Exteriors of Houses Painted White

Varied designs of exteriors of houses painted white, facades in different styles, roof types and several floors. The exterior expression of a white house is so important that it is the first thing we see when we visit it.

A good choice of the exterior of a white house depends on several factors, such as the micro-location or the place where it is located, the number of floors of the surrounding buildings, the construction system, the size of the doors and windows facing the exterior, as well as its forms, among others.

The exterior of a white house, whether large or small, can have a variety of interesting designs, and to achieve them, good taste, common sense, and analysis of each of the details that make it up are essential.

White Modern Houses Exterior

Exterior of Houses Painted White
Exterior design with ash white façade

There are several options to choose from, here we will leave some examples and ideas of colors for exteriors, so that you can see and choose the palette that you like the most.

White Houses Modern Exterior

The possibilities are endless, there are many beautiful colors to paint a house on the outside.

The exterior painting is the combination of a whole and not simply the wall, one must meditate carefully, imagine it, project it and then finally paint it, so that this letter of introduction to the house makes a very good impression on the visitor.

White Houses Exterior
Duplex with large overhangs in white using elements of reinforced concrete, steel, wood and glass .

Modern house with white, black and wood exterior, with a subtle and elegant game of different geometries, which are articulated at different heights, with different textures and finishes, obtaining a modern and striking façade.

White Modern Houses Outside

A color combination on the exterior façade, which is always successful, is monochrome: white with black. The exteriors of white houses with small black details are pleasant and elegant.

Outside White Houses
White, black and wood duplex.

The white color can be used with the same tone or different tones. Depending on how wide the exterior walls are, a balance is sought, creating and breaking rhythms, through window openings and black trim.

white house paint exterior ideas
House with monochrome exterior .
Outside White Houses
Modern house with exterior white paint and wood.
Exteriors of Houses Painted White
Exterior of a white duplex house .
white house exterior paint combinations
White house exterior paint combination.
Exterior, simple white house .

Houses with Exterior Walls in White Color

The following images of exterior white houses demonstrate the variety of designs, so different, that can be achieved in the design of white facades.

Best White Paint for Exterior of House

Houses with Exterior Walls in White Color

We can use different shades of white! Bone white, smoke white, ivory, snow white, sand, porcelain, cotton, bluish white, and more…

Exterior of a duplex white house.
Houses with Exterior Walls in White Color
Exterior of a white house.

Why Should you Paint the Exterior of a House White?

There are many reasons why you might want to paint the exterior of your house white. Here are a few of the most common reasons:

  • White is a classic and timeless color. It will never go out of style, and it will look good on any type of house.
  • White reflects light, which can help to keep your home cooler in the summer.
  • White makes your home look bigger. This is because white is a light color, and it can make the walls of your home appear to recede.
  • White is easy to maintain. It doesn’t show dirt or wear as easily as other colors, so you won’t have to repaint your house as often.
  • White can make your home look more modern. If you’re looking for a sleek and contemporary look, white is a great choice.
Facades of White Houses with Sloping Roof
White exterior make a house look bigger.

Of course, there are also some disadvantages to painting the exterior of your house white.

For example, white can be a bit boring, and it can make your home look washed out in certain light conditions. However, overall, the benefits of painting your house white outweigh the disadvantages.

Facades of White Houses with Sloping Roof

If you’re considering painting the exterior of your house white, here are a few tips:

  • Choose the right shade of white. There are many different shades of white available, so you’ll need to choose one that will complement the style of your home and your neighborhood.
  • Use a high-quality paint. This will ensure that your paint job looks its best for years to come.
  • Hire a professional painter. This is especially important if you’re not experienced in painting exteriors. A professional painter will be able to get the job done right the first time.

With a little planning and effort, you can easily transform your home with a fresh coat of white paint.

White Houses Country Style Exterior

Exterior of an Asian Style White House

Houses Color White Bone Exterior

In all countries there is a great taste for houses in white. An off-white, off-white house built in a region of Thailand.

Houses Color White Bone Exterior
Outside perspective .
Front facade .
View from the terrace .
Terrace .

You CAN SEE that all the walls and surfaces are in shades of white, with different materials, textures and finishes. Some details and architectural and furniture elements are in wood or black.

Living room
Kitchen .

White Houses Country Style Exterior

The following example shows a country house with only one level. The 4-sided roofs create a perimeter eave that emphasizes the simplicity and horizontality of the exterior design with walls and roof in white and gray tones.

White Houses Country Style Exterior

Facades of White Houses with Sloping Roof

White facades can be very timeless. We can see houses with white exterior walls, in different styles, going through colonial houses and reaching the minimalist style. In all cases, the color white brings light, elegance and a sense of tranquility.

White Houses with Modern Facades

White Houses with Modern Exterior with Two Story

Matte white exterior that contrasts with the metallic elements of the carpentry. The contrasts of light and shadow projected on the white surfaces of the exterior are also appreciated.

White Houses with Modern Facades

Bright colors, mirrors of water, steel, concrete and glass, stand out in the following white and beige façade. The warm color of lighting can look fabulous when added sparingly in a white painted duplex.

White Houses with Modern Facades

The following example has similar characteristics, where white concrete is combined with aluminum and glass openings.

Duplex house with off-white exterior walls
Duplex house with off-white exterior walls.

Small White Houses Exterior

Small White Houses Exterior

Nice design of modern WHITE HOUSE FACADE , one story and sloped roof. The white color of the exterior walls makes a pleasant contrast with the wooden and glass doors and windows. Also with the gabled roof in black.

MODERN SMALL HOUSE DESIGN one story. Its elegance is given by the exterior walls in white, the carpentry in black and glass, and its correct proportions.

Small white houses with Mediterranean style exterior
Small white houses with Mediterranean style exterior

Design of the facade of a small house with MEDITERRANEAN STYLE . Typical characteristics can be appreciated, such as the covered portal, the stuccoed walls, the white color and the doors and windows in natural wood.

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