6 Bedroom House Plans – Floor Plan Ideas with Measurements

Ideas for 6-bedroom house plans with measurements, one and two stories. Below we will analyze different floors of houses with 6 rooms in different sizes, which can be very useful for large and numerous families.

6 Bedroom House Plan 230 square meters

A useful area of ​​230 square meters is enough for a family of 8 people to live in a large and spacious house, with multiple spaces and 6 bedrooms.

This example of a 6-bedroom house plan measuring 18x18m includes a double garage and a very functional interior patio. Two circulation corridors (longitudinal and transversal) communicate the different spaces, social, service and private.

6 Bedroom House Plan 230 square meters
Floor plan of a house with 6 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.

The living room is independent and the kitchen is open to the dining room. Next to the access and to the social spaces we have a toilet for common use.

In this house plan with 6 rooms, the right side wall is blind, (house between party walls), so the interior patio fulfills the function of naturally ventilating and illuminating the different environments around it.

The floor also includes 3 bathrooms, a toilet and a laundry room. The master bedroom has a bathroom and a dressing room inside.

18x18m House
Entry3.5 sqm
Half Bath2.5 sqm
Circulation18.5 sqm
Living room15.6 sqm
Dinning room kitchen25.4 sqm
Bedroom 114.5 sqm
Dressing room 13.3 sqm
Bathroom 13.3 sqm
Bathroom 26.6 sqm
Bedoom 215.9 sqm
Dressing room 24.9 sqm
Bedoom 411.3 sqm
Bedoom 314.2 sqm
Bedoom 34.3 sqm
Hallway15.5 sqm
Dressing room 34.8 sqm
Bedoom 613.9 sqm
Bedoom 512.3 sqm
Garage34.6 sqm
Wash7.0 sqm
Total231.8 sqm
6 Bedroom floor Plan 230 square meters

6 Bedrooms House Plan with Measurements

Plan idea for a house with 6 bedrooms  and a double garage that contains in its central area the social and service spaces, and on both sides the six bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.

House Plan of 18 × 18 meters

6 Bedrooms House Plan with Measurements

At the end of the floor we have a large terrace that is connected to the interior through 2 sliding doors with 4 leaves. This plan also includes a store for supplies and tools and a space for washing.

In the case of the 3 toilets, they are simple and functional bathroom designs. Two of them are ventilated through an internal sled.

18x18m House
Entry3.2 sqm
Hall4.9 sqm
Dining room47.6 sqm
Kitchen14.3 sqm
Terrace26.3 sqm
Bedroom 314.1 sqm
Dressing room 45.7 sqm
Bathroom 24.8 sqm
Hallway2.2 sqm
Bathroom 14.4 sqm
Bedroom 112.1 sqm
Bedroom 213.6 sqm
Dressing room 23.0 sqm
Hallway1.7 sqm
Bedroom 510.7 sqm
Bathroom 33.5 sqm
Bedroom 613.5 sqm
Dressing room 62.9 sqm
Tools4.2 sqm
Garage39.8 sqm
Wash5.2 sqm
Tools2.4 sqm
Bedroom 416.4 sqm
Total256.7 sqm

House Plan with 6 Bedrooms and 2 Bathrooms

House Plan of 220 square meters

A house design with 6 bedrooms and two bathrooms with measurements of 10x25m. We see that it is a long and spacious house, with a garage for one car and a small open space, a kind of interior patio of light.

House Plan with 6 Bedrooms and 2 Bathrooms
House Plan 10×25 meters.

The distribution is very simple, with the bedrooms located on the right section and the living room, dining room and open kitchen on the left. At the end we have the possibility of going out to a small terrace.

The master bedroom, with a dressing room and a SIMPLE BATHROOM DESIGN, is located next to the entrance and the garage.

10x25m House
Hall6.2 sqm
Dinning room kitchen45.3 sqm
Living room26.1 sqm
Terrace12.1 sqm
Bedroom 117.7 sqm
Bathroom 14.2 sqm
Dressing room3.9 sqm
Hallway12.4 sqm
Bedroom 212.4 sqm
Wash5.9 sqm
Bathroom 28.3 sqm
Bedroom 411.3 sqm
Bedroom 59.3 sqm
Bedroom 614.1 sqm
Garage18.2 sqm
Entry1.9 sqm
Bedroom 38.3 sqm
Total217.6 sqm

House Plans One Story 6 Bedrooms

House Plan of 320 square meters

Another example. In this case, another house plan with a long and wide floor, with 320 square meters, a double garage and a terrace.

