.2 sqm
Bedroom 314.8 sqm
Dressing room7.4 sqm
Porch2.9 sqm
Total121.7 sqm

120 sq meter Floor Plan with Terrace and Garage

Another idea of ​​distribution of a house of 120 square meters. In this case, an intern garage that could be covered is included.

120 sq meter Floor Plan with Terrace and Garage
4 Bedroom house plan on 120 sqm lot area.

The 13×13 plan has 3 bedrooms, two bathrooms and a laundry room with access to the outside. The kitchen communicates with the garage and the service patio.

13x13m House
Entry6.0 sqm
Dining room31.0 sqm
Kitchen10.9 sqm
Yard Service5.8 sqm
Hallway9.9 sqm
Bathroom 14.6 sqm
Wash5.8 sqm
Bedroom 18.8 sqm
Bedroom 217.6 sqm
Dressing room4.5 sqm
Bathroom 24.2 sqm
Bedroom 410.7 sqm
Bedroom 38.5 sqm
 Total128.3 sqm
120 sq meter Floor Plan with Terrace and double Garage

120 square meters House Plans with 3 Bedrooms

Example of 3 BEDROOMS house plan with measurements of 12×12 meters. The MEASUREMENTS OF THE MAIN BEDROOM are ideal.

120 square meters House Plans with 3 Bedrooms

A variety of functional spaces are included. The main bedroom is spacious and includes a bathroom and dressing room. Towards the bottom, we have the possibility of going out to a covered terrace and a garden.

12x12m House
Porch7.3 sqm
Dinning room20.6 sqm
Living room14.2 sqm
Terrace8.5 sqm
Kitchen8.7 sqm
Wash5.3 sqm
Yard3.2 sqm
Bathroom 15.4 sqm
Bedroom 111.6 sqm
Bedroom 221.2 sqm
Bathroom 24.4 sqm
Bedroom 312.2 sqm
Total122.7 sqm

120 sqm 3 Bedrooms Floor Plans

In this 3-bedroom house plan design with measurements, the social core has been located in the center of the floor plan, with the kitchen open to the living room and dining room.

House of 120 m2 Plans of 18 × 10 with Measurements.
House of 120 m2 Plans of 18 × 10 with Measurements.

The private areas have been differentiated, with the two boys’ bedrooms , on the right, and their bathroom, and the independent master bedroom on the left, with its own bathroom. A long gallery connects all the spaces of the 120-square-meter flat.

18x10m House
Porch8.5 sqm
Circulation15.5 sqm
Lounge kitchen31.8 sqm
Multipurpose7.1 sqm
Bedroom 211.2 sqm
Bedroom 315.3 sqm
Bathroom 24.0 sqm
Bedroom 117.6 sqm
Bathroom 19.0 sqm
 Total120.0 sqm
House Design 120 m2

120 sqm Apartment Floor Plan

Last example of plan with 120m2. It is an apartment with 3 rooms and a study room.

Apartment plan of 120 m2

It has a balcony and service patio. The master bedroom has a dressing room and bathroom inside.

14×12.2m House
Entry1.4 sqm
Hall3.8 sqm
Dining room30.4 sqm
Kitchen8.5 sqm
Service yard3.6 sqm
Balcony4.7 sqm
Hallway9.6 sqm
Bedroom 113.4 sqm
Bedroom 212.6 sqm
Dressing room7.8 sqm
Bathroom 24.4 sqm
Bathroom 14.4 sqm
Bedroom 314.6 sqm
Study6.6 sqm
 Total125.9 sqm

To see many examples of SINGLE FLOOR house plan, you can continue with this link. You will find THE BEST HOUSE DESIGN IDEAS.

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