23×50 feet House Plan Design – 7×15 meters

Examples of 23×50 house plan, with facade designs. 7×15 House designs with 1 and 2 floors, with measurements and various distribution schemes.

23×50 House Plan Design

7×15 meters one story house design.
House facade of 7×15 meters one story house design.

This example is of a 7×15 one-story house with 2 bedrooms and a bathroom. The façade is 7 meters wide by 15 and a half meters long.

23x50 feet house plans design.
Another view of a 23×50 feet house plans design.

Facade of a 23x50 house plan east facing .
Facade of a 23×50 house plan east facing .

Living in a nice house that has a good layout is very important when it comes to making the most of the available space and land. If “The form follows the function” it means that the plan design rules.

7×15 One Story House Plan

The small modern one-story house measuring 7 x 15 meters has an interior layout with a living-dining room and kitchen in fluid space. Therefore, we have one more example of a kitchen open to the living room – dining room.

23x50 house plan east facing.
23×50 house plan east facing.

The entrance to the bathroom is also a visual trap, that is, a very reserved entrance.

7 x 15.5 m HouseArea
Porch2.6 m²
Living room17.2 m²
Bedroom 211.0 m²
Hallway3.4 m²
Kitchen – Dining room19.7 m²
Bath4.1 m²
Bedroom 17.7m²
Garage14.0 m²
Service yard5.3 m²
Total85.0 m²

In the right section of the house, there is the garage that forms a common wall with the bathroom. Subsequently, 2 bedrooms have been located that have total privacy and protection of views from the common spaces.

Behind the kitchen, there is a service patio and exit to the outside.

fachadas de casas pequeñas con medidas
7×15 House facade.
fachadas de casas pequeñas de un piso con medidas
7×15 House in 3D.

7×15 House Design

23×50 House Plan with 3 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms

23x50 House Plan with 3 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms
7×15 single-story house plan.
7×15 single-story house plan with 3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms

House Plan 7×15 meters 1-Story with Garage

23 x 50 feet house plans
23×50 feet House plan single-story.

7×15 meters 2 Story House Plans

In an area of ​​7×15 meters, 5 rooms are distributed. That is, it is a 5-bedroom house plan with a two-story garage.

One of the bedrooms and a complete bathroom are located on the ground floor, so the house can be built in two construction stages: first the ground floor, and later, at another time, the second floor.

23 x 50 feet house plans 2 story
Ground floor
7×15 meters 2 Story House Plans
Upper floor.

This house plan of almost 200 square meters with a garage, has a kitchen with an island open to the living room. The social area is spacious and has the possibility of exiting to an outdoor terrace. On the ground floor there is also a laundry room.

The upper floor has 4 bedrooms and three full bathrooms. Two of the rooms have their own interior bathroom.

The master bedroom has an interior bathroom, dressing room and private terrace.

7×15 house plan with two floors.
7×15 house plan with two floors.

House Plan of 7 × 15 of Two Floors

23 x 50 house plan west facing
Low level.
23 x 50 house plan 2 floors
Top floor.
7×15 houseTwo floors
Top floorArea
Be19.1 m²
Circulation4.3 m²
room 213.9 m²
bathroom 25.0 m²
Closet 23.2 m²
room 310.8 m²
Closet 33.7m²
bathroom 33.0 m²
Hall1.8 m²
room 47.5 m²
bathroom 43.1m²
Wash2.1 m²
Total Upper Floor77.5 m²
Low levelArea
Entry2.4 m²
Hall2.4 m²
Ladders10.5 m²
Living room14.4 m²
Dinning room11.9 m²
Cleanliness2.1 m²
Departure1.8 m²
Room 17.5 m²
bathroom 13.0 m²
Garage16.3 m²
wardrobe1.3 m²
Whole Ground Floor81.5 m²
Grand Total159.0 m²

23×50 feet House Plans with Measurements

7×15 House Plans with Measurements
7×15 house plan with pool.
23x50 House Plan with Measurements
House plan 7×15 PDF.

