1700 sq ft House Plans

Ideas to build with 1700 sq ft house plans with measurements, on 1 and 2 floors. Designs of spacious houses with 160 sqm plots, with swimming pool, in pdf format.

1700 sq ft House Plans
1700 sq ft House floor plan with garage and pool.

1700 sq ft House Plans with 2 Bedrooms

House design with 1700 sq ft (160 sqm) with spacious and comfortable interior spaces, terrace and garage for two cars.

The access is roofed, through a portico that protrudes from the front façade. Entering we find the living room, with large windows and a double door that allows direct access to the terrace. 

You can see the dining room with a table for 6 people, also with natural ventilation and access to the porticoed terrace.

1700 sq ft House Plans with 2 Bedrooms
House plan of 15 × 17.8 meters with 1 floor.

In case you want a somewhat more reserved access, a second variant of this distribution is shown with 162 sqm of useful area, which also includes a pool and a second terrace.

Plans of Houses of 160 m2 with Pool

Plans of Houses of 160 Square Meters with pool
House plan of 50×58 ft with pool and terrace.
50×58 ft HouseNet AreaNet Area
Entry39.9 sq ft3.7 sqm
Living room242.6 sq ft22.5 sqm
Dinning room kitchen362.2 sq ft33.6 sqm
Cupboard52.8 sq ft4.9 sqm
Terrace191.9 sq ft17.8 sqm
Hallway78.7 sq ft7.3 sqm
Half bath33.4 sq ft3.1 sqm
Bedroom 1121.8 sq ft11.3 sqm
Dressing room42.0 sq ft3.9 sqm
Bath50.7 sq ft4.7 sqm
Bedroom 2148.8 sq ft13.8 sqm
Garage364.4 sq ft33.8 sqm
Wash32.3 sq ft3.0 sqm
Total1761.5 sq ft163.4 sqm

Plans of Houses of 160 sqm PDF

Plans of Houses of 160 m2 PDF

1700 sq ft House Plans with 4 Bedrooms

In this design, the central space takes on great importance, consisting of the main access porch, the living-dining room and the open kitchen with a bar.

This central (interior) space a total area of 60 sqm, being spacious, comfortable and with abundant (cross) ventilation and natural lighting.

1700 sq ft House Plans with 4 Bedrooms

The BEDROOM DIMENSIONS stand out, with a king (or queen, both are possible) BED SIZE, the dressing room and the bathroom.

In the left wing, are located with adequate privacy, 3 bedrooms, dressing rooms, and the bathroom for common use.

The laundry room is strategically located, at the exit of the 160 sqm house.

56×40 ft HouseNet AreaNet Area
Porch99.2 sq ft9.2 sqm
Dining room493.7 sq ft45.8 sqm
Kitchen122.9 sq ft11.4 sqm
Wash35.6 sq ft3.3 sqm
Hallway66.8 sq ft6.2 sqm
Bedroom 4679.1 sq ft6.3 sqm
Bedroom 2142.3 sq ft13.2 sqm
Dressing room 250.7 sq ft4.7 sqm
Bedroom 3169.2 sq ft15.7 sqm
Dressing room 351.7 sq ft4.8 sqm
Bathroom 252.8 sq ft4.9 sqm
Bedroom 1187.6 sq ft17.4 sqm
Dressing room63.6 sq ft5.9 sqm
Bathroom 177.6 sq ft7.2 sqm
Departure48.5 sq ft4.5 sqm
Total1728.0 sq ft160.3 sqm
160 square meter one-story house model

1700 sq ft House Plans with 3 Bedrooms and Garage

More examples of FLOOR PLANS WITH DIMENSIONS and 1700 sq ft of useful area. In this case we again include a GARAGE WITH STANDARD DIMENSIONS for 2 cars.

The open garage allows to slightly reduce the parking area. At the same time, wide visual communication is maintained between the interior space, the terrace, the garage and one of the bedrooms.

1700 sq ft House plans with 3 bedrooms, studio and car parking.
1700 sq ft House plans with 3 bedrooms, studio and car parking.

