2 Story Shop House Plans

2 Story shop house plans, to redesign the interior layout according to the client’s requirements, mainly on the second level.

Small House Plans with Shop Underneath

Next we will see a house with a commercial space below, a garage and the different rooms of the house above, located on a street in Lugo, Galicia.

Two-Story House with Commercial Space, Existing Situation

There is an exterior corridor on the left side, until the middle of the plot, which is common with another house, so the windows of the business must be kept high.

At the same time, there is adjoining another house, after said corridor is finished. Due to this, a small interior sled ventilates adjoining spaces.

Houses with Commercial Space Below
Existing ground floor with retail space.

Other characteristics, on the ground floor, are that it has an interior garage for one car, the two-section staircase that connects with the upper floor, a small kitchen for preparing food, 2 bathrooms mainly for customers, and access to a terrace. .

A central interior corridor communicates all the spaces.

Actually the ground floor was quite optimized.

Existing upper floor.

Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning, Part One

The clients wanted a new layout, on the top floor.

A construction specialist had made some proposals, but it was not entirely to the liking of the owners.

The difficulty of reforming an existing house is that you have to respect the columns that support the building.

This limits the possibilities of a new distribution.

Upper Floor, New Layout

The new solution for the upper floor consisted of the following design criteria:

  • Leaving only two bedrooms, trying to make them more spacious.
  • The space corresponding to the day area on the upper floor should be more modern, integrated spaces, greater visual angles, better air circulation, in short, more generous spaces.
  • The space where the third bedroom and the small bathroom were, used for bathroom and laundry services, moving the dividing walls.

Thus, the following solution was reached, where…

House Designs with Locals Below
New distribution: commercial premises with a house above .

Now, the 2 bedrooms are spacious, one of them, a youth bedroom, has 2 single beds. The study table was maintained.

The two entrances to the bedrooms are left with great privacy. Thus, it is difficult for unwanted visuals to exist within them.

The master bedroom, with access to the terrace, no longer has a dressing room, but two floor-to-ceiling closets.

This gives it a lot of space, and allows more lighting and natural ventilation.

2-Story House Plan with Shop Below, New Design

plans of Houses with Premises Below
Remodeled top floor.

The new bathroom is larger and includes a freestanding bathtub, storage cupboard and coffee table.

The kitchen is now open to the living room (the dividing wall was removed) and has a wide bar with pairs of stools facing each other.

Both the entrance door to the bathroom and the laundry room are also hidden from the circulation corridor.

Where the central pillar is, entering the room, it is proposed to cover it, with wood, in the shape of an arch, with the aim that from a structural column that cannot be moved, turn it into a focus of visuals, an element that participates in interior decoration.

Other options were studied, for example, changing the location of the kitchen, and making it a kitchen-dining room, but they did not improve, the proposal finally accepted.

Houses with Commercial Space Below
Existing situation.
Houses with commercial premises below and garage
Plans after renovation .

Many times when making the PLANS OF A HOUSE , it turns out that less is more .

Here you can find interesting ideas for houses WITH COMMERCIAL SPACE below. To see plans for MODERN TWO-STORY houses, you can follow this link.

House Plan Ideas with Commercial Space Below

2 Storey House Plans with Shop

House Plan Ideas with business below
Low levelArea
Porch17.14 sqm
Hall9.25 sqm
Office10.85 sqm
Aisle3.11 sqm
Living room39.22 sqm
Kitchen25.08 sqm
Aisle3.98 sqm
Guest Bedroom10.57 sqm
Dressing room2.67 sqm
Bathroom3.43 sqm
Garage17.51 sqm
Shope18.43 sqm
Store2.47 sqm
Stairs5.64 sqm
Closet 10.63 sqm
Closet 20.64 sqm
Whole Ground Floor170.62 sqm
Top floorArea
Hall15.55 sqm
Studio – TV10.85 sqm
Balcony17.14 sqm
Main bedroom14.91 sqm
Dressing room 24.36 sqm
Bathroom 24.78 sqm
Bedroom 310.57 sqm
Dressing room 32.67 sqm
Bathroom 33.43 sqm
Bedroom 413.27 sqm
Utilities2.61 sqm
Wash4.67 sqm
Bedroom 510.73 sqm
Bedroom 610.40 sqm
Wardrobe2.68 sqm
Bedroom 78.27 sqm
Bathroom 44.75 sqm
Wardrobe2.00 sqm
Circulation13.69 sqm
Total Upper Floor157.33 sqm
Grand Total327.95 sqm
2 Storey House Plans with Shop and garage
Low level.
2 Storey House Plans with Shop
Top floor.

You can see distribution and design options about HOUSE PLANS WITH GARAGE .

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