2 Story Spanish Style Homes

2-story Spanish style homes are a popular choice for those who want a spacious, elegant home with distinctive architecture.

Let’s look at these interesting examples…

2 Story Spanish Style Home in Menorca

The Codo a Codo Arquitectura studio designed a house in Menorca, Spain, which is characterized by its minimalist Mediterranean-style design and its integration with the natural environment.

The house stands on a plot of land surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation and a swimming pool.

Impressive villa on the island of Menora, Spain, featuring straight lines, white surfaces and large windows that illuminate all interior spaces.

2 Story Spanish Style Home
2-story Mediterranean house, designed by the Codo a Codo Arquitectura studio, and built by Aides Marai.

The house is built on two floors and has a total area of ​​210 square meters.

The design of the house is based on a structure of columns, which also support the roof of the terrace that surrounds part of the house.

The garden has been designed with native plants and fruit trees, giving it a natural and Mediterranean look.

Outside, the house has a swimming pool that integrates with the natural landscape through its mirror of water, in blue.
It also has a covered terrace with space for a dining table with six chairs, outdoors.
2 Story Spanish Style Homes
White surfaces and large windows let in natural light and offer panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.

Harmonious spaces, where the use of white, bright colors and the use of materials unify the different environments of the home. 

There are five plastic Toy chairs and one handmade wooden chair that surround the terrace table.

The Toy chairs are the brainchild of the famous French designer Philippe Starck. These chairs were designed in 1999 for the Italian company Kartell and have become an icon of contemporary design.

Materials such as white plastic, natural wood, ceramics or natural fibers refer to nature and Mediterranean life.
2 Story Spanish Style Home
The house has a spacious integrated living room and dining room, where a decoration factor consists of the entrance of a lot of Mediterranean natural light and wide visuals to the outside.

Inside the house, a palette of many colors has been used, with natural and industrial materials, such as wood, textured gray ceramic tiles, plastic chairs, among others, to create a modern, cheerful and elegant environment.

2 Story Spanish Style Home
A designer piece, the wooden chair, adds a sculptural element to the space. Coffee tables with organic shapes, Maison du Monde rug.
2 Story Mediterranean Style Homes
The interior decoration includes various objects with organic shapes: chairs and tables, which constantly allude to nature.
Plastic Chair DSW made of polypropylene, a strong and durable plastic material.

The shape of the chairs is simple and elegant, with clean lines and smooth curves that comfortably fit the human body. The table, also with curved shapes and white color, with a natural wood support, is designed to measure and adapts perfectly to the space.

Regarding the attention to detail, it can be seen that each element of the house has been carefully designed and selected to create a contemporary and elegant environment.

2 Story Mediterranean Style Homes
Cheerful decoration with visual order and fluid spaces .
2 Story Mediterranean Style Homes
Mixture of industrial and craft objects .

The combination of industrial objects and artisan forms of contemporary design, white color and natural wood, and a varied color palette, create environments with as much beauty as contrast. 

The kitchen is small, with two work fronts in parallel, and has direct access to the terrace. Gray ceramic and low and high shelves, with polished surfaces.

two story spanish style home

The bedroom has access to a terrace. The decorative aesthetic is maintained, with natural wood, white and bright blue. The rug combines with the back of the bed, in Teak wood.

An excellent 2-story spanish house to move in and live on the island of Menorca.

Handmade decorative objects that provide visual warmth.
Bathroom with simple lines, with white furniture in white marble.
Second bedroom, in white and red colors.
A box window, well decorated, visual to the outside and natural light input.

Photos: Side by Side Architecture Studio

2-Story Spanish Style Home in Arizona

This Mediterranean-style single-family private residence, designed by  OZ Architects , is located in Paradise Valley, Arizona, USA.

2 Story Mediterranean Style Homes
Two story spanish style home.

This 2-story Mediterranean house is an example of how architecture can integrate with the natural environment and adapt to the needs and tastes of its owners.

This home is located on thoughtfully landscaped property with views of Camelback Mountain, one of the major mountains in the valley.

2 Story Mediterranean Style Homes
The design of the residence is inspired by Mediterranean architecture, with tiled roofs, white walls and stone details.

The design goal was to create a home that felt like an oasis in the desert, while being functional and comfortable for its owners.

The house features a series of outdoor patios and terraces, which blend seamlessly with the natural landscape and offer panoramic views of the surrounding mountains.

The use of large windows and sliding doors also allows light and fresh air into the house, creating a light and airy environment.

two story spanish style home entrance
A patio open to the sky, but well defined, invites you to enter this residence.

The patio was designed to have family gatherings, with privacy, but enjoying the outdoor environment of Paradise Valley.

2-story Spanish style home patio
Lavishly appointed living spaces feature comfortable furnishings and exquisite details throughout.

Material elements of wood and stone are predominantly used in the design of this home, offering a rustic quality…

Inside the house, a warm color palette and natural materials, such as wood and stone, have been used to create a cozy and elegant atmosphere.

2-story Spanish style home
The house has a spacious living room, with high ceilings and a central fireplace.
two story spanish style home kitchen
The kitchen is spacious and has a large breakfast table, and a central island that serves as a work space .

The use of large windows and sliding doors, made of steel and glass, allows the entry of light and fresh air into the house, creating bright and airy environments inside.

Steel and glass French doors lead to a cozy outdoor seating area .

In the kitchen, rustic wooden beams create a warm and inviting atmosphere, while concrete floors and stainless steel cabinets add a touch of modern elegance.

The dining room has an intimate feeling, thanks to the warm lighting and the wood and stone details that are repeated throughout the house.
two story spanish style house living

The use of white furniture allows other elements of the architecture and decoration of the house, such as wooden objects, rugs and lighting fixtures, to stand out and add personality and style to the space.

A combination of rustic and modern elements that integrate perfectly with the Mediterranean style of the house.

As is common to find in MEDITERRANEAN HOUSES, the high ceilings, wooden beams and stone details create a rustic and cozy atmosphere, while the combination of natural and artificial materials such as stainless steel and glass provide a modern and elegant touch. .

Water fountains are a common feature in the design of Mediterranean gardens and patios.
two story spanish style home backyard with pool
Two story spanish style home backyard with pool.

Outside, it has a fountain-style pool, with native plants. A Mediterranean house, which includes the CHARACTERISTICS OF THE HOUSES WITH PATIO , with vegetation, rest areas and outdoor dining.

two story spanish style house
Pergolas provide shade and protection, while integrating with the natural landscape and architecture of the residence.

This 2-story Mediterranean-style home in Arizona also features a three-car garage and a separate guest house.

2 Story Mediterranean Style Homes
2 story Mediterranean style house, in Paradise Valley, Arizona .

Design:  OZ Architects  Landscape Architecture :  Arcadia Studio.

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