Brick Houses: Ideas to Build

Brick houses design to inspire you. Interesting painted brick houses, red or white. Interesting ideas of modern brick facades that will help to imagine our future home.

A traditional brick house is very easy to harmonize with the context that surrounds it, usually full of green vegetation. The classic design by contrast between the red of the bricks and the green grass and trees. 

Ahh, but in the city… How to manage to build and harmonize brick houses with the surrounding buildings and new contemporary style constructions…

For this reason, it is very important to have clear ideas related to HOUSE DESIGN and to achieve appropriate and balanced facades when we intend to build with bricks, especially if facade design includes large areas with this material, so classic and modern at the same time. 

Do not miss the following proposals…

Modern brick house with grey concrete.
Modern brick house with grey concrete.

How Long does a Brick House Last?

It has been proven that the useful life of a brick house is more than 100 years, since fired clay turns out to be a very weather-resistant material, both in humid and hot climates and in dry and cold sites. 

Constructions with clay bricks have a long useful life, without requiring important maintenance, due to all ADVANTAGES OF BRICKS.

In any case, the maintenance of brick elements would really be very slow, since they are very weather resistant.

In many countries, more than half of houses continue being built with red bricks, due to all the benefits it offers. Among the advantages it presents for construction are the low price of bricks, compared to other resistant materials.

Following the link you can see different BRICK PRICES for building houses.

Red Brick Houses

Modern Red Brick Home Design

House located on the outskirts of Tarragona (Els Boscos), with a building area of ​​225 square meters. The house is inserted in a country landscape, through the use of visible materials, such as red brick and pure concrete. 

Inside, a courtyard allows you to gain privacy, without losing contact with the natural environment.

Almudena House

Modern house with exposed brick walls
Modern country house with exposed brick walls.
Red Brick Houses
Brick and exposed concrete facade.
entrance to a red brick house
Entrance view.
Red Brick Houses Inside
See the plan of the house .

Small Red Brick House with its Measurements

A small and simple house conceived with exposed red brick and a light gabled roof.

Small Red Brick House
brick house plan
Plan of exposed brick house of 8 × 9 meters .

Small Two-Story Red Brick House

Red brick house with two floors and 3 rooms with a built area of ​​120 square meters.

Two Story Red Brick House
Exposed brick house design .

A cube-shaped volume can be seen, with 2 perforations, where the access portal (ground floor) and a balcony on the upper floor are located. 

Inside, the house has a living room, dining room, kitchen and bathroom, on the ground floor and on the upper floor, it has 3 bedrooms and 1 full bathroom.

red brick house
Housing with exposed brick .

Modern Red Brick House with Covered Garage

brick houses with covered garage
Modern Red Brick House with Covered Garage

Two Story Red Brick House

Suburban English Style Brick Two Story House With Penthouse

The decoration of the facade plays a very important role. This is an English-style house with red bricks that highlight the basement, cornices and corners, giving rigor and elegance with its own characteristics. 

English-style houses are distinguished by the originality of the materials, the sloping roofs, and their special decorative elements.

English Style Brick Two Story House With Basement and Attic

In this style of houses the walls are usually made of red brick, reminiscent of the fabulous constructions of the Middle Ages. Artificial or wild stone cladding is often found on the front of the house, on the cornices and window and door frames.

In general, they are houses with well-sloped roofs and PENTHOUSE designs.

Classic exposed brick house .

Modern Two Story Brick House

As has already been said, exposed brick is a very versatile material, as it can work well in houses with a classic and traditional design as well as in modern home designs. Here are some examples of the latter.

Two Story Brick House Model
Two Story Brick House Model
Modern duplex with exposed brick 
Brown brick house with white trim
Brown brick house with white trim.

Red Brick and Steel House Two Story

Villa Castells, La Plata, Buenos Aires

In this house design, thick textures and the presence of visible materials, such as brick and steel, were sought. The envelope is not striking, with the texture generated by the set of fired clay pieces, occasionally painted white. It seems that you do not want to attract attention, or do you?

Red Brick and Metal Two Story House
Rustic exposed brick house.
Red Brick and Metal Two Story House
House with brick constructions.

Simple Three-Story Red Brick House

Two Story Red Brick House
Red brick house with 3 floors.

Modern Exposed Brick Houses

The list of advantages of brick reveals the architectural possibilities of the material. You can build a house of any style and architectural complexity. You can build countless floors from them.

 With good construction workers and precise work, the exterior of a facing brick house will not require any additional finishing work.

Modern Facing Brick Houses

Brick House Design by Architect Mies Van de Rohe

The Lemke House, designed and built with exposed red brick walls and large aluminum and glass openings, is the only house in the German capital (Berlin) designed by the German architect, Mies Van Der Rohe.

Mies Van der Rohe (Aachen, Kingdom of Prussia, March 27, 1886-Chicago, Illinois, August 17, 1969) is considered one of the 10 most influential architects of the 20th century, a designer of paradigmatic buildings, such as the tower Seagram Building (Chicago) or The Paris Pavilion of 1932.

This is a house designed at the beginning of the 20th century, but it remains fully valid as a simple and modern home.