To enter the house, we find a covered access portal, and later a hall that communicates with the garage and a toilet for general use. The entrance has the characteristic of avoiding direct views from the outside towards the different furnished spaces inside.

House Plans One Story 6 Bedrooms
House plans one story 6 bedrooms

The living room and dining room are spacious and communicate with the large side terrace.

This design has 4 sanitary spaces, a study room, laundry room and a space specifically for watching television.

14x28m house
Hall6.7 sqm
Dining room56.5 sqm
Study13.5 sqm
Warehouse4.7 sqm
Wash7.9 sqm
Terrace38.3 sqm
Kitchen17.0 sqm
Hallway13.5 sqm
Bedroom 113.6 sqm
Bedroom 313.3 sqm
Bedroom 413.6 sqm
Bedroom 612.3 sqm
Bedroom 43.9 sqm
Dressing room 44.0 sqm
Bathroom 24.5 sqm
Bedroom 29.1 sqm
Bedroom 512.2 sqm
Dressing room 511.0 sqm
Bathroom 58.7 sqm
TV room16.5 sqm
Garage40.6 sqm
Total321.4 sqm

House Models with 6 Bedrooms and Pool

House Plan of 400 square meters

The following example stands out for its design on the front and the large terrace with a pool towards the back. The entrance of the cars to the garage requires a semi-circular maneuver, which is reflected in the pavement and landscaping.

In the background, we find a large pool and terrace area, with a barbecue area. You can go outside, both from the living room, the dining room and the family room.

House Models with 6 Bedrooms and Pool

The kitchen is open with an island and all the bedrooms have their own interior bathroom.

This 6-bedroom house plan has about 350m2 of usable interior area and about 450m2 including the pool with terrace.

20x30m House 
Porch11.1 sqm
Diningroom58.6 sqm
Hall37.3 sqm
Kitchen20.8 sqm
Storage3.6 sqm
Wardrobe0.9 sqm
Hallway3.9 sqm
Laundry6.0 sqm
Tools2.2 sqm
Bedroom 112.3 sqm
Bathroom 14.5 sqm
Wardrobe1.6 sqm
Aisle 215.6 sqm
Bedroom 316.3 sqm
Dressing room 32.9 sqm
Bathroom 33.6 sqm
Bedroom 219.4 sqm
Dressing room 22.7 sqm
Bathroom 24.1 sqm
Bedroom 412.5 sqm
Bathroom 44.1 sqm
Dressing room 42.7 sqm
Bedroom 515.4 sqm
Dressing room 55.5 sqm
Bathroom 54.6 sqm
Bedroom 625.4 sqm
Bathroom 67.0 sqm
Dressing room 67.0 sqm
Terrace-Pool102.8 sqm
Barbecue2.7 sqm
Wardrobe2.7 sqm
Garage37.8 sqm
Total457.5 sqm

6 Bedroom One Story House Plans

The following example is simpler, since it does not include a garage or a pool. A house plan with 6 bedrooms with 3 bathrooms, which has a covered portal on the corner.

6 Bedroom One Story House Plans

The plant is shown as 20 meters wide, but could be placed with the front 17 meters by 20 meters long.

The bedrooms are spacious and have privacy and comfort.

20x17m House
Porch28.2 m²
Hall6.7 m²
Dining room36.6 m²
Kitchen10.7 m²
Hallway9.4 m²
Warehouse7.8 m²
Wash7.4 m²
Yard4.8 m²
Hallway16.0 m²
Bathroom 14.2 m²
Bedroom 113.3 m²
Bedroom 39.1 m²
Bathroom 23.5 m²
Bedroom 316.9 m²
Dressing room 35.5 m²
Bedroom 412.4 m²
Dressing room 45.0 m²
Hall6.2 m²
Bedroom 615.3 m²
Dressing room 56.0 m²
Bathroom 33.3 m²
Bedroom 211.3 m²
Total239.2 m²
Planos de Casas de 6 habitaciones un Piso

Plans of 2 Story Houses with 6 Bedrooms

6 Beds House Plans of 330 square meters

Below we see a 2-story house plan with 6 bedrooms, which includes a suite room and a utility room on the ground floor.

