H Shaped House Plans

H-Shaped House Plans”? What are the advantages of an “H” shaped house? The H-shaped houses on their plan also have their own characteristics, which make them unique and interesting.

Let’s review the h-shaped HOUSE plan structure.

Origin of H-Shaped Houses

We can start by saying that the origin of the H-shape in the house designs goes back to the vernacular architecture of northern Europe, in the Middle Age. Specifically, it arises during the British Empire, the so-called Hall House.

The “Hall House” or H-shaped houses, refer to the large space (hall) that is located in the center of a house with an “H” floor plan. 

This large room in the house was where the social life of the house was shared, where everyone ate and drank. In other words, it was the center of life in an H-shaped house.

One of the first H-shaped houses was the Montacute House , completed in 1599. It was a modification of the U-shaped floor plan.

An H-shaped house would be two houses shaped like a U, but with one facing away from other. In the english language, they are also called double-ended-hall house, since they are two houses in a “U” joined by a central hall.

H Shaped House
H shaped house

The two wings parallel to each other, but perpendicular to the central hall, improve the functionality of the h-shaped house, since they allow to house intimate areas, such as bedrooms, bathrooms, among other characteristic spaces of medieval life.

At the same time, in medieval times, the possibility of artificial lighting did not yet exist, so architects tried to make houses big and spacious but without losing the possibility of having good natural lighting and ventilation inside the house.

h shaped houses

Advantages of an H-Shaped House

1- They allow a clear separation between the public and private areas of the house.

2- They allow good natural lighting and ventilation to be maintained inside the house, even if it is large and spacious.

3- It allows the creation of two central patio areas in the house, on each side of the central hall of the house in H.

4- Each of these “interior” patios can have its own characteristics, depending on the length of the wings of the house. Likewise, the patio house will have different sunlight (one sunnier than the other) and different types of ventilation (windward and leeward).

5- The previous characteristic determines that an h-shaped house is better adapted to any variation in climate, whether in cold or hot climates.

6- The circulation, through the central hall, connects the two wings, and allows two different views from the house, that is, towards the front and towards the back.

Next, we share  h-shaped house plans, with their own characteristics, very different from the traditional rectangular or square formats. Let’s see…

H Shaped House Plans

One Story H Shaped House Floor Plans with Garage

One Story H Shaped House Floor Plans with Garage

H-Shaped One-Story House Plan with 3 Bedrooms and Terraces

H-Shaped One-Story House Plan with 3 Bedrooms and Terraces
H-Shaped one-story house plan with 3 bedrooms and terraces.

Plan of House in H of a Single Story with 4 Bedrooms and Garage

h shaped bungalow house plans with 3 bedrooms
H-Shaped bungalow house plans with 3 bedrooms
H-shaped house plans with 4 bedrooms
H-Shaped house plans with 4 bedrooms.
h shaped house plans with pool in middle
H-Shaped house plans with american kitchen.

House Plan in H of a Floor with 5 Bedrooms, Garage and Interior Patio

The left of this floor in “H” is completely occupied by the private area, with 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. This allows greater tranquility and privacy.

In the center we have the large hall, where the access portal, a study room, and the social areas, such as the living room, dining room and kitchen, and at the end the terrace have been located. 

H shaped house plan with 5 Bedrooms and Garage

Thus, the heart of the house is reserved for the living room or living room, the dining room and the kitchen with a bar. The central hall (of an H-shaped house) functions as a connection and passage between the different rooms.

On the right side, there is the two-car garage, the suite room, with walk-in closet and private bathroom, as well as a gallery and an interior patio.

This h-shaped HOUSE PLAN DESIGN is 17 meters wide by 20 meters deep.

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