20×50 House Plan Designs and Elevations

Interesting variants of 20×50 house plan designs and elevations with measurements and useful habitable area of ​​90 sqm or more. You can see the distributions of many 6×15 meters house plan designs that allow wide and comfortable spaces.

20x50 house plans
20×50 House plan with car parking.

20×50 House Plans with Measurements

Ground Floor 20×50 House Plan

Following are two variants of a ground floor 20×50 house plan, and a useful habitable area of ​​90 sqm.

6×15 house plan with measurements with 2 bedrooms and garage.
6×15 house plan with measurements with 2 bedrooms and garage.

You can see the distribution that allows wide and comfortable spaces, which include an open garage and a service patio.

20x50 floor plan with3 bedrooms.
20×50 floor plan with3 bedrooms.

In the second example, the spaces with hydraulic and sanitary installations (kitchen and bathrooms) are concentrated, allowing optimal use of the corresponding plumbing materials.

20×50 House Plan South Facing

The following house plan measures 6×15 meters and has a useful habitable area of ​​90m2.

20x50 House Plan South Facing 2BHK
House plan with measures of 6 × 15 meters of one floor and 2 bedrooms with patio.

You can see the distribution that allows for spacious and comfortable spaces, which include an open garage and a service patio.

6×15 House Design with Elevations

Another example of 3-bedroom one-story house plans with measurements. It is a long house plan of 6×15 meters, with 90m2 of surface.

20×50 House Plan Design East Facing

20×50 Front Elevation

20x50 House Plan Design East Facing
20×50 House design front elevation.
20×50 House design perspective view.

The façade design is simple and elegant, combining materials such as concrete, smooth cement, stone finishes and aluminum and glass carpentry.

It is shown in 3 different colors, since “colors are for tastes”.

small one story house
Small one story house with garage
20x50 Elevation design.
20×50 Elevation design that shows the car parking.
Small house sketch

well-distributed small house plan, with the social area towards the left sector of the house. The living room – dining room arranged in a large space, with the independent kitchen.

A corridor leads to the two bedrooms and the full bathroom.

If desired, it would also be possible to enter the house directly from the garage, placing a door where a window is now shown. This door could open out.

Elevation of a small house
Front elevation.

Duplex 20×50 House Plan 3d with 4 Bedrooms and Pool

6x15 plans
Low level
6x15 plans
Top floor
20×50 House Plan
Top floorArea
Hall17.4 sqm
Bedroom 213.4 sqm
Bathroom 24.3 sqm
Bedroom 36.0 sqm
Bedroom 412.0 sqm
Dressing room2.1 sqm
Bath4.2 sqm
Total Upper Floor59.4 sqm
Low levelArea
Yard12.9 sqm
Pool10.2 sqm
Livingroom21.6 sqm
Entry2.0 sqm
Dining room10.1 sqm
Kitchen5.9 sqm
Cupboard2.4 sqm
Bedroom 111.6 sqm
Bathroom 14.1 sqm
Whole Ground Floor80.8 sqm
Total General140.2 sqm
6x15 House with Pool

Duplex 20×50 House Plan with Garage

Another example of 3 bedroom one-story house plan with measurements. It is a long house plan of 20×50 feet, with 90 sqm of surface.

Multifamily Housing Plans of 6x15 Houses with Measures 2 Floors
Duplex house with measures, ground floor 20×50 feet 3bhk.
Duplex 20x50 House Plan with Garage
20×50 house upper floor plan, 3bhk.

20×50 House Plan West Facing 2BHK

20x50 Floor plan 1bhk with garage
20×50 Floor plan 1bhk with garage.
20×52 HouseArea
Entry2.9 sqm
Stairs9.8 sqm
Living12.2 sqm
Dinning room kitchen12.6 sqm
Bedroom7.2 sqm
Bath2.7 sqm
Garage16.5 sqm
Total63.9 sqm
House Plans 6x15 with 90m2

20×50 House Plan 3D

House Design with 6 × 15 meters and 2 Bedrooms

Design of a house on 20×50 lot of one floor, with a modern facade design.

