Floor Plans with Pool

Ideas of floor plans with pool and with measurements. Different house plans with pools, large and small pools, with a variety of forms and spaces and different numbers of bedrooms and bathrooms.

House of 200 square meters with Pool

Floor Plans with Pool
42×60 ft HouseNet AreaNet Area
Entry24.8 sq ft2.3 sqm
Hall95.9 sq ft8.9 sqm
Dining room318.0 sq ft29.5 sqm
Hallway102.4 sq ft9.5 sqm
Kitchen86.2 sq ft8.0 sqm
Yard37.7 sq ft3.5 sqm
Bedroom 1113.2 sq ft10.5 sqm
Dressing room52.8 sq ft4.9 sqm
Bathroom 134.5 sq ft3.2 sqm
Bedroom 2145.5 sq ft13.5 sqm
Bedroom 4153.1 sq ft14.2 sqm
Bedroom 3134.8 sq ft12.5 sqm
Bathroom 235.6 sq ft3.3 sqm
Swimming pool272.7 sq ft25.3 sqm
Terrace233.9 sq ft21.7 sqm
Garage321.9 sq ft29.8 sqm
Total area2162.5 sq ft200.6 sqm
house plans with pool courtyard

House Plans of 200 square meters with Pool

Interesting example of a house plan of 200 square meters with pool, terrace and garden.

The distribution plan is sub-divided into 3 fundamental zones

  • Social zone: located in the center.
  • Intimate and service area: towards the front of the house.
  • Private area: located at the back.

In this way, the functions of the house are very well defined.

Towards the front, the garage and the laundry area are located, both being complementary spaces in their functions. To the right, two bedrooms (for guests and for the boys) and a complete bathroom that would also have a social function. This first area of ​​the house is separated and related to the social nucleus through a corridor or articulating hall.

House Plans of 200 square meters with Pool

In the central area we have the social nucleus, with the living room-dining room-kitchen arranged in a large space, with natural lighting and cross ventilation. In addition, these are closely linked to the pool and terrace through floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors.

At the end, we have the two main bedrooms that have their respective bathrooms.

From the pool, terrace and garden you can directly access the laundry room. Likewise, from the garage, it would be feasible to access (by placing an interior door) the laundry room and the terrace.

The pool has a large beach area, for recreation and is surrounded by garden areas on the other side.

Plans of Houses with pool and with Measurements

House plans with pool in 200 square meters

house plans with pool and 2 bedrooms

The double garage area (which could be open or closed) has a surface area of ​​33m².

House 50×50 ftNet AreaNet Area
Hall34.5 sq ft3.2 sqm
Dining room293.2 sq ft27.2 sqm
Kitchen121.8 sq ft11.3 sqm
Terrace56.1 sq ft5.2 sqm
Half Bath37.7 sq ft3.5 sqm
Pantry24.8 sq ft2.3 sqm
Hallway124.0 sq ft11.5 sqm
Bedroom 1173.6 sq ft16.1 sqm
Dressing room 132.3 sq ft3.0 sqm
Bathroom 132.3 sq ft3.0 sqm
Bedroom 2223.1 sq ft20.7 sqm
Dressing room 231.3 sq ft2.9 sqm
Bathroom 231.3 sq ft2.9 sqm
Terrace 2107.8 sq ft10.0 sqm
Terrace-Pool768.6 sq ft71.3 sqm
Total2091.3 sq ft194.0 sqm
House plans with pool of 200 square meters

Floor Plans with Pool and Garden

House Plan with Pool and Garden
Single story house plan with pool small pool.
20×40 ft HouseNet AreaNet Area
Entry9.7 sq ft0.9 sqm
Hall18.3 sq ft1.7 sqm
Bath39.9 sq ft3.7 sqm
Kitchen76.5 sq ft7.1 sqm
Dining room93.8 sq ft8.7 sqm
Bedroom 1105.6 sq ft8.9 sqm
Bedroom 2125.0 sq ft11.6 sqm
Swimming pool136.9 sq ft12.7 sqm
Total596.1 sq ft55.3 sqm
Small simple house plans with pool and garden.
Small simple house plans with pool and garden.

