Garage Dimensions, Standard Size for 1, 2, 3, 4 Cars

Garage dimensions analysis with technical information about garage standard sizes for 1, 2, 3 and 4 cars, based on various factors that you must take into account.

Decades ago, it could be said that there are average garage dimensions, and that they are so long and so wide. But some things have changed…

Garage dimensions
Closed garage with automatic door.
garage size for two cars
Double garage in 3d section.

Garage Dimensions Aspects Analysis

When designing a garage, there are 4 or 6 main measurements that you must take into account. The first one is the car size, and from this, the other calculations are derived.

Aspects to take into account when Designing a Garage Space

  • size of the car (length, width, height and measurements with car open doors).
  • length of the garage, its width and height.
  • garage door size (length x height)

To know more exactly about the garage sizes, you must establish the dimensions of the car and the quantity.

Next, you can calculate the garage dimensions for a house.

Calculate Garage Size and its Space (Length, Width and Sqm)

This calculations should be considered as a minimum size for garages. It is complex to state the average garage size, since it depends on the tastes, country and culture, family type and its size.

It is based on the car size and its type, that we can begin to size the garage.

Below I explain what you should consider, to correctly determine the best garage size, the minimum measurements according to your needs and the most recommended garage dimensions.

How much is 1 Car Average Garage Size?

How big is a garage? Is there a standard garage size or at least a typical average size for building a garage?

Standard Garage Size

For many years, the standard garage size have been about 3.00 meters wide (10 feet wide), with a length between 5.60 and 6.00 meters (20 feet wide).

But, the production of car models has evolved. Today an immense variety of vehicles are manufactured, different brands and different models for each brand.

At the same time, the cars that have been produced for years have been getting bigger and more spacious, seeking to offer more and more comforts.

For these reasons, it is already impractical to talk about a minimum standard garage size.

Continuing, we will address, in more detail, the aspects to consider, for the design and definition of the garage dimensions.

Standard Garage Size for 1 Car

The car that appears in the images and plans below, has the following measurements (not counting the side mirrors). 

Feet and Inches14’5”5’8”5’6”

It is a model of Jeep Chevrolet, which is a medium-sized vehicle.

Really, the width of a car with mirrors matters only in relation to the width of the garage door.

simple garage size
Minimum dimensions of a simple garage (Area: 16.8 sqm)
minimum garage size
Minimum dimensions of a single garage (Area: 181.1 sq ft)

The width of the access door has been considered as a minimum of 2.40 meters (7’10” wide).

As you can see, there must be a minimum separation on each side of the car, to circulate and be able to open the doors. Car doors must be able to open at least a 60 degree angle. This entails about 75 to 85cm (about 32 inches) that must be left free on each side of the car.

In the event that the garage access door opens vertically (inwards), a free width of about 80 centimeters (32 inches) must be left between the car and the closed door, so that it does not hinder its opening.

2 Car Garage Dimensions

Below is a variant of a 2 car garage dimensions. 

The length of both cars is considered to be 4.40m long by 1.94m width (14’5’x5’8”) (including the side mirrors).

two car garage size
Two car garage minimum size (Area: 33.6 sqm).
2 car garage dimensions
2 Car garage with minimum dimensions
(Area: 362 sq ft).

How big should be a Two Car Garage?

Another aspect to take into account is whether the garage will be open or closed (within 4 walls). Likewise, if you plan to make an open garage and then close it with walls.

Open garages need less width to open the door(s)

Minimum Measurements of a Pass-through 2 Cars Garage

In this case, the cars are located one behind the other, so a minimum length of 10 meters will be necessary, by a width of 10 feet (3.00 m).

Measurements of a double intern garage.
Measurements of a minimum double intern garage (Area: 32.1 sqm)

As for the height, the height of a truck should be taken as a reference, which is a wider type of car that occupies more height and space.

You must keep in mind to know what type of car will be necessary to save in the future.

3 Cars Garage Dimensions

3 Cars Garage Dimensions
Average garage dimensions for 3 cars (Area: 48.5 sqm)

The different measurements of a garage have changed slightly. Currently, a greater variety of vehicles is produced, larger, smaller, of different brands and a variety of characteristics.

Depending on the make of car, it will have different dimensions, which affect the size of the doors, and the area they occupy when opened. The same happens with the rear-view mirrors, with variable dimensions.

4 Car Garage Dimensions

Measures of a Garage for 4 Cars
Garage size for 4 cars. Area: 61.2 sqm.
4 Car garage dimensions
4 Car average garage dimensions. Area: 660 sq ft.

In turn, many people want to carry out various activities inside a garage, disassemble the engine, store products and tools, place shelves and cabinets, among others.