7×15 House with Sloped Roof

Ideas to build with house plans of 7 × 15 meters. Different examples of design of modern houses of 7×15 of 1 and 2 floors.

In the façade design, simple and easy-to-execute materials are used. The main feature is undoubtedly the gabled roof, with the skirts of different sizes, to give it a more contemporary expression.

7×15 House design
Small house model with sloped roof.

House Plan of 100 square meters

The floor plan shows the entrance to the house through a depression made in the façade line, to give it greater protection and emphasis. A variant of glass doors and windows enhances the vertical sense.

After entering, a corridor leads us to the living room, which is interrelated with the dining and kitchen areas, in integrated spaces.

Half bathroom, offers service for common use, and in the background, an open terrace allows the entry of light and air, as well as the functionality of a service patio.

23 x 50 feet house plans
Plan of a 7×15 one-story house.

The private area is located on the left, with total privacy, through a distributor hall. This idea of ​​a small house of 100 square meters, has two rooms, each one of them with its own interior bathroom.

The right side wall has been considered as a dividing wall, in case there is a smaller construction (or garage) on this side.

alzado de casa pequeña con techo inclinado
Front of a simple one-story house.

These small one-story house ideas can be used for your house project: a beautiful and functional home.

Free 23×50 House Plans

free 23 x 50 feet house plan
7×15 house plan with PDF measurements.
7×15 houseArea
wardrobe2.3 m²
Hall2.5 m²
Circulation7.4 m²
Living room13.2 m²
Dinning room12.3 m²
bathroom 15.0 m²
Departure1.9 m²
room 28.7m²
bathroom 23.0 m²
Garage16.3 m²
wardrobe1.3 m²
Room 16.5 m²
Total88.4 m²
23 x 50 house plan with garage
7×15 house plan with 2 bedrooms and garage.

Plans of Modern Houses 7.5 × 15.5

7×15 house plan with 3 bedrooms.
7×15 house plan with 3 bedrooms.
7.5×15.5 houseArea
Garage18.2 m²
Dining room20.9 m²
Kitchen8.3 m²
Hallway6.6 m²
Room 113.0 m²
room 29.3 m²
room 39.3 m²
Bath3.8 m²
Total89.4 m²
Planos de Casas Modernas de 7x15

Plans for 7×15 Land

This plant is interesting, because its distribution is somewhat different and very functional. In an area of ​​7×15 meters and a little more than 90 square meters of useful surface, all the necessary spaces for a home have been located.

House Plans with 1 Story Garage and 3 Bedrooms

In this case, access is through a small hall that leads to the kitchen, a space closely linked to the kitchen in a straight line.

Likewise, next to the entrance we have a half bathroom for common use, very necessary in a long house.

Planos de casas de 7x15 con 3 dormitorios
7×15 house plan with 3 bedrooms.

The living room space has been linked to the intimate area, which has 3 bedrooms and a bathroom.

Another interesting feature is the possibility of directly linking the garage with the kitchen and dining room, opening an opening and placing a secondary entrance door.

The plant is completed with a small open space for a service patio.

7x15m house
Entry1.2 m²
Circulation9.4 m²
Living room17.0 m²
kitchen-dining room15.4 m²
Yard3.0 m²
bathroom 12.6 m²
Room 111.8 m²
room 27.6m²
room 36.7 m²
bathroom 33.4 m²
Garage17.0 m²
Total95.3 m²
7x15 house plan PDF

Uneven Small House Plans

Small houses on sloping land are more difficult to build and more expensive, as they require, in many cases, earth movement, even if to a lesser degree, in order to adapt to the existing topography in the place.

Building a small house on uneven land has many handicaps, but if you study the characteristics of the land and its surroundings well, you can get to the best of the difficulty.

To face it, you must analyze aspects such as, what level of inclination the terrain presents, type of land or material of which it is made, if it is slippery, if it is rocky, how rainwater behaves and its intensity, among others.