Long House Plan with Pool and 4 Bedrooms

Long House Plan with Pool and 5 Bedrooms
8 x 35m houseNet AreaNet Area
Hallwaysq ft8.9 sqm
Dining roomsq ft33.9 sqm
Kitchensq ft11.3 sqm
Warehousesq ft4.8 sqm
Bedroom 1sq ft8.2 sqm
Bathroom 1sq ft3.2 sqm
Yard Servicesq ft8.6 sqm
Circulationsq ft11.0 sqm
Terrace – Poolsq ft41.9 sqm
Bedroom 2sq ft8.5 sqm
Bathroom 2sq ft3.4 sqm
Bathroom 3sq ft3.0 sqm
Bedroom 3sq ft10.6 sqm
Bathroom 4sq ft3.0 sqm
Bedroom 4sq ft16.0 sqm
Dressing room 4sq ft6.4 sqm
Bathroom 5sq ft7.4 sqm
Garagesq ft15.8 sqm
Entrysq ft8.6 sqm
Totalsq ft214.4 sqm


Plans of Houses with pool and with Measurements

120 SQUARE METER House Plan on One Floor with Pool

House Plans of 120m2 on one Floor with Pool
House plan in l with pool
33×50 ft House with PoolNet AreaNet Area
Terrace276.0 sq ft25.6 sqm
Swimming pool203.7 sq ft18.9 sqm
Living-Dining-Kitchen279.2 ft25.9 sqm
Bedroom 184.1 sq ft7.8 sqm
Bathroom 147.4 sq ft4.4 sqm
Hall45.3 sq ft4.2 sqm
Bathroom 236.7 sq ft3.4 sqm
Bedroom 2115.3 sq ft10.7 sqm
Bedroom 3160.6 sq ft14.9 sqm
Bathroom 345.3 sq ft4.2 sqm
Total1292.5 sq ft119.9 sqm
L shaped floor plan with pool

House Plans with Pool

An example of a house plan in l with pool and garden. This house model also includes a space for the garage, which can be open or semi-closed.

The main spaces are arranged around the pool and terrace, which is typical of an L-shaped housing layout.

l shaped House Plans with Pool
200 sqm House plan with pool, open concept.

The living room, dining room and kitchen are spacious. The kitchen, open to the dining room, has an island and an attached laundry room.

The master bedroom has a spacious bathroom and a terrace or portal.

53×43 ft HouseNet AreaNet Area
Entry63.6 sq ft5.9 sqm
Access Hall72.2 sq ft6.7 sqm
Living room337.4 sq ft31.3 sqm
Dinning room129.4 sq ft12.0 sqm
Kitchen91.6 sq ft8.5 sqm
Wash43.1 sq ft4.0 sqm
Bathroom 145.3 sq ft4.2 sqm
Bedroom 1176.8 sq ft16.4 sqm
Bedroom 2208.1 sq ft19.3 sqm
Bathroom 297.0 sq ft9.0 sqm
Porch76.5 sq ft7.1 sqm
Terrace-Pool554.1 sq ft51.4 sqm
Garage207.0 sq ft19.2 sqm
Total2102.1 sq ft195.0 sqm
Plan of House with pool and Garden
2 Bedrooms single story house plan with pool and car parking.

Plans of Houses with Pool and Garden

House Plans of 130 m2 with Pool

Example of distribution of a house with a pool, which also has 3 bedrooms, two bathrooms and a service patio.

In an area of ​​10 x 15 meters, a small pool has been included, isolating it from the rest of the spaces in the house. In this way it is possible to improve functionality in a general sense, without affecting privacy.

3 Bedroom simple house plans with pool
3 Bedroom simple house plans with pool

Towards the front area of ​​the house are the living-dining room and the independent kitchen with access to the service patio. From the service patio, a direct relationship with the pool could also be established, opening an opening and placing a door.

On the left and towards the center, there are 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, all of which have windows to the outside and therefore adequate ventilation and natural lighting.

A corridor specifically arranged to access the pool connects the different spaces inside the house with this recreational area.

33×50 ft HouseNet AreaNet Area
Porch114.3 sq ft10.6 sqm
Dining room305.1 sq ft28.3 sqm
Kitchen116.4 sq ft10.8 sqm
Service yard101.3 sq ft9.4 sqm
Hallway73.3 sq ft6.8 sqm
Bathroom 133.4 sq ft3.1 sqm
Bedroom 1111.0 sq ft10.3 sqm
Bedroom 3140.1 sq ft13.0 sqm
Bedroom 2153.1 sq ft14.2 sqm
Bathroom 233.4 sq ft3.1 sqm
Swimming pool194.0 sq ft18.0 sqm
Grand Total1375.5 sq ft127.6 sqm
mediterranean house plans with pool
3 Bedrooms house plan with pool.

Plans of One-Story Houses with Pool

One-Story House With Pool and 5 Rooms

200 sqm house floor plan with pool.
42×58 ft HouseNet AreaNet Area
Entry24.8 sq ft2.3 sqm
Hall90.6 sq ft8.4 sqm
Dining room318.0 sq ft29.5 sqm
Hallway127.2 sq ft11.8 sqm
Kitchen69.0 sq ft6.4 sqm
Yard30.2 sq ft2.8 sqm
Bedroom 1114.3 sq ft10.6 sqm
Dressing room 152.8 sq ft4.9 sqm
Bathroom 134.5 sq ft3.2 sqm
Bedroom 3145.5 sq ft13.5 sqm
Bedroom 4154.2 sq ft14.3 sqm
Bedroom 5122.9 sq ft11.4 sqm
Bathroom 336.7 sq ft3.4 sqm
Bedroom 2112.1 sq ft10.4 sqm
Terrace-Pool312.6 sq ft29.0 sqm
Garage315.9 sq ft29.3 sqm
Bathroom 250.7 sq ft4.7 sqm
Dressing room 249.6 sq ft4.6 sqm
Total2162.5 sq ft200.6 sqm

5 Bedrooms House Plan with Pool

One Story House Plans with Pool and Garage
200 sqm house floor plan with pool.