Minimum Garage Size

To establish minimum measures, you have to ask yourself, what kind of car do we want to have? how big is a small car? Do we want to change cars in the future?

When you come across these questions, you realize that there is no single answer to establish the minimum garage size.

Garage Length. The minimum length of a garage could be from 4.80m to 6.00 meters and more. You must measure your car (preferred), take the maximum length, and add at least 20 to 24 inches (50 to 60 cm) for the front and bottom of the car.

The sum can give you around 19 to 20 feet (5.60 to 6.00m) as a minimum. Unless you choose a FIAT Panda, a compact car brand, which has a minimum size of 12’1” x 5’6” (3.70 x 1.66m).

fiat panda
FIAT Panda car (compact car) with a length of 3.70m and a width of 1.66m

For establishing a typical garage size, you should select a “typical car size” and add it about 40 inches (one meter) around it.

Garage width. In the same way, we must know the measurements of the width of the car that we want or have. Here you have to measure the width of the car with the doors open.

Generally, a car door, fully open, measures about 34 inches (85cm) as a minimum, and can reach 3’8” (1.10m) or more, depending on its design, brand, style, ect.

Therefore, a closed garage could have a minimum width starting at 2.80m to 3.00m (about 10 feet width).

Height of a Garage. The minimum height of a garage is 7’3” (2.20 meters), although it is generally in the order of 7’10” (2.40 meters). In the case of a sloping ceiling, it can have a minimum height of 7 feet (2.10m).

The height of the access door, and its design and way of opening, will influence the best height for the garage ceiling.

Measurements for a simple garage
Simple garage size. The height of a garage is represented.

Garage Door Size. The garage doors or gates can be folding, rolling or tilting. They can be doors that open manually or automatically.

In the case of garage door measurements, these are more standardized, since they take into account the typical measurements of most cars.

There are no garage doors for every size of car. However, these can be personalized, adding an extra payment.

Single Car Garage Door Size. The doors made for the entrance of a single car start with 7’10” wide (2.40m), while the minimum height would be 6’7” (2.00m).

You can find door widths to enter the garage, with 5’11” (1.80m) for example. In these cases, they are garages to store compact cars, which are around 5’5” (1.65m) wide.

double garage gate
Gate of a double garage size.

A double garage door should be at least 15 feet (4.60m) wide, although the most typical measurements are around a minimum of 16’6” (5.00 meters).

Height of a Garage Door. The height of a garage access door is also very standardized. Therefore, you can find only 3 or 4 height measures, such as 6’7”, 6’10”, 7’2”, 7’10” (2.00m, 2.10m, 2.20m and 2.40m). 

You can also find gates with standard measurements of 8’2” and 10′ (2.50m and 3.00m) in height. All of them could fit for 10×10 garage doors.

We can realize that it is not so easy to specify how big a garage is , at least, without having determined a specific vehicle.

SMALL HOUSE DESIGN with Simple Garage, One Story .


House Plan with Garage with Measurements of 6×20 meters

Slopes and Ramps

For underground or semi-underground garages in buildings, ramp slopes of 15% are recommended, and can reach 20% in small garages. Between the public circulation surface and the entrance ramp to the garage, there must be a horizontal surface of about 17 feet (5 meters).

How wide is a car with the open doors?

This will always depend on the type of car. The following can be considered as minimum standard dimensions:

  • Width of an open door . Between 65cm and 1.15m. Some cars, being larger and longer, have wider doors, reaching up to 1.10m. In the case of vans, the doors can be up to 1.15m wide.

Therefore, it will be necessary to add the width of the car, plus 2 times the width of the open door, to find out how wide a car is with the doors open.

However, almost always, the doors can be opened in two angles, that is, open or semi-open. The semi-open doors need around 2′ and 4” (0.70 meters) of free strip.

Parking Spaces

Parking spaces are considered to be open areas, delimited by 8 inches wide strips painted (yellow or white) on the ground (or with slight cambers), which delimit a space to park a car.

These parking spaces are usually 20 feet long (5.00 to 6.00 meters) with a minimum width of 8 feet (2.40 meters). They can be arranged perpendicular to vehicular traffic, or at an angle of 45 to 60 degrees.

Garages and Driveways

Now plans with regulatory measurements of a garage for 1 and 2 cars are shown, combined in basement and ground floor spaces, with storage rooms.

2 Car Garage Plan

Measurements of a Garage for a House

2 Car Garage Plan
2 Car garage plan.

Plan with Measurements of Garage for 1 Car

1 Car Garage Plan
Plan garage for 1 car, on the ground floor.

Measures for a Simple Garage

Measures for a Simple Garage
Plan showing the size of a large garage space.

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