U-Shaped House – Plans and Elevations

We will be analyzing all the characteristics of the U-shaped houses, with plans and facades . U- shaped houses wrap around three sides of a central courtyard, creating a sheltered area for entertaining or surrounding a striking landscape feature. This is one of the main qualities of a U-shaped house.

A house with a U shape in plan, can be more spacious, being distributed around a central space, without needing a large extension of land. It also allows differentiating public areas, services and private areas, within the same home.

Modern U Shaped House
Modern U Shaped House

U-shaped houses allow you to combine functionality, formal design and a certain style.

The U-shaped house design is a common feature in European, Spanish and Mediterranean style homes, and it is not by chance. A house with a U-shaped plant allows it to better adapt to an adverse climate, and can even better preserve a certain micro-climate.

For example, in the hottest season, it tends to preserve the freshness and humidity that is generated during the night, since in the morning and afternoon hours, three sides of the building protect the central patio of the house from the incidence solar. 

The same happens in winter, protecting the central patio from the cold breezes, where various activities or functions can be carried out, such as the garden, the pool or a play area.

U-Shaped House Layout

The classic style of a U-shaped house wraps around three sides of a common courtyard on all 3 sides of the house, generally creating a sheltered area. A house with a U-shaped plan facing backwards usually includes a garden or a swimming pool.

A U-shaped house is accessible from various points in the house. You can arrange the plant so that the central patio is towards the back (with privacy), or that it is towards the front, welcoming you. There are examples both ways.

U-shaped house plan with two rooms
U-shaped house plan

On this floor, for example, we see how the patio divides the house into wings for living/social and sleeping, achieving a great differentiation between the private and public areas of the house.

Another quality is that the rooms are usually strategically located and equipped with large windows and glass doors, increasing the possibilities of views to the outside and at the same time easy access to the natural environment.

On the other hand, the main access to the house is strategic and usually occurs through the center, towards a hall with a nearby bathroom, leaving circulation to the right and left (social and private areas) equally available or continuing towards the patio. central.

In general, the emphasis of the U-shape in a house is the flow of circulation, the visuals and the greater exchange between the interior and exterior space.

Characteristics of U-shaped Houses

Let’s take a look at this interesting HOUSE TYPE, its basic features and benefits, and the elements that enhance its design. Let’s go in parts…

  1. Patio of a House in U

The central patio is, in a way, an open-air living room, reminiscent of the houses found in Spanish-Mexican haciendas, as well as the atriums and patios of other styles of houses.

Sometimes the patio features low garden walls for privacy. Patios can also be in front of the house, in a side yard, or even as a driveway.

Traditional U-shaped house

For example, in this image we see, palm trees are part of the attractive courtyard entry of a 4,500-square-foot, one-story Florida-style home. The beautiful residence with 4 meter high ceilings, includes beautiful columns and various designs of glass windows and doors. The exterior lighting design enhances the façade.

  1. Private Outdoor Spaces

A small garden and a landscape feature such as a fountain or gazebo are some of the backyard features of U-shaped houses. Even a modestly sized yard could use these enhancements.

  1. Pool

If the patio is the focal point of a U-shaped house, whether it’s at the front or back of the house, a pool is often the centerpiece of the backyard. And who says a house with a pool, may also want a pool with a terrace.

Today, a pool is a must-have or wish-list item for some prospective homeowners.

U-shaped house with pool and terrace
  1. Carpentry and Much Glass

Large windows or walls of glass, including skylights, allow plenty of natural light into the home and unobstructed views of outer space. These stacked glass walls and windows also provide easy access to the private outdoor space.

You can see the accordion-opening glass doors and large windows on both sides of this impressive modern home. A 7-meter-wide accordion door that opens onto the central patio of this U-shaped house.

With this design of internal facades and glass carpentry, abundant natural light is allowed to filter into all areas and causes a visual relationship of all interior spaces towards the garden.

  1. Galleries

Long corridors connect the main rooms and the different areas of a U-shaped house. Although it is true that corridors are usually areas of little use, in this case it is not.

The corridors become long viewpoints, from where you are in constant contact with nature, in addition to distributing natural light. The main rooms and the living rooms are usually located next to the patio and have direct access to it.

  1. Shallow Houses

Due to its elongated shape (although forming a U), traditionally a U-shaped house extends from the outer wall to the central courtyard, approximately the width or length of a room (4 or 5 meters). This is ideal for natural cross ventilation, from one side of the house to the other and to receive natural light.

Advantages of U-Shaped Houses

One of the advantages without a doubt is the exterior design . It is a great benefit, in the U-shaped house models, mainly because of the patio. It is very nice to see a house with beautiful gardens, full of colorful flowers and the greenery of the bushes.

Another advantage is that a smooth transition from indoor to outdoor life is achieved. This can be achieved through 3 elements of the architectural design, such as roof overhangs, roofed exterior galleries and through large windows, either floor to ceiling and stacked glass walls that open to the patio and outdoor spaces.

Doors and floor-to-ceiling windows provide each room in a U-shaped house with a connection to nature and the surrounding landscape.

Modern u-shaped house, with gabled roofs and attic

In this two-story U-shaped home, you can see how the French doors open onto this courtyard of a beautifully designed Mediterranean-style home. By opening the doors wide, you have a seamless connection between the social environments inside the house and your outdoor patio.

Natural light in the U-shaped houses . The U shape presents a greater opportunity for natural light to filter into the interior spaces throughout the day, both in the morning and in the afternoon. 

In places and other regions with hot climates, windows should be placed on the north elevation of the house (if you live in the Northern Hemisphere) while shading windows are located on the south side.

