House Plans with Shop

Good ideas about house plans with shop, examples for remodeling and new design, to satisfy the desires and needs of client.

Shop House Plans with 3 Bedrooms

Given by the client, the original house did not have all the desired conditions, among them, the non-incorporation of a attached shop.

The request, indicated, to make several important changes, adjusted to a small family, with modern living conditions.

Existing Original Plan

The existing house showed the following spaces. Without being entirely bad, some details that could be improved are appreciated.

Shop House Plans with 3 Bedrooms
Shop house plans with 3 bedrooms.
-Covered entrance
-Dining room
-3 Bedrooms
-Small back terrace

The original layout plan shows a covered porch as access, with adequate measurements. From this one entered directly into the living room.

The existing living room was not entirely small, plus the distribution of its furniture did not make optimal use of it.

Next to it, a small hall, and the existing bathroom door, (which could be seen from the porch), an aspect that could be improved.

In this same sense, you entered the bathroom, and the first thing to look at was the toilet, something that did not have to stay that way.

On the adjoining wall, there is an exit door to the rear (lateral) patio, where the laundry was carried out.

A central distribution corridor gave access to the kitchen, the dining room, and the doors of the three bedrooms.

The kitchen-dining room had two entrance openings, one for the dining room and a second opening for the kitchen.

The location of the kitchen and dining room did not seem bad to me, but an interior dividing wall was supposed to be removed.

The clients asked for a house with commercial space, with a garage, with better spaces use, and that gave the opportunity for modern interiors.

A distribution for the new home, with a coherent flow of spaces, guaranteeing privacy.

The commercial premises (with the possibility of adapting, for example, to an office), and with access from the porch.

For his family, of few members, it was not necessary to maintain the 3 bedrooms, which gave more room to include the new spaces: shop and garage.

However, we were aware of the need for an extension.

They wanted a house with a lot of natural light, so the existing windows, which were not very wide, had to be replaced, as well.

This would bring with it, improvements in energy efficiency and reduce costs for artificial lighting.

1 Story House Plan with Shop

The adaptation of a house to the needs of the owners can be achieved through a reform that implies changes in the distribution of spaces, the incorporation of new characteristics and the updating of the façade and materials of the house.

Variant 1 of a Shop House Floor Plan

The first project carried out shows the new distribution of a house with a commercial space and garage, with one floor and 2 rooms.

A new distribution: house renovated to meet the needs of its owners.

House Plan with Shop on Ground Floor: General Description

To start let’s read these important questions:

-The entrance to the house is kept in exactly the same place.

-Now, all the spaces inside the house have great privacy, since they are distributed from the central corridor. They are not seen from the porch.

-The commercial premises are added, with 2 entrance and exit doors.

1 Story House Plan with Shop

-A GARAGE WITH DIMENSIONS for a medium car was attached.

-Includes a small room for washing machine, inside the house.

-The bathroom is relocated, making it more spacious, and protected from main visuals.

You can see the living room for daytime hours, which is independent, with enough space for a lounge sofa, and two simple armchairs. TV stand included.

House Plans with Commercial space and garage

The lounge sofa, with a modern design, will allow great comfort, allowing clients to lie down comfortably and enjoy an experience, to watch TV or to rest and relax, with breezes.

Lounge sofa, modern.

One of the seats is positioned near the window, where you can read with natural light, which enters through the window with wider size than the previous ones.

There remains a central hallway (inside the living room) that is minimal and functional.

The Same Layout, Other Features

A RECTANGULAR BATHROOM LAYOUT, which now has 55 sq ft (5 sqm), a countertop sink, a toilet with a compact tank, and a FREE STANDING BATHTUB WITH DIMENSIONS of 60”×30”.

1 Story house plan with shop and garage.
1 Story house plan with shop and garage.

It is the only bathroom in the house, so it would also work as a courtesy bathroom, but it has enough privacy.

The dining room is fully integrated into the kitchen. The KITCHEN TABLE DIMENSIONS are generous, and allows at least 5 persons to sit at once. It can also be used as a breakfast area.