Plans of Houses with Pool and 2 Rooms

house plans with pool in the middle
House plan with pool in the middle.
46×54 ft HouseNet AreaNet Area
Entry90.6 sq ft8.4 sqm
Access Hall87.3 sq ft8.1 sqm
Hallway74.4 sq ft6.9 sqm
Living room196.2 sq ft18.2 sqm
Kitchen-dining room291.1 sq ft27.0 sqm
Bathroom 334.5 sq ft3.2 sqm
Wash34.5 sq ft3.2 sqm
Warehouse52.8 sq ft4.9 sqm
Dressing room56.1 sq ft5.2 sqm
Bedroom 1131.5 sq ft12.2 sqm
Toilet 135.6 sq ft3.3 sqm
Bathroom 134.5 sq ft3.2 sqm
Hall22.6 sq ft2.1 sqm
Dressing room48.5 sq ft4.5 sqm
Bedroom 2152.0 sq ft14.1 sqm
Toilet 241.0 sq ft3.8 sqm
Bathroom 237.7 sq ft3.5 sqm
Terrace-Pool629.6 sq ft58.4 sqm
Garage252.3 sq ft23.4 sqm
Total2304.8 sq ft213.8 sqm
Plans of Houses with Pool and 2 Bedrooms

500 HOUSE PLANS with Pool and Garden

House of 100 square meters with Pool and Garden

1 bedroom pool house plans
1 Bedroom pool house plans.
40×26 ft HouseNet AreaNet Area
Entrance 190.6 sq ft8.4 sqm
Living room239.3 sq ft22.2 sqm
Entrance 267.9 sq ft6.3 sqm
Dinning room kitchen214.5 sq ft19.9 sqm
Hallway21.6 sq ft2.0 sqm
Wardrobe25.9 sq ft2.4 sqm
Bathroom 239.9 sq ft3.7 sqm
Bedroom 1133.7 sq ft12.4 sqm
Dressing room48.5 sq ft4.5 sqm
Bathroom 153.9 sq ft5.0 sqm
Terrace-Pool332.0 sq ft30.8 sqm
Total1267.7 sq ft117.6 sqm
Plans of Houses with Garden and Pool
Small house plan design with pool.

House Plan WITH GARAGE and Pool

2200 sq ft House Plans with Cwimming Pool

House plans with terraces and pool
House plan with garage and pool
46×59 ft HouseNet AreaNet Area
Entry33.4 sq ft3.1 sqm
Hall62.5 sq ft5.8 sqm
Dining room341.7 sq ft31.7 sqm
Living148.8 sq ft13.8 sqm
Kitchen153.1 sq ft14.2 sqm
Terrace-Pool467.9 sq ft43.4 sqm
Studio 161.4 sq ft5.7 sqm
Study 283.0 sq ft7.7 sqm
Hallway50.7 sq ft4.7 sqm
Bedroom 1116.4 sq ft10.8 sqm
Hall10.8 sq ft1.0 sqm
Wash45.3 sq ft4.2 sqm
Bedroom 3107.8 sq ft10.0 sqm
Bedroom 2148.8 sq ft13.8 sqm
Bathroom 231.3 sq ft2.9 sqm
Dressing room21.6 sq ft2.0 sqm
Cleanliness34.5 sq ft3.2 sqm
Toilet17.2 sq ft1.6 sqm
Garage327.7 sq ft30.4 sqm
Total2263.8 sq ft210.0 sqm
simple 3 bedrooms pool house plans
Simple 3 bedrooms pool house plans with double garage.

Two Bedrooms Pool House Plans

7×15 Houses with Pool

simple small pool house plans
Simple small pool house plan.

23×50 ft HouseNet AreaNet Area
Living room210.2 sq ft19.5 sqm
Dinning room kitchen139.1 sq ft12.9 sqm
Hall18.3 sq ft1.7 sqm
Bedroom 189.5 sq ft8.3 sqm
Bedroom 292.7 sq ft8.6 sqm
Bath34.5 sq ft3.2 sqm
Terrace184.3 sq ft17.1 sqm
Swimming pool232.8 sq ft21.6 sqm
Total1000 sq ft92.7 sqm
7x15 House Plans with Pool

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