White Houses: Architecture with Facades

Examples of architecture of one and two-story white houses. Elevation views, images and architecture of white villas are shown.

little white houses architecture with facades

White Houses Exterior Design

Contemporary architecture of homes with white exterior walls. As a general characteristic, you can see that glass, direct and indirect artificial lighting, swimming pools and terraces, and exterior design with gardens are often combined.

Little White House with Black Trim

Little White Houses with black windows and black trim
Modern white house exterior .
White houses with sloped roofs
Modern white house with sloping roofs .
Two Story Modern White Houses
Residence with white concrete and brick walls.
contemporary white house designs
Modern duplex with white walls and black windows.

Duplex with large overhangs, sloping ceilings and white walls . Another distinctive element is the use of cantilevered volumes, flaunting reinforced concrete structures that defy gravity.

White Facades of a Minimalist House

IASF House

Minimalist house with white walls, located in a sloping area of ​​land, with a total usable area of ​​180 m2. 

Belonging to the residential neighborhood of Mogi das Cruzes, São Paulo, the duplex house was designed and built in 2014, by the authors Frederico Zanelato, Regina Sesoko, Regina Santos, Flavio Coutinho and Renato Romano.

Little White House with Black Windows

Minimalist white façade with black joinery frames.

One of the main characteristics of the project is its geographical and topographical situation, since it was built on land with an approximate inclination of 60 degrees, allowing it to obtain interesting views from its main façade and from the roof terrace.

View of the main facade.
Night view.

The main volume of the building is a cube, where perforations with different sizes appear interchangeably.

The white color predominates in the façade design (white paint on a concrete structure) and black aluminum frames with glass panels.

Main floor. Land for future expansion.
View of the access to the terrace.

Within the general concept of the design of the house, it was prioritized to give the possibility of possible future extensions, so that some spaces of the land and interior give the sensation of being unfinished.

Bedroom (semi-underground) and main (above ground) floors.

On the main floor of the house with white walls, the common areas are integrated into open spaces, proposing the distribution in a practical and functional way.

For example, the kitchen located at the back, has an island, and on the other hand, access to a small laundry and toilet service space, totally private. Another (half) bathroom serves the living room and dining room.

Entrance to the house and garage.
white two story house with black trim
Stairs from the garage floor.

On the bedroom floor (level below ground), we have 3 intimate spaces, each with its own full bathroom.

Terrace plan and longitudinal section . Photos: Bebete Viégas.

One Story White Houses

One Story White Houses
Outside view.
Interior design.

Several examples of architecture and facades of one-story white houses. Ideas of a small plant… The white color of the HPL panels is combined with the plywood of the interior. 

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Facades of Modern White Houses

Modern White Houses by Outside of One and Two Story

One Story Modern White Houses
House with contemporary design, which combines white concrete with wood and glass.
modern white one story houses
Simple house with white walls and a black gabled roof .
Modern White Houses Outside
Facade of a minimalist house, painted entirely in white.

Minimalist duplex, with large concrete surfaces. Below ground level, the two-car garage is located. A very INTERESTING HOUSE DESIGN.

White Facades

White Modern Facades

Facades of White Houses
Facades of White Houses

Little White Houses with Modern Facades, White Windows

Facades of White Houses

Facades of White Houses

The following model of white house has access with a system of intelligent doors that open automatically or by command. We can also see that the land leaves free space in front to park a car.

The level of the finished floor of the house is elevated with respect to the ground, therefore, we have a solid STAIRS that bridges the unevenness. The 16×50 FEET house has an approximate construction cost close to 35 thousand dollars.

2 story white house model
5x15m white house
Two story white house with balcony.

White Villas

Views of luxurious villas with concrete, aluminum and glass facades. Access is framed by placing or planting shrubs.

white stucco house with black windows
View of the front facade.

On the back side, games of light and shadow, and mirrors of water, stand out together with the pure volumes that cantilever out, accentuating the horizontal proportions.

white villa facades
View of the rear façade.

U- Shaped Single Story White Villas

house with white windows and black trim
U-shaped white houses.
white houses with pool
White villa with pool.
white villa in u
U-shaped white villa model.