The KITCHEN STYLE is very modern, straight kitchen open to the dining room, with a single work front, but spacious.

Three towers are included, which also includes the refrigerator, microwave.

The kitchen has a correct workflow: refrigerator, work table, sink, gas stove and later on to the table.

Another characteristic is that both from the living room and from the kitchen-dining room, there are views towards the front of the house and the garden.

Bedrooms, Closet and Laundry Room: 3 Affordable Options and 1 Bad

The 2 bedrooms are towards the back wall.

The layout seeks to make the most of the available area.

Placing two adjoining bedrooms caused two problems.

On the one hand, entering the house we see, in the first instance, a door, towards the laundry room. This was not liked, of course.

On the other hand, the BEDROOMS LAYOUTS could be somewhat strange, at least for one of them. In addition, the dressing room spaces were uncomfortable.

This option was quickly discarded.

That is why the closet – dressing room is located between the two rooms. Also the laundry room.

Option 1.
House Plans with Commercial Premises, 1 Story
Option 2.
shop house plans 2 bedroom
Shop house plans 2 bedroom, option 3.

Small House with Shop Design and Garage: Ultimate Solution

The commercial premises have an access door from the covered portal, and an exit door on the left side, to be able to get out a bit, greater air intake, and better visuals.

The commercial space with 186 sq ft (​​17.3 sqm) area, allows the placement of a work station, with enough space for low shelves, drawers, etc., as well as 4 chairs so that visitors or clients can wait to be attended.

Plans of Houses with Commercial Premises and garage, 1 floor
House with commercial space and garage: chosen solution.
Porch104 sq ft9.66 sqm
Office187 sq ft17.37 sqm
Patio51.7 sq ft4.71 sqm
Garage171 sq ft15.88 sqm
Hall42.9 sq ft3.91 sqm
Aisle66.2 sq ft6.15 sqm
Living149 sq ft13.85 sqm
Bathroom55.0 sq ft5.11 sqm
Kitchen-dining room166 sq ft15.45 sqm
Bedroom 196.6 sq ft8.97 sqm
Dressing room34.7 sq ft3.22 sqm
Bedroom 21467 sq ft13.62 sqm
Laundry22.0 sq ft2.04 sqm
Total1291 sq ft119.97 sqm

House Design with Commercial Space, Two Bedrooms, 1.5 Bathrooms, 1 Floor

The design of a house with shop space and garage is the subject that we will discuss below.

The new distribution is explained, whose owners wanted, with the aim of achieving a modern home, with 2 rooms and a garage, on one floor, as well as a small rental space.

They wanted to see various distribution proposals.

House Floor Plans with Shop Attached and 2 Bedrooms

Thus, a new organization for the spaces is presented, after knowing the objectives that the client wishes to achieve with his next home.

As usual, in the first place the client’s needs were evaluated in order to design a distribution that adapts to their requirements.

How would you like your home to be? What are your daily usage needs?

House Plans with Shop for Commercial Space and 2 Bedrooms

It starts from some premises, such as:

  • Locate the commercial premises on the corner.
  • Leave an entrance space, with at least 2 meters wide.
  • House with 2 bedrooms.
  • Exit door to the backyard.
Housing Plans with Business for Rent

The proposal for the commercial space must allow the inclusion of 2 work tables and 2 seats for customers.

The possibility of putting the entrance door to this rental space, directly from the front of the house, is also being evaluated, but it has the drawback of being more accessible (with direct visuals) from the urban sidewalk.

At the same time, it would have no roof or shelter.

So it is proposed and decided that access is also from the entrance to the house.

At the same time, more area remains available, to create an entrance flanked by plants (a small garden)

Plans of houses with Commercial Premises

In this first layout option, some points to highlight:

  • The living room is functional, with a circulation corridor that does not interrupt conversation or watching TV.
  • L-shaped kitchen, open to the dining room, which has a round table for 6 people.
  • The place to wash is located at the end of the house.
  • Two rooms, with great privacy, one of them with a dressing room.
  • Access to the bathroom and bedrooms is done through the front of the kitchen, which is not entirely convincing.