Outdoor privacy and security. At the rear of the U-shaped house models, the family can enjoy a kind of shelter in the open air without worrying about being disturbed by passers-by or noise coming from the street. 

The partially open, partially closed patio serves as protection for the exterior space of the house and as a refuge from the sun’s rays and breezes.

Outdoor shelter. It can be said that the central courtyard of a U-shaped house is the main design motif of the house. You can have a terrace, a patio, a fountain, a rock garden, a pergola, a pool, a play area and perhaps there are other design options that would be interesting for the patio space.

two-story house in the form of a Tuscan-Mediterranean style

This courtyard of a 2-story Tuscan-Mediterranean-style house has private corners for reading, relaxing or meditating. 

Like a modern castle and outdoor retreat, the U-shaped house has five bedrooms, five bathrooms and two powder rooms. From a distance, you can see the stone veneers, both on the facade and in the interior.

Some Disadvantages

Due to their formal design, with patio, pool, and other patio features, U-shaped HOMES models involve more land area than rectangular homes.

Their overall plan size can be a disadvantage, even for large lots, as spacing requirements dictated by local municipal regulations may prevent a U-shaped house plan from being feasible. The urban regulations of your locality should be consulted.

The cost to build a U-shaped house can be 10% higher than a compact rectangular floor plan.

U House Designs

One Story U Shaped Houses

This U-shaped house design, located in Mulholland Corridor, California, is a good example of remodeling and taking advantage of the possibilities and advantages offered by a U-shaped plan.

In the central courtyard, only a garden area has been located, with a very simple design, which allows one to contemplate the focal point (the pool) in the distance, as well as the landscape that finishes off the exterior views.

Modern U-Shaped House Mediterranean Style with Pool

Modern U-Shaped House Mediterranean Style, With Pool

As the author explains, “The main house was reworked into an inclusive U-plan, with a central patio that provides privacy and panoramic views from all areas of the house .”

One Story U Shaped Houses

With a pool and spa in the backyard, the finishing touch to the rear of the modern home is achieved.

Two-Story U-Shaped Houses

The focal point of the patio of a colonial-style house, in this case, is a fabulous swimming pool. From the great room and other living areas of the house you can appreciate the large artificial reflecting pool. Likewise, the large balcony on the second level serves as a viewpoint.

The two-story, U-shaped house has five bedrooms, five bathrooms, a family room, an office, a foyer, a living room, an eat-in kitchen, and a pantry.

Modern U Shaped House

One Story U-Shaped Layout With Pool

A U-shaped house enveloping the outdoor entertainment area: the pool. The pool in this house can be seen from almost every room in the house. Inspired by a resort-style villa, this tropical retreat is the perfect entertaining area.

One-story U-shaped house with pool

With crystal clear waters and lounging areas to relax, this pool has something for everyone. With the design of the covered portal , an intermediate space between the interior and the exterior, the ideal place to rest and feel the breezes of this one-story family home is created.

U-shaped house with pool

The white tile of the pool beach area complements the home’s exterior, while the interior green/blue veneer was custom blended to match the color of the sky. The interior of the pool integrates perfectly with the exterior and the landscape.

U-shaped house with pool

Lots of glass accompany the internal facades of this modern U-shaped house.

U-shaped house with pool

Modern Two Story U-Shaped Houses

Houses Built in a U Shape

A minimalist house in the style of a manor villa, it constitutes a private oasis, separated from the bustle of the city. The architects took a minimalist approach, leaving “only what is important: stunning views from every room”.

Houses Built in a U Shape

This one-story U-shaped residence has an area of ​​725 square meters. Through large floor-to-ceiling windows and glass doors, it remains in close contact with its natural environment.

Houses Built in a U Shape
Houses Built in a U Shape

The monochromatic colors of THIS interesting example of WHITE HOUSE, allow a better appreciation of the landscape, full of refreshing green and sky blue.

Models of U-Shaped Houses

U-Shaped House Designs

The reason for the design of this U-shaped house model is very particular. The clients wanted to preserve part of the existing vegetation on the site, so that the design and construction of the new house would integrate as much as possible with the natural environment that existed.

This is how the designer proposed opting for a U-shaped house model, to maintain a leafy tree in the central part that is currently an active part of the life of the house.

Models of Houses in U
U-shaped house facade

The house with a very modern design, is structured on two floors, and is made up of materials such as wood and smooth cement. By using wood, with its natural colors and textures, a link with the natural environment is already achieved.

Model of House in U and Interior Patio

u shaped house

Typical of a COURTYARD HOUSE, there are many carpentry openings on the walls that face the central outdoor space, allowing visual exchange between the interior and exterior.

central courtyard of a u-shaped house
Inner courtyard of a U-shaped house

Towards the interior of the house, they have opted for very straight and simple lines, wide and fluid spaces, eliminating unnecessary decoration, giving it a very contemporary design.

U Shaped Country Houses

U Shaped Country Houses

This EXAMPLE in the shape of a U, is a house WITH 3 BEDROOMS AND 2 BATHROOMS . It has a garage for 2 car spaces, and a central patio where a water fountain is located.

U-Shaped House Plan with 3 Bedrooms and 2 Bathrooms

Ranch Style House Plan - 3 Beds 2 Baths 1874 Sq/Ft Plan #1-397
Ranch Floor Plan - Main Floor Plan #1-397

U Shaped House Plans

Houses in U with 2 Bedrooms

House Plans in U

u shaped house

Houses in U Plans

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u shaped house

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u shaped house plans

u shaped house plans

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