Different examples of interior and exterior architecture and designs of white U-SHAPED house. Models of white villas in the shape of a “U” with a pool and interior patio. Follow the blue link.

White Houses with Black Trim

Black and White Houses

A little white house WITH 12 FEET WIDE and a design in monochromatic colors. The balcony protect the access and the crystals reflect the context and the vegetation that surrounds it.

 White House Facade with Black windows
White houses facade with black windows.
white painted brick house with black trim
Modern house with white, gray and black walls.

White Concrete House with Black Trim

houses painted white with black trim
White houses with black exterior.
White Houses with Black Exterior
White painted house facade with black windows.

Another model with monochrome colors. In this example, the game of pure and perforated volumes stands out. 

On the second floor, the balconies are blown out in different directions. This creates interesting plays of light and shadow, both on the ground floor and on the upper level.

White Houses with Sloping Roofs

Sloping gabled roofs. However, the use of glass aluminum windows and doors contribute to achieving a modern appearance. This is expressed even more during the sunset.

White Stucco House with Black Trim

white farmhouse with black trim
White Stucco House with Black Trim
White Houses with Sloping Roofs

White Brick House with Black Trim

To make white BRICKS, a mixture of lime, quartz sand and water is needed. You can learn about the rest of the process by following the previous blue link. 

The following example is about a modern duplex built with white bricks, yes, they are naturally white bricks or rather light gray. A white facade design with few holes, just one window and the access portal and garage.

White Brick House with Black Trim
Modern white brick house
White Brick House with Black Trim
Single story white house with black trim.
American style, with three gabled roofs that are articulated in different sizes and directions.

Big White Houses Design

The following examples are large houses with more than 200 m2 of land area. We also have wide overhangs that define the formal expression of the main façade.

houses painted white with black trim
modern white stucco house black trim
modern white brick home with black trim
Contrasts of light and shadow through the use of pergolas or semi-covered roofs.
house with white windows and black trim
The main access area to the house is produced through a pergola that emphasizes the entrance.

Two Story White Houses Design

Several examples of Two-Story White Houses…

The following two-story house in white, was built with about 260 square meters of useful area, distributed over its two floors.

With almost 4 meters wide (exactly 3.8 meters) and 40 meters long, it is characterized by its interior and exterior walls in white, thus trying to reflect the greatest amount of natural light, especially in its different rooms.

two-story white houses
View of the inner courtyard.
Inside the social area.
white painted house with black trim
Two-story white house.
White house with 2 floors red roof
White house model 2 levels.


3 Story White Houses

Facades of 3-Story White Houses

Facades of Modern 3-Story White Houses
Facades of white houses with 3 small floors

3-story house with white walls and a patio with a pool. It shows a facade with a system of tall and wide glass doors. 

This allows the entry of natural light to a greater extent and, at the same time, a greater visual exchange between the interior and the exterior. The interior is shown with a loft style and double-height space in the room.

Pictures of White Houses

Casablancas are closely linked to the modern style, although they have the drawback that they require a higher maintenance budget. 

They can be painted with washable paint or else they will need to be painted more often.

Photos of Small White House with Black Trim

Images of little White Houses
House model with rationalist design: pure volumes with glass openings
Photos of Small White House with Black Trim
Interesting example of a white house with a black roof and different heights .

Photos of Houses with White Facades

Photos of Houses with White Facades
Photos of Houses with White Facades

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Modern White Houses with Gray

Simple minimalist facade. A large volume that seems to float on the steel and glass openings.

modern white Houses with Gray
White Houses with Gray
Images of single story White Houses
White and gray houses with traditional design and hipped roofs. A nice contrast between the facade, the lawn and the hedges of the vegetation .

MORE IDEAS about white houses with gray.

White Wooden Houses

White siding with black trim.
White siding with black trim.
Facades of White Wooden Houses
Facades of little white wooden houses.

Facades of Small White Wooden Houses

White and Wood Facade

Exterior White and Orange House Facades

Exterior White and Orange House Facades

You can continue viewing ideas and architecture of HOUSES.

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