Mediterranean Houses Style 

Mediterranean houses style  are a fundamental part of colonial and modern architecture. 

To understand the design characteristics of mediterranean houses style, it is necessary to know their causes, or more specifically, the geographical region where they arise and the CLIMATE OF THE MEDITERRANEAN SEA COUNTRIES.

The style of mediterranean houses is very well defined through the use of natural elements and materials, abundant use of white in facades and interior walls, as well as in furniture and decoration. 

These are HOUSE IDEAS with an authentic design, which inspire peace and harmony.

Simple Mediterranean houses
Two-story Mediterranean house model.

Origin of the Mediterranean House Style

The Mediterranean Sea region is made up of the countries whose coasts are bathed by the Mediterranean Sea, all of them with the common characteristic of having a temperate climate. 

Among these countries (there are 22 in total) are Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Morocco, Turkey, Malta, Algeria, Lebanon, Cyprus, among others.

Mediterranean architecture is the result of adapting to a specific climate (temperate climate), with hot, dry summers and cold, rainy winters. One of the objectives of the architecture of Mediterranean houses is to absorb air currents to keep the interiors cool.

For centuries, all these countries, belonging to a total of 3 continents (Europe, Africa and Asia), have been shaping and defining what is known as MEDITERRANEAN ARCHITECTURE , with different types and styles of homes with bioclimatic characteristics.

Characteristics of Mediterranean Houses Style

Currently in many regions of the world, there is a great Mediterranean influence in different aspects of life, and Mediterranean houses are no exception.

Large Mediterranean houses STYLE
Mediterranean house design with sloping roofs

Examples of Mediterranean constructions can be found in Europe, the United States, Latin America, Asia or Africa.

In contemporary architecture, Mediterranean-style houses serve as inspiration for many projects, mainly beach houses or rest villas, due to the excellent bioclimatic characteristics they usually have.

Beautiful Mediterranean Houses Style 
Facade of Villa Cortijo, modern mediterranean house
in Marbella

This style has become very popular in several countries, in areas where resorts and luxury villas are built, generally by the sea, with the aim of vacationing or taking rest periods.

Something that makes it so special is being able to enjoy that feeling of relaxed coastal life, with fresh and naturally well-lit environments, vegetation and water bodies, where the temperate climate plays an essential role.

The main countries  that have exerted influence with their architecture and models of Mediterranean houses are Spain, Italy, Greece and Morocco.

How are the Mediterranean Houses

The main characteristics of Mediterranean houses are listed below.

1. Simple and Symmetrical Facades

It is a notable feature, the design of simple and symmetrical facades, heritage of ancient architecture.

Other elements that can be found are semicircular arches, woodwork and eaves on sloping roofs.

Mediterranean Houses Style with pool
Facades of Mediterranean houses

2. Simple Volumes

This style is here to stay. We can find examples of modern homes with a Mediterranean accent.

In the following photos, we see a simple and modern house, which takes up some elements, such as the white finishes, the large terrace areas that filter the sunlight, the presence of water.

All these characteristics contribute to achieve a better adaptation to the Mediterranean climate, summer with high temperatures and low relative humidity.

white Mediterranean Houses Style 
Modern mediterranean house design.
Modern mediterranean house design.
Modern mediterranean house design with pool.

3. Fluidity between Spaces, Interior – Exterior

In order to achieve better ventilation and interior lighting, the spaces tend to be fluid, with wide openings and continuous surfaces.

madrigal house in valencia, mediterranean style
Exterior design, Casa Madrigal , in Valencia, Spain .
One story modern mediterranean house design with pool.
One story modern mediterranean house design with pool.
Modern mediterranean interior design.
Modern mediterranean interior design.

4. Walls of Mediterranean Houses

This is one of the most notable features. The walls of the Mediterranean-style houses are usually made of BRICKS covered with stucco that are later painted in a light color. Likewise, natural stone and concrete have been used a lot to build walls and partitions.

