Very functional DESIGNS of houses, as they manage to adapt very well to the climate of the place where they are located, taking advantage of its best characteristics.

This house is located in a private neighborhood, surrounded by traditional and Mediterranean-style buildings.

The residence created by the architect Chad Oppenheim, has a contemporary architecture, which makes use of visible materials such as concrete, wood and glass.

The design of this house with patio is conceived to take advantage of outdoor life, in close connection with the abundant vegetation of the place.

casas en forma de H
 One of the interior patios of the house.

The rear façade has the typical design of white villas , with painted concrete surfaces, large areas of aluminum and glass carpentry, a large terrace and the pool.

casas en forma de H
Main access to the house in the form of H.
casas en forma H
 House with infinity pool and terrace.
casa en forma de H con piscina infinita
Aerial view of the house. You can see a section of the house, with pool and terrace.

With interior design by the team of Fernanda Dovigi, founder of the Toronto-based design firm FMD Design, the house WITH INTERIOR PATIO has an area of ​​1,000 square meters.

Vista aérea de la casa en forma de H. Puede verse una sección de la casa, con piscina y terraza.
Aerial view of the house. You can see a section of the house, with pool and terrace.

“Don’t be afraid of color and focus on comfort”, is how interior designer Dovigi defines it, who envisioned the eight-bedroom property as a modern and open space.

La sala de estar principal decorada en colores relajantes de verdes y azules, que dominan el espacio.
The main living room in relaxing colors of greens and blues, which dominate the space.

Walls, paneling and joinery are clad in Belgian oak, bringing warmth and color to the interiors. Roman travertine covers the floors, adding a touch of luxury to the house, which stands out for its character and comfort.

Hall central de la casa en forma de H
Central hall of the H-shaped house.

To adapt to the tropical climate, the H-shaped house has concrete and steel sliding doors, distributed in various spaces of the residence, which lead to lush patios and garden spaces.

El comedor principal, con vistas al patio interior.
The main dining room, overlooking the interior patio.

This example of H-shaped house design is full of details. The combination of different tones and textures of wood, the fluid spaces that intertwine with the interior patios.

Cocina y comedor vinculados al patio interior
Kitchen and dining room linked to one of the interior patios of the house.

The smell of the ocean while reading a book in your living room, or “listening to the birds singing at sunset, it’s really magical”.

interior de la sala comedor
Kitchen space, with area for a 7-seater dining table.

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