The ocher tones in the finishes create a pleasant harmony with the garden lawn and the rest of the vegetation.

facades of modern small one-story houses
Facades of modern small one-story house.

As can be seen in the images of facades and perspectives, the car can also be stored in a space specially designed as an open garage.

Small House Sketch
House with plans and 3d views
elevation of a small house
House with plans and facades

One Story 20×50 House Plan in 3d

This is a design that can be adapted to both a 7 x 15 meter house plan and a 6×15 one-story house.

Facades of simple and modern one-story houses
3D view of the simple and modern 1-story house
Small Modern Houses with Garage
Ground floor 20×50 house design with modern elevation.

Small and 20×50 Modern House Plan with Garage

This one story tiny house plan also includes 2 bedrooms and 2 full baths, and a small laundry space.

Small house plans pdf
House plan of 6 by 15 of a plant with garage.

When we see the plan of the house, we can realize that there are at least two access doors. It is something optional, which can be considered for particular cases, to have one, two or three entrances to the home.

20×50 ft House
Dining room16.9 sqm
Kitchen11.0 sqm
Bathroom 23.4 sqm
Hallway8.0 sqm
Bedroom 112.0 sqm
Bedroom 212.8 sqm
Bathroom 14.1 sqm
Porch15.9 sqm
Washed2.3 sqm
Total86.4 sqm
Plans of a 20x50 small one-story house pdf
Plans of a small 1-story house pdf.

20×50 feet Floor Plans PDF

House Plans 6x15 2 Story
Ground floor
House Plans 6x15 2 Story
Upper floor
20×50 feet House
Top floorArea
Circulation7.7 sqm
TV6.9 sqm
Bedroom 210.5 sqm
Dressing room8.2 sqm
Bathroom 25.5 sqm
Bedroom 310.3 sqm
Bathroom 34.6 sqm
Bedroom 415.2 sqm
Total Upper Floor68.9 m²
Low levelArea
Garage14.8 sqm
Living15.0 sqm
Dinning room kitchen28.1 sqm
Hall3.2 sqm
Bedroom 18.1 sqm
Bath3.7 sqm
Patio6.1 sqm
Closet2.4 sqm
Whole Ground Floor81.6 sqm
Total General150.5 sqm
6x15 PDF House Plans

20×50 feet Two Story House Plans

Two Story 6x15 House Plans
First level
Two Story 6x15 House Plans
Second level
6×15 house
Top floor Area
Circulation9.6 sqm
Bedroom 113.5 sqm
Dressing room3.9 sqm
Bathroom 13.7 sqm
Washing2.2 sqm
Bedroom 211.3 sqm
Hall2.3 sqm
Dressing room4.3 sqm
Bathroom 26.5 sqm
Total Upper Floor57.3 sqm
Low levelArea
Porch5.5 sqm
Entry5.4 sqm
Living18.5 sqm
Dinning room17.2 sqm
Ladders10.9 sqm
Kitchen17.4 sqm
Cleanliness1.7 sqm
Cupboard1.8 sqm
Closet0.6 sqm
Closet0.6 sqm
Closet0.5 sqm
Whole Ground Floor80.0 sqm
Total137.3 sqm

Also you can see a two floors 20X47 FEET house design with modern elevation.

6×15 meters House Plans with Measurements One Floor

6x15 House Plans with One Story Measurements
6×15 houseArea
Porch6.6 m²
Dining room24.4 m²
Kitchen6.9 m²
Bedroom 16.7 m²
Bathroom 14.3 m²
Hallway4.0 m²
Bedroom 211.9 m²
Bathroom 23.6 m²
Bedroom 311.6 m²
Closet1.7 m²
Total81.7 m²
6x15 PDF House Plans

6×15 House Plans without Garage

To see more interesting options for FLOOR PLANS with their measurements, you can visit the link. You could also analyze many ideas of SMALL HOUSE PLANS with modern measurements and facades.

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