Mediterranean Houses Style 
INTERIOR OF Mediterranean Houses Style 

The use of white, in contrast to natural materials, is typical of this style of housing.

Although the color of the walls may vary, it is very common to find Mediterranean buildings painted entirely in white , on the facades and inside, or with light colors, in sand or beige tones.

In Mediterranean houses, cladding with stones and poorly treated wood can also predominate , contrasting with the white color and giving the natural and rustic appearance.

Colonial Mediterranean houses

Sometimes very colorful walls, in ocher tones, or with white walls and sky blue carpentry , tend to give a more colonial expression.

The blue color in windows, doors, bars and jambs, refer to the crystalline water of the sea and the blue sky.

5. Roofs

The roofs of Mediterranean houses are usually sloped roofs, with one water, two waters, four waters or even more skirts to give the roofs slope.

small mediterranean house exterior
Small mediterranean house exterior design.

The exterior termination of the roofs is generally with Creole-type clay tiles, or with French tiles, flat tiles and Arab tiles, fundamentally.

Mixed tiles
Flat tiles
French tiles
Corrugated roof tiles

In modern Mediterranean houses , where the fundamental material is concrete, the roofs are usually flat and built with reinforced concrete.

6. Materials and Textures

The architecture of Mediterranean houses uses a great variety of natural materials.

The main materials of Mediterranean houses are listed below.

  • Bricks, in the construction of walls.
  • Tiles, mosaics and handmade tiles , floors, walls, terraces.
  • Clay pavers, on porches and terraces.
  • Rustic wood, especially in roof beams.
  • Concrete , on walls and walls, ballot boxes and fountains.
  • Smoothed cement and rustic stucco , main wall finishes.
  • Water , in ponds, pools and fountains.
  • Verdigris (copper, brass or bronze patina), in decoration.

interior of Mediterranean Houses Style 

7. Water

Water is an essential element in the design of gardens and INTERIOR COURTYARDS, so it is natural that swimming pools are often incorporated into Mediterranean landscapes. 

modern Mediterranean Houses Style 
Poolside gazebo

The design of the swimming pools of Mediterranean houses is generally simple, with a simple geometry. They are often rectangular or circular.

You will not find here, water parks with slides or huge artificially placed rocks.

exterior design of Mediterranean House  style
architectural design of a mediterranean house

8. Porches and Terraces

The porch and the terrace have a double function: to protect and to give access to the house. It is common to find pergolas with wooden structures and natural fabrics to filter the solar incidence.

Small modern mediterranean house design.
Small modern mediterranean house design.
spanish mediterranean home design with terrace

9. Patio

The interior patio has multiple functions in the house. As a meeting place outside, to illuminate and ventilate, contact with nature, among others.

In these images you can see that the use of natural materials is a constant, both in furniture and decoration.

10. Shaded or Protected Areas 

Portals and terraces with pergolas and covered with climbing plants and vines are often found.

It is a way of filtering the light in hot summers, when temperatures can exceed 30 degrees Celsius. The design of these homes seeks to enjoy the outdoor spaces, but protected from the sun. 

one-story mediterranean houses
Photos: Athina Souli
Photos: Athina Souli
Photos: Athina Souli

11. Straight and Curved Lines

The curvilinear effect is also present on the walls of some projects, referring to an improvised style, coming from the artisan method on which this type of construction was based in the past.

Spanish mediterranean house extrior
Spanish mediterranean house exterior.
Contemporary mediterranean house style with pool
Contemporary mediterranean house.

12. Landscaping

Landscaping with native and drought tolerant plants. The vegetation found in Mediterranean houses can be very varied.

Depending on the site, you will find plants with great foliage and hedges that move with the breeze, ornamental grasses or lavenders, olive or citrus trees, buried or in pots, palm trees, cypresses, among others.

Mediterranean mansion
Mediterranean mansion.