Lemke House, Berlin, 1932
Lemke House

This can be a model of an inexpensive and simple brick house , which was also designed by one of the most influential architects of the 20th century.

It is a one-story house, built on the outskirts of Berlin, measuring 160 square meters and built in local red brick with an L-shaped plan. The house, in a rationalist style, was designed with the aim of being a refuge and at At the same time, a space for creation, for the Lemke family.

Lemke House, built with exposed brick
One story exposed brick house.

In the house WITH L-SHAPED floor plan, one side is the living room, with the kitchen, dining room and service rooms, facing the street.

Plan of the Lemke House
Plan of the time, Lemke House.
view from the street, lemke house
Exposed brick house facade .
View from the entrance.
Lemke house, built with exposed bricks
Brick House Inside – Casa Lemke

The house towards the interior, has its walls covered with smooth cement and painted in white, with the aim of increasing the sensation of tranquility.

The Lemke House, a small one-story red brick house, is one of the most economical works designed by Mies Van Der Rohe.

lemke house interior
lemke house interior

Modern Two Story Red Brick House Model

The following image shows the exterior view of a exposed brick house, contemporary style. The garden has been covered by snow.

red brick modern house
Modern exposed brick house with black windows.

Caravista red brick house, with terrace. Image of contrasting colors, with the green of the grass and the vegetation, the red bricks, the smooth walls with white paint and the 4-water roof in black metal.

red brick house in the country
Country or city red brick dwelling.

Modern House of Concrete and Exposed Bricks

This house uses its visible materials, evoking modern architecture in its brutalist aspect. Combine pure concrete with the texture of exposed bricks, wood, metal and glass.

Modern exposed brick house .
Modern red brick houses
Modern red brick house design .

You can also see – WAYS TO PLACE BRICKS

aged brick wall
Aged red bricks.
Interior of a house with red partition
Interior of a house with a red partition .

Inside Brick Houses

Two of the benefits of houses built with exposed brick are that they require a lower level of maintenance (repairs or painting on their walls, interior or exterior) and on the other hand, interior spaces with exposed bricks are more warm and vivid.

Below we see some examples.

Inside Brick Houses
Exposed brick and concrete house .

Inside Red Brick Houses

Inside Brick Houses
Inside Brick Houses
Interior of a house with red brick partitions .
Kitchen with exposed red bricks
House interior with exposed brick in the kitchen .

Brick Houses Painted Inside

However, although repairs are not needed in their long useful life, brick houses can also be painted, for example in white. That is to say, they also have the possibility of having their walls painted, increasing their aesthetic possibilities.

White painted red brick house .
White painted red brick house .
Brick House Painted Inside
Interior of a painted brick house .

Red Brick House Designs with Arches

The use of arches in the facades of houses can be for aesthetic reasons or for structural design. 

In this house, the arches have been used in the main covered access and in the wooden doors of the windows, making a combination of colors with the tiled roof.

Painted brick house.

In the following design, it is about arches made of concrete in a light color, which stand out by contrast, with the red of the bricks on the façade.

Red Brick Houses with Arches
House entrance with red bricks .

Facades of Houses with Brick Arch

House built with exposed red bricks, including the arches of the windows, which help to decorate the facade in an elegant way.

red brick house facade
Red brick house facade .

The arch of this façade serves as access to the house, with a wide front door, a design resource that hierarchizes access and decorates the colonial-style façade. 

Three arches built at different heights, demonstrating the design and construction possibilities offered by brick.

Red Brick Houses with Arches
House facade with brick arches .

Brick House Facades

Brick also has the advantage of being able to look modern, traditional or worn, depending on the treatment given to it and the design of the façade, of course.

Facades of Brick Houses to the Front

There are many ways to use red brick, such as building the whole house, to make the facade, to veneer the facade, decorating the living room, as exterior or interior cladding, to veneer the kitchen, among others.

Modern brick house with black trim.
Modern brick house with black trim.

For some, brick will look better as it ages and is exposed to the elements, as that worn look can be very attractive.

Colonial House Facade with Brick
Another example of houses with exposed brick .

On the other hand, its reddish tones are very warm and welcoming compared to the colder concrete. This is why houses with exposed brick are usually quite cozy.

Facades of Brick Houses to the Front
Two story brick house with sloped roof.

Facades of Houses with Exposed Brick

apparent red brick facades
Black and red brick house.

Rustic Brick Houses

Rustic Brick Houses
One story brick house .

Entrances of Houses with Brick

We can also use red brick to decorate the entrance of the house, decorate the front door, frame it, and prioritize the facade.


Houses with Exposed Brick

Facades of Brick Houses to the Front
House with exposed brick with 2 floors .
Entrances of Houses with Red Brick
Entrance in exposed brick .

Entrances of Brick Houses with Arch

In the following photo, an old HOUSE, with red bricks arranged as a cornice and trim for the front door and windows.

modest house with brick
Small red brick houses .

An entrance with a classic design. Two columns and a semicircular arch, surrounded by a red brick finish.

Arched brick house entrance
HOUSE DESIGN of red brick with arches.

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