6 Beds House Plans of 330 square meters
Plans of 2 story houses with 6 bedrooms

Very interesting is the relationship established between the dining room, the kitchen, a bar with 4 seats and the living room, in separate spaces but communicated in a fluid way.

From the garage it is possible to directly enter the main room, without having to go through the social area.

13×17.5m House
Top floor 
Hall13.9 m²
Aisle 37.9 m²
Suite Room 220.1 m²
Dressing room Suite 28.3 m²
Bathroom Suite 28.7 m²
Wardrobe3.4 m²
Terrace34.4 m²
Bedroom 312.1 m²
Dressing room 43.5 m²
Aisle 42.8 m²
Bedroom 414.2 m²
Bedroom 512.2 m²
Bathroom 36.9 m²
Bedroom 611.8 m²
 166.0 m²
Low level 
Hall10.1 m²
Ladders7.7 m²
Living room19.9 m²
Kitchen- Bar24.9 m²
Dinning room19.5 m²
Aisle 13.4 m²
Suite Room 121.2 m²
Dressing room Suite 17.6 m²
Bathroom Suite 18.7 m²
Aisle 23.9m²
Garage34.4 m²
Various Uses3.4 m²
 170.5 m²
Grand Total336.5 m²

On the second level, in addition to the 5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a terrace and a balcony are included.

13×17.5m House
Upper floor
House Plans with 6 Bedrooms and 3 Bathrooms

House Plans with 6 Bedrooms and 3 Bathrooms

More examples. Here we see a central corridor for circulation and distribution of all the spaces in the house.

To avoid visuals from the entrance, a second door is placed, which separates the access hall from the corridor area towards the bedrooms.

House Plans with 6 Bedrooms and 3 Bathrooms

The living room and dining room are together in a large space and the large kitchen, with laundry room and storage room, is located independently on the other side.

The main room has its own bathroom, dressing room and study space.

At the bottom of the floor there is an INTERNAL PATIO area , which could be used later to make some expansion or simply leave it as an interior garden.

13x22m House
Entry3.0 m²
Hall6.2 m²
Half Bath2.0 m²
Living room31.7 m²
Dinning room15.2 m²
Kitchen15.4 m²
Cupboard4.2 m²
Wash4.2 m²
Hallway23.6 m²
Bedroom 310.8 m²
Bedroom 413.4 m²
Bedroom 511.3 m²
Bedroom 617.2 m²
Bedroom 115.7 m²
Bathroom 14.4 m²
Dressing room 13.2 m²
Dressing room 13.3 m²
Bedroom 212.4 m²
Dressing room 25.2 m²
Bathroom 24.9 m²
Hall6.3 m²
Bathroom 37.8 m²
Total221.4 m²

6 Bedrooms House Plans with 6 Bathrooms

450 square meters House Plan

Example of a MEDITERRANEAN STYLE house, which has a covered gallery, swimming pool, terrace and garden.

As is well known, some of the characteristics of mediterranean houses are their good bioclimatic behavior in the face of high temperatures, the goodness of maintaining a close link with nature and the use of reflecting pools on terraces and patios.

This LARGE house plan with 6 bedrooms has all these characteristics.

6 Bedrooms House Plans with 6 Bathrooms

Upon entering the house, we have the possibility of going directly to the terrace and the pool, passing through the covered gallery or entering the house.

The access hall allows you to quickly go to a bedroom, go from the garage to the terrace or go directly to the dining room and kitchen.

In addition, we can appreciate how the social and service spaces maintain visual communication with the outdoor terrace and the pool.

To finish analyzing the house plan WITH POOL and double garage, we see that all the bedrooms have their own interior bathroom, for a total of 6 complete BATHROOMS and 2 general-use toilets. The terrace and the pool have the possibility of a nearby toilet. The plant also includes a study room and a laundry room.

An interesting model, which has everything necessary for a large family.

