Underground Houses with Modern Designs

Underground houses have been around since time immemorial, for protection from the elements. In fact, the first known enduring subterranean houses were the very caves of primitive men.

Today, with technological and construction advances, you can find spectacular modern underground houses that constitute architectural jewels, adapted to impressive spaces and geographical situations, which even manage to make the best use of the climatic conditions where they are built.

Underground Houses with Modern Designs

Modern Underground Houses

Underground houses may seem cold and dark, but that doesn’t mean they can’t have an amazing aesthetic. You can find underground houses with contemporary and minimalist designs, mixing rustic elements such as stone or wood with modern materials and technologies.

Sustainable Underground Houses

Modern underground houses are designed to be extremely sustainable. They are often built to have as little environmental impact as possible, while using resources in the most efficient way.

It is common to find underground houses with ecological materials, renewable energy systems, with solar panels, and water saving technology. 

Many underground houses usually also include green roofs to help regulate the interior temperature, take advantage of the land as a garden, and reduce the effects of the environmental impact of construction.

Malator Underground House, Pembrokeshire, Wales

This is an underground house, conceived as a vacation home, which was exhibited at an international architecture and construction technologies fair, and was built between 1994 and 1996, by the company Future System.

Located in the Natural Park of the Coast of Wales, it is inserted in a protected natural environment, without compromising the generous existing views, nature and fauna.

Underground House Pembrokeshire, Wales
Modern Underground Houses

Its construction was carried out in a workshop, using prefabricated oval-shaped steel support structures, which were later placed on the final site, avoiding a long construction process and a possible negative impact on the environment.

Malator Underground House Plan

Malator Underground House Plan
Image taken from www.storiesofhouses.blogspot.com

From the inside you can see a perfectly integrated room, with large glass windows and very pleasant views of the sea.

The floor plan of the house is very simple, based on curved shapes, allegorical to the curves of nature and the waves of the sea.

The main space, a living room with a fireplace, includes a curved sofa that allows you to have the best views, both towards the sea and towards the protected natural park. In addition, it includes 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and the kitchenette.

casa subterránea por dentro
Modern Underground Houses, Pembrokeshire, Wales

The underground house includes cultivated gardens and tries to get away from unhealthy climates, air polluted by waste, invasions of privacy and noise assaults.

Underground house in the Alps, Switzerland

Designed by SeARCH and CMA architects Bjarne Mastenbroek and Christian Müller, the house is a perfect example of modern organic architecture, managing to fully blend in with its surrounding natural and built environment.

Villa Vals is a semi-underground house that is located on one of the mountain slopes of the Swiss Alps. Despite its architectural complexity, it was designed to fully respect the beautiful landscape, made up of native vegetation and its traditional barns.

Underground house in the Alps, Switzerland
Underground house in the Alps, Switzerland

In a natural environment protected for centuries, the modern architectural design was quickly approved by the local authorities, as it respected the landscape of the site, while enhancing it, despite its somewhat disruptive modern expression.

The introduction of a central courtyard on the sloping slope creates a totally different façade, but maintaining existing codes, such as the stone walls and the proportions of the carpentry, with dark colored frames.

Villa Vals, semi-underground house in Sweden
Photos: Iwan Stoecklin.

The location of the access through an old barn and a tunnel convinced them that this concept, although slightly absurd, could obtain the building permit.

aerial view of an underground house in the alps
House with underground rooms .

But the main success of its architectural integration lies in taking advantage of the inclination of the existing terrain, to enter into it, a kind of reinforced concrete tunnel, leaving an open central patio.

The patio has the double function of allowing outdoor activities, in front of the “villa” and, in turn, providing excellent views to and from the surrounding environment.

The house is an example of transition and integration between the traditional architecture of the barns and modern design. The arrangement of the windows on the façade, with a certain “organized” chaos, end up resembling the traditional houses that surround the country landscape.

Modern Semi-Underground House in the United Kingdom

Architects play more and more with geometric shapes, to create rooms and mansions adapted to the place where they intend to live, and underground houses are a clear example.

The following is a semi-underground modern house, located in Lyndon, UK. It is a HOUSE DESIGN that includes 4 BEDROOMS, where each one of them has the possibility of views to the sea.

Semi - Underground Modern House in UK

With such a specific requirement, the architects had to “sink the building into the landscape”, take advantage of the sloping topography, and use different levels, to achieve rooms that open onto a room that articulates them.

You can notice the spectacular aluminum sliding doors from floor to ceiling, despite the size and distance between supports of the structure itself.

Semi - Underground House in UK

The result is a modern semi-underground, spacious and sustainable house, protected from the incidence of the sun, and with beautiful views of the sea.

Unique and Elegant Underground House

If we take a tour of the entire planet  we find fascinating underground houses, which can remind us, in a way, of that primitive stage.

In this case it is Landaburu Borda, a modern house with a vacation rental function, located in a natural environment in Navarra, Spain.

Unique and Elegant Underground House

The construction is the result of the restoration and expansion of a small existing farmhouse, which offers beautiful views of the landscape and spaces designed for family enjoyment and relaxation.

Landaburu Borda, a modern house with a vacation rental function
Landaburu Borda, a modern house with a vacation rental function

The most striking thing is the new glass walkway, which gives access to the underground extension, and joins the living room, kitchen, dining room and a covered terrace.

remodeling and expansion of an underground house in Navarra

The large covered terrace built in concrete and exposed wooden floor, has a barbecue and access to the garden, with beautiful views to the outside.

Unique and Elegant Underground House in Navarra Spain

Other Images of Underground Houses

Curious Isolated House under Stone Mountains

Images of Underground Houses
Curious House under Stone Mountains

Semi-Underground Old Houses

Semi-Underground Old Houses

Advantages of Underground Houses

More efficient, sustainable and insulating structures are created that integrate perfectly with the exterior. This new generation of underground houses is characterized by a futuristic design and innovative facades.

Another great advantage of underground houses is the thermal insulation it provides. Thanks to their location underground, underground houses maintain a constant temperature inside, which saves energy by not having to use heating and air conditioning systems.

These houses are also naturally noise insulated, allowing their occupants to enjoy their privacy to the fullest.

Where are Underground Homes located?

Another of the places where we can find this type of underground housing is in the region of Cappadocia, Turkey.

Underground Dwellings, Cappadocia Region, Türkiye
Underground dwellings, in the region of Cappadocia, Turkey .
Cappadocia, Turkey .
Cappadocia, Turkey .

In this region, the topography of vertical stone promontories is used to excavate them and thus take advantage of the strategic advantages of an elevated position.

Underground houses in the United States

Desert House, California

Located in the California desert, this spectacular house blends in with its completely rocky and arid environment. Architect Ken Kellogg designed this unique building that respects its surroundings and features a roof similar to an animal fossil.

Underground houses in the United States

The building was built in 1987 using steel and glass as the main materials.

Underground Cabins in Switzerland

The architecture studio founded by Peter Vetsch built around a dozen houses in his native Switzerland. The houses, with curved shapes and winding paths over the water, are reminiscent of the hobbit houses in the “Lord of the Rings” series.

Underground Cabins in Switzerland
Underground Cabins in Switzerland

The community has spacious cabins that include single-family HOMES, three of which are THREE BEDROOMS, one with four bedrooms, three with six bedrooms and one with seven bedrooms. It also has lakes, underground garages and many landscaped spaces.


Underground houses offer an ideal solution for those looking for a different and comfortable way of living while protecting the environment.

This TYPE OF HOUSES adapt very well to sloping terrain, diverse geographies, both in rural areas and in cities, which makes them an option for those who want to enjoy the benefits of a different home.

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