Minimalist Homes – Characteristics

Minimalist homes, together with minimalist architecture, emerge as a philosophy that seeks to achieve the maximum effect with a minimum number of elements.

This approach is applied in different fields, such as architecture, interior design, industrial design and art.

minimalist style house with interior design
Modern minimalist houses with one and two floors with a landscaped roof.

Minimalist Houses: Simplicity of Forms and Functions

The minimalism of forms and functions is characterized by a sober design, with well-defined lines, which create wide and fluid spaces.

In minimalist-style houses, priority is given to large windows, with ample use of natural lighting.

minimalist houses
The minimalist spaces are protagonists .

The main characteristics of minimalist architecture and interior design are based on the concept of doing more with fewer elements, simple shapes and materials used in the simplest, yet elegant way, with little variety of textures and colors.

Through the use of neutral and monochromatic colors, minimalist houses manage to create a feeling of peace, tranquility and serenity.

Background of Minimalist Home Design

The minimalist houses  and their architecture arose under the famous phrase, “Less Is More” from one of the most influential architects of the 20th century.

Minimalism is considered a corrected and extreme version of RATIONALIST ARCHITECTURE , and of abstraction, in the way the arts responded to the Second Industrial Revolution, at the end of the 19th century.

House of the Green Palm.  Simplicity in volumetry
House of the Green Palm. Simplicity in volumetry .

The motto “Less is More” united minimalist designers, beginning in the 1980s. Thus, it was intended to strip the houses of superfluous decorations, which did not provide a truly useful element inside a house.

It is the simplicity, both of the forms and of the spaces, the key element in the design of minimalist houses.

How are the Minimalist Homes

The minimalist style seeks beauty from an elegant and balanced design , with few decorative elements.

The design of the spaces and the use of natural and artificial lighting occupies an essential place in this style.

Small duplex house OF 4X10 METERS.  Use of few colors and use of wood.
Small duplex house WITH 12X32 FEET. Use of few colors and wood.

Not having ornaments makes the construction and architectural elements stand out more the simple forms, their proportions and the colors and textures.

We will see the main characteristics of the design of minimalist houses below, through examples.

Main Characteristics of Minimalist Homes

Houses with Simple Design Facades

Minimalist home designs use basic shapes and materials, with few textures, tones, and colors. Neutral and monochromatic tones are used to create a simple and calming atmosphere.

Minimalist One-Story Houses

Minimalist house with simple volumetric design.
Minimalist one-story houses
with simple volumetric design.

Minimalist Houses with White Facades

Monochromatic colors abound in this architectural style. One of its main characteristics are the WHITE FACADES , with wide planes and continuous surfaces, and a marked tendency towards horizontality.

Design of a minimalist modern house with 2 floors.
Design of a minimalist modern house with 2 floors.

Very Neat Design

A calm environment can be achieved through the use of clean lines, little furniture, and muted tones.

Minimalist house, by the architect JOHN PAWSON IN LONDON.
Minimalist home, by the architect JOHN PAWSON IN LONDON .

To further foster a sense of calm and serenity, details such as a comfortable seating area, plants, and artwork can help create a homey atmosphere.

Natural and Artificial Lighting very careful

The large windows and doors allow the entry of natural light, in combination with the interior lighting design, they become protagonists of the architecture and decoration.

Duplex house OF 6x12 METERS WITH 2 FLOORS.  Interior lighting as the protagonist of the decoration.
Duplex house WITH 20×40 FEET. Interior lighting as the protagonist of the decoration.

When it comes to creating a calm and peaceful environment, light is an essential element. Natural light can be harnessed by strategically placing windows or skylights that let in sunlight.

Use of Visible Materials

The strategic use of materials and textures adds visual interest, while maintaining a sleek, contemporary look.

Minimalist duplex, using concrete and natural wood.
Minimalist duplex home, using concrete and natural wood.

Two of the most used materials in HOUSE DESIGNS are wood and CONCRETE . In the minimalist style, they are usually almost always in sight.

Industrial Standardization

Industrial standardization has become essential in the modern world due to its effectiveness, and the minimalist style often makes the most of it.

THIS LLP bioclimatic house , located in Collserola, Barcelona, ​​Spain, is an example. Inside, industrial wood prevails, with its characteristic textures and finishes, which are combined with furniture in white tones.