To take advantage of the situation, try, in the design of the house, to reduce as much as possible the need to make earthworks, since in this way you will reduce construction time and resources.

In addition, since the land has slopes, the design of the house must be oriented to take advantage of the best visuals of the place, and to be able to create terraces that overlook the best perspectives of the surroundings.

Small House Plans on Sloping Land

Keep in mind that making a house plan requires multiple analyzes, and in turn, creating designs adapted to the physical and bioclimatic conditions of the site and the city, where you want to build.

Let’s see another example of a 7 by 15 meters 2-STOREY house plan.

Small House Plan, Ground Floor
Small House Plan, Ground Floor
Plan of Small House Uneven, Top Floor
Small Uneven Home, Top Floor
11.5×8.2m HouseLow level
Low level Area
Living Dining Kitchen33.5 m²
Hallway2.5 m²
bathroom 15.6 m²
Terrace14.1 m²
Various Uses5.8 m²
Garage31.2 m²
Ground Floor92.7 m²
11.5 × 8.2 m houseTop floor
Top floor Area
Be13.8 m²
Hallway2.5 m²
bathroom 25.6 m²
Terrace14.1 m²
room 35.8 m²
Room 18.9 m²
room 28.9 m²
Terrace31.3 m²
Total Upper Floor90.9 m²
Grand Total183.5 m²
Small House Plans on Sloping Land
Small house plan for sloping terrain.

7×15 House Plans with Garage

House Plans 7x15
7×15 houseArea
Garage17.3 m²
Dinning room15.5 m²
Kitchen6.9 m²
Wash2.8 m²
Circulation6.5 m²
Room 110.0 m²
room 211.7 m²
wardrobe3.0 m²
Bath3.9 m²
Total94.3 m²
7x15 House Plan with Garage

Architectural House Plans 7×5

House Plan 7×15 DWG

House Plan 7x15 DWG
150m2 plan: ground floor
150m2 plan: upper floor
150m2 plan: upper floor
7x15m house
Top floorArea
Mezzanine21.2 m²
Hall4.4 m²
bedroom 212.7 m²
Dressing room5.1 m²
bathroom 24.4 m²
Balcony16.3 m²
 Total Upper Floor64.1 m²
Low levelArea
Portal16.3 m²
Living-Dining-Kitchen42.7 m²
Hallway3.6 m²
bedroom 117.1 m²
bathroom 14.5 m²
wardrobe1.8 m²
Whole Ground Floor85.9 m²
Grand Total150.0 m²
Architectural House Plans 7x5


Floor Plan of 7 × 15 meters with 2 Bedrooms

Plan of 7x15 meters of 2 bedrooms
7×15 houseArea
Garage28.0 m²
Dining room23.6 m²
Kitchen8.6 m²
Bath3.4 m²
Room 113.2 m²
room 211.9 m²
Dressing room2.9 m²
Total91.6 m²
House plan of 7×15 meters with measurements.

House Plans on 7×15 Land

100 SQUARE METERS House Plan on 7×15 meters Land

House Design on 7x15 Land
House design 7.5 meters wide on one floor.
House Plans on 7x15 Land
Plan for 7×15 plots.

ONE STORY House Plan on 7×15 Lots

Ideas of Houses of 7 by 15


Houses of 7 by 15 dwg two floors
Ground floor
Houses of 7 by 15 dwg two floors
Upper floor.
7×15.5 house
Hallway3.9 m²
room 313.6 m²
Balcony9.1 m²
room 210.8 m²
wardrobe3.2 m²
bathroom 24.2 m²
room 49.2 m²
bathroom 34.0 m²
Total Upper Floor57.9 m²
Low levelArea
Porch9.2 m²
Dining room24.1 m²
Kitchen8.4 m²
Circulation3.9 m²
Ladder6.3 m²
Room 19.1 m²
bathroom 14.0 m²
Whole Ground Floor65.1 m²
Grand Total122.9 m²
Architectural House Plans 7x5
House plan 7×15 PDF

You can see more than 600 SMALL HOUSE DESIGNS, following the link.

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