Also included, entering to the right, is a space for study or office, with 107.8 sqft (10 sqm) of usable area. This can also be used as a bedroom.

The day area (living-dining-kitchen) is integrated, leaving the kitchen open to the dining room, but with privacy.

One of the SIMPLE BATHROOM DESIGN has a social function, being attached to the laundry room. The master bedroom has its own dressing room and bathroom.

46×58 ft HouseNet AreaNet Area
Garage310.5 sq ft28.8 sqm
Entry34.5 sq ft3.2 sqm
Dining room383.8 sq ft35.6 sqm
Kitchen113.2 sq ft10.5 sqm
Study108.9 sq ft10.1 sqm
Terrace77.6 sq ft7.2 sqm
Hall113.2 sq ft10.5 sqm
Bathroom 147.4 sq ft4.4 sqm
Wash52.8 sq ft4.9 sqm
Bedroom 1178.9 sq ft16.6 sqm
Bedroom 2164.9 sq ft15.3 sqm
Dressing room 45.3 sq ft4.2 sqm
Bathroom 242.0 sq ft3.9 sqm
Bedroom 399.2 sq ft9.2 sqm
Total1771.2 sq ft164.3 sqm
house plans of 160 square meters one floor 4 rooms

1700 sq ft 2 Story House Plans OF 23X50 FEET

Two-Story House Plans of 160 m2 ground floor
Ground floor.
1700 sq ft house plans 2 story
Top floor.
25×51 ft House 
Upper FloorNet AreaNet Area
Hall67.9 sq ft6.3 sqm
Bedroom 1166.0 sq ft15.4 sqm
Dressing room 177.6 sq ft7.2 sqm
Bedroom 292.7 sq ft8.6 sqm
Bedroom 3241.5 sq ft22.4 sqm
Dressing room58.2 sq ft5.4 sqm
Bathroom 357.1 sq ft5.3 sqm
Bathroom 239.9 sq ft3.7 sqm
Total Upper Floor803.1 sq ft74.5 sqm
Ground FloorNet AreaNet Area
Hall87.3 sq ft8.1 sqm
Dining room375.1 sq ft34.8 sqm
Kitchen183.3 sq ft17.0 sqm
Bathroom 142.0 sq ft3.9 sqm
Wash75.5 sq ft7.0 sqm
Half Bath41.0 sq ft3.8 sqm
Stairs104.6 sq ft9.7 sqm
Whole Ground Floor908.8 sq ft84.3 sqm
Total1710.8 sq ft158.7 sqm
1700 sq ft house plans 2 story

160 square meter House Plan on One Floor

The following example is a 1600 SQUARE FEET house plan with measurements of 32×60 feet. However, if we add the area of ​​the car parking, it would reach 1700 square feet.

The floor plan stands out for the large covered and landscaped terrace, very comfortable for reading a book in the afternoon or enjoying the scenery.

160 square meter House Plan on One Floor
1700 sq ft lot home plans.
32×60 ft House Net Area Net Area
Porch37.7 sq ft3.5 sqm
Dining room318.1 sq ft29.5 sqm
Kitchen100.3 sq ft9.3 sqm
Terrace 1209.1 sq ft19.4 sqm
Hallway66.8 sq ft6.2 sqm
Bedroom 1114.3 sq ft10.6 sqm
Bedroom 285.2 sq ft7.9 sqm
Bathroom 137.7 sq ft3.5 sqm
Washed24.8 sq ft2.3 sqm
Bedroom 3155.2 sq ft14.4 sqm
Bathroom 238.8 sq ft3.6 sqm
Dressing room55.0 sq ft5.1 sqm
Bedroom 4265.2 sq ft24.6 sqm
Terrace 2125.1 sq ft11.6 sqm
Total1633.2 sq ft151.5 sqm
Plan of Houses of 160 square meters with garage and 4 rooms on one floor

You can also see many 4 bedrooms MODERN HOUSE DESIGNS. You might find many ideas about FOUR BEDROOMS house plan with measurements and facades.

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