The solar protection of the windows, the ventilated wooden façade, the use of a plant cover with a high landscape value, and an architectural design that facilitates cross ventilation, make this house an example of modern and minimalist architecture to imitate.

Structural and Spatial Purism

Structural and spatial purism aims to simplify and reduce the design of a building to its basic components. When applied, this purist approach results in minimal structures characterized by their unadorned framing and reinforced concrete walls.

minimalist style house with interior design
Modern minimalist houses with one and two floors with a landscaped roof.

Structural purism in minimalist-style houses is based on the use of simple geometries and only the necessary elements to allow maximum use of space.

The spaces created by this type of architecture must evoke sensations of calm within their minimalist surroundings, calm environments conducive to the concentration and creativity of those who find themselves in them.

minimalist style house with interior design
SEE THIS minimalist style house with interior design.

Interiors of Minimalist Houses

Austerity and Sober Tones

The austerity and the sober tones can be the perfect base for a minimalist decoration. This type of decoration uses natural materials and simple shapes.

Using muted grays and whites with occasional, carefully selected pops of colour, provides an austere atmosphere that is both elegant and contemplative, worthy of its own unique style.

Furthermore, the selection of furniture must be carefully considered to ensure that it is both stylish and practical. By combining these elements, you can achieve a calm and cozy atmosphere.

House in MAS NOU , 2016-2018.

Economics of Design Elements

Modern life is becoming more practical, so small spaces and little furniture redefine the interior design of our lives.

Minimalism not only serves to give more aesthetics, but also to promote a lifestyle away from excessive consumerism.

Although it may seem that the minimalist aesthetic lacks character, with white walls and spaces that are somewhat empty, this is not necessarily true. Ultimately, minimalism focuses on ensuring that your home is equipped with only the essentials.

Remodeling of a minimalist style house, on THE OUTSKIRTS OF PRAGUE.
Remodeling of a minimalist style house, on PRAGUE.

Space as a Protagonist

Some interior designs of minimalist houses result in true works of art, as if they were an abstract painting. In the following photo, we can see how symmetry marks the interior design in ocher and monochrome tones, with a complete absence of decorative objects.

Rectilinear Geometry

The emphasis on straight lines in the minimalist style is really interesting, giving a feeling of spaciousness and depth, accentuating spatiality.

The designs of STAIRS , forming part of the minimalist aesthetic.

Minimalist pieces typically feature very few, if any, curves or other unconventional shapes.

From the minimalist furniture to its architectural and structural design, straight lines continue to assert themselves as a true staple of contemporary design.

Staircase of a modern minimalist house, in SINGAPORE.

Reduction and Synthesis in the Decoration of Minimalist Houses

High-quality materials used, polished concrete floors, monochromatic colors… All these are characteristics of the synthesis that the style of minimalist houses provides.

The minimalist architecture introduced several elements in the houses, among which the use of cement stands out. In its different finishes or textures, smooth cement is an element with unlimited potential.

PALGREM House , in Sucia (2006 – 2013) with remarkable precision in the finishes .

This minimalist house is an example of subtlety and integration with the environment. The house is located in Drevviken, in Sweden. It is a cubic-shaped house, in white and gray tones, in which the architect Pawson sought integration with the environment from the outset.

Advantages of Minimalist Houses

Closely related to the characteristics of minimalist houses, we have the advantages of living in minimalist style houses :

  • Psychological and emotional well-being  
  • order and cleanliness    
  • Clear and quiet spaces
  • Economy in design 
  • Saving resources (cheaper houses)   
  • Faster construction
  • Few resources for a minimalist interior decoration       


The design of minimalist houses has gone from being a trend to being a fairly widespread fashion in any part of the planet.

Really, we are invaded by a minimalist aesthetic, very different from the baroque soul , which is consumerist and charged with spirit and tradition.

Simple and Beautiful small House Designs
Exterior design of a small minimalist one-story house.

In a general sense, in the minimalist decoration the decorative elements combine with the fabrics of the armchairs and with the rugs. Patterns are not usually used in his compositions, but rather, he uses smooth textiles and visible wooden objects .

Thus, the interior atmospheres are pleasant, calm and contemporary.

If you want to see more HOUSE DESIGNS you can follow the link, and you will find interesting ideas of modern HOUSES.

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