17.2×34.5m House
Porch4.5 sqm
Hall4.5 sqm
Dinning room kitchen28.7 sqm
Living room21.5 sqm
Laundry6.6 sqm
Aisle 21.8 sqm
Storage3.7 sqm
Aisle 14.1 sqm
Bedroom 113.7 sqm
Bathroom 13.7 sqm
Garage34.7 sqm
Gallery75.5 sqm
Terrace-Pool129.3 sqm
Aisle 32.4 sqm
Suite dressing room13.3 sqm
Suite Bathroom11.5 sqm
Suite room11.9 sqm
Study6.9 sqm
Aisle 43.4 sqm
Bedroom 310.3 sqm
Bathroom 33.2 sqm
Dressing room 32.6 sqm
Wardrobe1.9 sqm
Bedroom 413.7 sqm
Dressing room 42.3 sqm
Bathroom 43.3 sqm
Bedroom 58.8 sqm
Dressing room 51.9 sqm
Bathroom 53.4 sqm
Hall7.9 sqm
Bedroom 69.7 sqm
Dressing room 62.4 sqm
Bathroom 63.4 sqm
Common toilet2.1 sqm
Half Bath1.8 sqm
Total460.4 sqm

House Plans with 6 Bedrooms and 4 Bathrooms

House Plan of 250 square meters

We continue seeing ideas about FLOOR PLANS WITH DIMENSIONS and 6 bedrooms.

Example of house plans WITH GARAGE for 2 cars and a pool in the interior patio. The social area and the kitchen is a complete space, resulting spacious and welcoming.

House Plans with 6 Bedrooms and 4 Bathrooms

Two bedrooms respectively have their own bathrooms and dressing rooms. To go to the last two bedrooms it is necessary to walk through a small exterior gallery.

13x23m house
Entry2.3 sqm
Hall8.4 sqm
Dining room29.4 sqm
Aisle 112.4 sqm
Cupboard3.2 sqm
Yard6.1 sqm
Bedroom 110.6 sqm
Dressing room 14.9 sqm
Bathroom 13.2 sqm
Kitchen14.1 sqm
Bedroom 412.5 sqm
Bedroom 310.5 sqm
Bathroom 33.4 sqm
Bedroom 210.4 sqm
Terrace-Pool41.9 sqm
Garage29.3 sqm
Bathroom 24.7 sqm
Dressing room 24.6 sqm
Aisle 26.3 sqm
Bedroom 59.0 sqm
Bedroom 612.1 sqm
Bathroom 43.5 sqm
Gallery14.1 sqm
Total257.0 sqm

Plan of House with 6 Rooms 2 Floors

On the first floor there is a living room, separate dining room, kitchen and living room, plus a bedroom. In addition to the garage, it includes a storage room, laundry room and terrace. In the stair area, the space has double height.

Plan of house of 6 Bedrooms on two floors.
Plan of house of 6 bedrooms on two floors, ground floor.

On the second floor we have 5 rooms and a large living room to watch TV, which can be modified to make an additional bedroom, reaching a total of 7 bedrooms.

The INDOOR STAIR design is straight and located in an interesting DOUBLE HEIGHT SPACE, but could also be built in a U-shaped design (round trip) with landing.

Plan of house of 6 Bedrooms on two floors.
Upper floor.

Also, this 6 bedroom floor plan idea, include wonderful MASTER BATHROOM LAYOUT with walk in closet and bathtub.

11.5×20.5m house
Top floor 
Circulation19.3 m²
TV room20.4 m²
Hall1.4 m²
Bedroom 223.0 m²
Dressing room 24.1 m²
Bathroom 26.7 m²
Bathroom 33.2 m²
Bedroom 314.6 m²
Bedroom 418.3 m²
Dressing room 45.9 m²
Bedroom 515.8 m²
Bedroom 617.7 m²
Dressing room 64.8 m²
Bathroom 67.5 m²
Terrace16.4 m²
Total Upper Floor179.2 m²
Low level 
Entry1.4 m²
Living room25.5 m²
Stairs25.5 m²
Dinning room20.0 m²
Kitchen – Living room45.8 m²
Storage5.5 m²
Laundry7.5 m²
Yard3.8 m²
Terrace15.9 m²
Hall1.4 m²
Bedroom 114.7 m²
Bathroom 13.2 m²
Garage39.8 m²
Whole Ground Floor210.0 m²
Grand Total389.2 m²

Plans of Houses with 6 Rooms Two Floors

300m2 House Plan with 6 Bedrooms

Example of a house with 6 bedrooms and two floors, which add up to a total of 300 square meters of useful area.

On a square piece of land, with small measurements, it is also possible to build a house with 6 rooms, or even 7 rooms.

This design on the ground floor has a continuous portal on the ground floor and a balcony on the upper floor. In both cases, the wall of the front facade has several windows and doors, which allow a greater exchange between the interior and exterior space.