13. Details such as Urns, Fountains or Arches

These are typical elements of the design and decoration of gardens and outdoor areas.

Mediterranean mansion

14. Lighting in Mediterranean Houses

In this type of construction, the architecture is characterized by ample lighting and a clean appearance, in addition to always considering the interaction and harmony with the surrounding nature. 

Natural light in the interiors brings warmth, brightness and freshness to Mediterranean homes.

Lighting in mediterranean style interior design
Photos: Athina Souli
mediterranean style interior design
Photos: Athina Souli

15. Interior Design of Mediterranean Houses

In the interior design , the natural prevails over the artificial, with a color palette that goes through white, beige, ocher tones, the colors of wood, green and blue. You can find furniture and decorative objects, mainly in wood and metal.

Stucco or plastered walls add naturalness. Stone or mosaic floors create warm and welcoming environments. The rounded fireplace and curved lines provide relaxing and very comfortable spaces.

The Mediterranean style is also characterized by high ceilings with exposed natural wood beams, ornate chandeliers and rustic, curved arches.

Continuing, you will find many of the characteristics of a Mediterranean house as you walk through these interesting Mediterranean designs with impressive pools and rustic, traditional or modern facades.

Models of Mediterranean Houses

1 Story Mediterranean Houses

1 Story Mediterranean style homes
1 Story mediterranean style home
1 Story mediterranean style home courtyard
1 Story mediterranean style home courtyard

Two Story Mediterranean Houses

Modern Mediterranean Houses

Modern mediterranean house style
Modern mediterranean house style
Mediterranean courtyard house.
Mediterranean courtyard house.

Small Mediterranean Houses

Mediterranean Houses with Pool

Interiors of Mediterranean Houses

Courtyards of Mediterranean Houses

You can see SINGLE FLOOR 3 BEDROOMS Mediterranean House Plans

Mediterranean floor Plans
mediterranean house plans with measurements

Mediterranean Style Houses

Mediterranean-style houses are usually very elegant and luxurious, with simple and visually pleasing facades, and a very well-worked exterior garden design.

Mediterranean Style Houses

Mediterranean Houses with Terrace

Mediterranean Houses with Terrace

Rustic Mediterranean Houses

simple mediterranean houses

Mediterranean Beach Houses

Mediterranean Modern WHITE HOUSES 

There are different styles of Mediterranean houses. One of them is the modern style, with sober and elegant designs, where straight lines and vertical and horizontal planes predominate.

Large smooth surfaces in white combined with the gray of the cement give it that contemporary expression.

Mediterranean White Houses

Mediterranean Modern Houses

Large Mediterranean Houses

Large two- and three-story villas, with simple facade designs with colors typical of this style, are combined with the landscape design and the characteristic vegetation of the site.

Mediterranean Stone Houses

This is a Mediterranean villa that is articulated between a patio and the pool. The stone facades and their openings embedded in concrete create significant thicknesses, achieving greater integration with the surrounding natural environment.

small Mediterranean Stone Houses

Here you will find more TWO STORY SPANISH STYLE HOUSES.

The following example shows various typical features of Mediterranean homes.

Among them we can mention the stone walls, the presence of the porch or terrace, covered with a rustic wooden structure to filter the sunlight, the contrast between the white color and the textures of natural materials, the vegetation and the water mirrors. .

modern Mediterranean Stone Houses

The following is a simple example, with a minimalist facade design with a Mediterranean accent. The natural stone walls are appreciated and finished in white. The garden design contributes to emphasize the accesses.

Mediterranean Stone Houses

Economic Mediterranean Houses

These more austere and economic homes show that it is a style that adapts to different formats. We can see the stone walls and smooth finishes, mosaic and stone floors, wooden pergolas creating terraces, and doors and windows in ocher tones.

Economic Mediterranean Houses
Mediterranean courtyard house.
Mediterranean courtyard house.

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