House Plans with Commercial Space, Variant 2

This variant studies other ways of distributing the service areas: kitchen, bathroom and laundry area.

Now includes a toilet for social use. On the adjoining wall, there is a room for washing machines.

The kitchen is withdrawn towards the back, allowing a classic dining table to be placed, with 6 seats.

house design with commercial space

Layout of Third Variant

Only the full bathroom is left and the place to wash is maintained.

Now, the opening is opened, to go to the bedrooms, without having to go through the front of the kitchen.

A 55cm wide bar with 3 high stools is included. This gives more personality to the kitchen, and a new functionality.

house plan with premises for rent

Layout of Fourth Variant

Here we make several changes, looking for distribution options, to be able to compare, and choose the best one.

  • A HALF BATH is included again, but in another location, compared to the previous proposal which had a half bathroom.
  • Local with washing machine, now accessed from corridor to the bedrooms. This has advantages and disadvantages.
  • Bedroom with dressing room is again included.
House Plans with Commercial Location

However, the need to enter the 2 rooms through the front of the kitchen remains. You have to solve it.

House Plan with Shop on Ground Floor, Ultimate Version

Finally, we find what we consider to be the best way to distribute the 2-bedroom house with a commercial space on the corner.

  • 2 Sanitary spaces are included, without causing direct views, from the main rooms.
  • A central corridor separates the kitchen-dining room areas and the access to the bedrooms.
  • The separator can be built with a red partition, or simply place 2 pieces of furniture with alternate fronts, and thus take advantage of more storage space.

To achieve this, the rooms are relocated, in the end the master bedroom.

The laundry room next to the kitchen was maintained.

Shop House AreaArea
Porch48.4 sq ft4.5 sqm
Living142 sq ft13.2 sqm
Bedroom 1122 sq ft11.3 sqm
Kitchen-dining room225 sq ft20.9 sqm
Bedroom 288.3 sq ft8.2 sqm
Bathroom36.6 sq ft3.4 sqm
Closet31.2 sq ft2.9 sqm
Aisle68.9 sq ft6.4 sqm
Shop150 sq ft14.0 sqm
Half bath24.8 sq ft2.3 sqm
Laundry28.0 sq ft2.6 sqm
Total966 sq ft89.7 sqm

Ideas for Shop House Designs with Garage and Interior Patio

The following distribution scheme can be adapted to the taste of each family.

To enter this house, you access a continuous portal and later you can enter through the commercial premises or through an attached space that could also function as a bedroom.

Plans of Houses with Commercial Premises and Garage

Attached to the commercial space is a complete bathroom, although it could also be a kind of warehouse.

A hall connects the social area of ​​the living room-dining room-kitchen with the business premises.

Between both spaces, one of the interior patios is located, which provides ventilation and natural lighting to the interior of the spaces.

40×50 ft HouseAreaArea
Porch201 sq ft18.7 sqm
Garage208 sq ft19.3 sqm
Shop208 sq ft19.3 sqm
Hall77.5 sq ft7.2 sqm
Living-Dining-Kitchen405 sq ft37.6 sqm
Bathroom 134.4 sq ft3.2 sqm
Aisle110 sq ft10.2 sqm
Bathroom 237.7 sq ft3.5 sqm
Bedroom 289.3 sq ft8.3 sqm
Bedroom 195.8 sq ft8.9 sqm
Total1464 sq ft136.1 sqm

To the right side are the 2 rooms, (one of them with a double bed) and are interconnected by a corridor that leads to the bathroom and the social area.

As the floor plan of the house shows a second interior patio on the left side, this can be used, in a plan to enlarge the house, both to expand the spaces on the ground floor and to locate stairs to the second level.

Each new distribution must be accompanied by the analysis to achieve pleasant exterior views, that is, HOUSING DESIGNS WITH BEAUTIFUL FACADES .

You may want to see more ideas about 2 STORY SHOP house plans. Also you can see HOUSE PLANS WITH GARAGE.

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