300m2 House Plan with 6 Bedrooms
300m2 House Plan with 6 Bedrooms

The 2-branch staircase is located towards the back, gaining privacy when we want to go to the bedrooms on the second floor.

On the ground floor there is a bedroom and a study room. The latter, if necessary, could also be converted into a room.

House of12x13m
Top floorArea
Hall15.2 m²
Bedroom 410.8 m²
Hallway7.7 m²
Bathroom 23.7 m²
Bedroom 515.8 m²
Bedroom 216.4 m²
Bedroom 315.8 m²
Bedroom 619.0 m²
Wardrobe2.9 m²
Bathroom 33.5 m²
Wardrobe3.3 m²
Bathroom 43.0 m²
Balcony22.9 m²
Total Upper Floor140.1 m²
Low levelArea
Balcony21.5 m²
Dining room42.8 m²
Kitchen17.3 m²
Stairs17.3 m²
Study18.2 m²
Cupboard7.0 m²
Bathroom 14.3 m²
Washed4.8 m²
Bedroom 18.1 m²
Terrace15.5 m²
Whole Ground Floor159.8 m²
 Total Area300.0 m²

Plans for 6 Bedroom Houses with Garage

House Plan of 330 square meters

Another MODERN HOUSE DESIGN with garage, pool and terrace, which has 6 bedrooms and 5 full bathrooms.

It has the peculiarity that all the spaces that are located towards the back have large, folding doors that open outwards, and allow a great exchange with the outdoor terrace and the pool.

Plans for 6 Bedroom Houses with Garage
Plans for 6 bedroom houses with garage

If you consider that 5 and a half bathrooms is a lot, they could be reduced, converting some into dressing rooms.

18x23m house 
Entry2.9 m²
Access Hall4.0 m²
Living room31.8 m²
Dinning room23.5 m²
Kitchen11.4 m²
Laundry6.0 m²
Hallway4.3 m²
Bedroom 112.2 m²
Bathroom 13.5 m²
Bedroom 212.9 m²
Dressing room 23.7 m²
Bathroom 24.2 m²
Dressing room 34.0 m²
Bedroom 312.7 m²
Bathroom 34.0 m²
Bedroom 69.9 m²
Hall3.4 m²
Bedroom 416.7 m²
Bathroom 43.5 m²
Dressing room 42.4 m²
Bedroom 518.7 m²
Dressing room 52.5 m²
Bathroom 53.9m²
Swimming pool60.4 m²
Terrace32.1 m²
Garage37.2 m²
Wardrobe0.7 m²
Half Bath2.1 m²
Total334.6 m²

Modern House Plans with 6 Bedrooms and 5 Bathrooms

House Plan of 20 × 25 meters

One last example: a L-SHAPED house plan with 6 bedrooms, 5 full bathrooms, pool and garden.

As is characteristic of L-shaped houses, the spaces are usually ordered around the design of the interior patio. In this 20×25 meter house model, the interior patio has an arcaded gallery, terrace, swimming pool and garden.

Modern House Plans with 6 Bedrooms and 5 Bathrooms
Modern house plans with 6 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms

Some bedrooms do not have openings that open onto the patio, in order to guarantee privacy. This can vary according to the taste of each person.

On the other hand, the garage could be located next to the pool, so that the house can be entered from the patio. Another design variant would be to put the garage where the pool is.

20x25m house
Entry12.9 m²
Entrance hall9.4 m²
Cleanliness2.7 m²
Living room32.4 m²
Dinning room kitchen41.0 m²
Roofed Gallery69.4 m²
Hall 14.0 m²
Suite room19.7 m²
Dressing room 18.9 m²
Sinks5.9 m²
Bathroom 111.0 m²
Laundry6.6 m²
Storage5.8 m²
Circulation9.4 m²
Bedroom 216.1 m²
Dressing room 24.2 m²
Bathroom 24.5 m²
Bedroom 312.7 m²
Dressing room 36.9 m²
Bathroom 34.6 m²
Bedroom 414.6 m²
Bathroom 46.7 m²
Hall 23.3 m²
Bedoom 513.5 m²
Bathroom 57.2 m²
Bedroom 612.8 m²
Swimming pool77.8 m²
Total423.9 m²

You can also see house plans WITH 7 BEDROOMS.

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