T Shaped House Plan Designs

T-shaped house plan designs with very interesting designs and their plans. 

Although it is not one of the house design shapes that people want to build their home, T-shaped houses also have their charm, providing an interesting organizational flow and the opportunity to differentiate the area of ​​the rooms for different intentions and functionalities.

T-shaped houses

T-Shaped House Design by Mies van Der Rohe

Let’s start by doing a little history, analyzing a T-shaped house, designed by the master architect Mies Van der Rohe , in which architecture is part of a certain link with the natural environment.

The access to the house with a T-shaped floor plan is concentrated in a single entrance, located on the west façade of the house. 

When accessing, you can find a large continuous space, typical of the rationalist and modern of the first half of the 20th century. 

Thus, spatial continuity is present throughout the interior, and is only hindered by the walls and pillars .

T-shaped house plan by mies van der rohe

The exterior walls of the house are made up mostly of glass, producing a visual continuity between the interior of the house and the patios that surround it.

T-shaped house plan by mies van der rohe

The house is made up with 8 columns, being part of the structure with the help of the load-bearing walls. 

At the same time, these walls make it possible to differentiate the areas inside the house, such as the living room and dining room, the kitchen and the private area, made up of the bedrooms and the bathroom.

One Story T Shaped Houses

Another example of T-shaped house design, in this case one story. In this T-shaped country house design, the large social space draws attention, with a dining room and kitchen in the same integrated space. 

Six sets of double French doors open to the rear patio to create a great indoor-outdoor flow with the deck.

t shaped house

Looking at the floor plan, you can see 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, as well as a garage for 2 cars.

The master suite and two other bedrooms are on opposite ends of the great room, for maximum privacy. From the main room, you can go directly to the terrace to enjoy the sunrise or sunset. This T-shaped house plan fits a medium size lot.

T-shaped house plan
T- shaped house plan with garage

The remaining areas of the house are made up of the access porch, a long corridor that connects all the spaces in the house, and the service and laundry area.

Undoubtedly a very interesting T-shaped house plan.

Modern T Shaped House Design

House “T” by Fran Silvestre

Built in Marbella, the project made the slope of the land its main design motif.

With a single supported floor that is buried in the slope, the house, seen from the front, is a large T.

modern T shaped house

On the ground floor, the house contains “technical” areas, such as pump rooms, a heater and a laundry room, as well as a staircase to go down to the pool.

A Minimalist House

T-shaped houses

As you can see in the images, it is a minimalist WHITE HOUSE, like the pavilion inspired by Mies van der Rohe, which closes to the north, and opens completely to the south, with beautiful views of the sea.

Minimalist T-shaped house

At night, thanks to the lighting, the leg of the T looks like a waterfall that falls from the house and plunges directly into the pool.

t shaped house design

All windows are floor to ceiling, with very few walls to delimit the rooms and bathrooms.

t shaped 2 bedroom house interior design

A large opening in the ceiling offers overhead lighting.

T-Shaped House Ground Floor Plan: Technical Areas

T-Shaped House Ground Floor Plan

T Shaped House Plans

Now let’s look at an example of a two-story T-shaped house plan with a room on the ground floor and another bedroom on the upper floor.

Two-Story T-Shaped House Plans

T Shaped House Plans
T shaped 2 bedroom house plans with garage
Two-Story T-Shaped floor plans


 shaped HOUSES could also be said to have advantages, related, for example, to L-SHAPED houses, such as the use of a wing or sections of the house to differentiate private areas from public areas, greater interrelation of the interior space with the exterior, better visuals to the exterior, improvement of natural and cross ventilation, and creation of a patio around the house.

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