Grey and White House

Grey and white house exterior with different textures. Modern and classic house facade designs with white and gray painted exterior walls.

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Grey and White House Exterior

white houses with gray

Gray House with White

Elegant and striking facade design in white and gray. The wood, aluminum and glass carpentry makes a slight contrast, reflecting the environment.

grey and white house exterior
Images of White Houses

White and gray house with traditional design and hipped roofs. A nice contrast between the facade, the lawn and the hedges of the vegetation.

Houses Color Gray and White Exterior

grey and white house exterior modern

Exterior gray and white house project, with stone and wood finishes. Carried out by the  Di Frenna Arquitectos office , the modern construction is located in Colima, Mexico.

Facade of modern house in white and gray color.

Access to the residence with a white and gray façade is made through a kind of bridge over the water, which announces the remarkable integration of its architecture with natural elements.

grey and white house exterior modern
Modern house with interior patio and free ground floor.

The design scheme is based on a U-SHAPED HOUSE , which is why components such as the interior patio, vegetation and a pool take on greater importance.

Another element to highlight is the impressive MODERN STAIRCASE made of black steel, which can be seen at all times from the interior patio.

Gray and White Houses

small Gray House with White
Three story house with white and gray walls
Gray House with White
Modern house on two levels, with gray facades and white roofs.

Gray and White Facades

The following examples of WHITE FACADE HOUSES and gray are in the classic American style, with pitched roofs, and white and gray walls made of wood, concrete, and brick.

Gray and White Facades
House with facades in gray and white, and roofs in black.
At dusk, warm artificial lighting highlights the details of the façade with its white and gray tones .
Set of houses in an urbanization with gray and white walls .

Facades of Houses Color Gray and White

White Houses with Gray
Gray facades with white exterior. The main access door stands out, in wood.
Facades of Houses Color Gray and White
Facade with white, gray and wooden walls. The small solid concrete staircase stands out for its gray texture .

Houses Painted Gray and White Exterior

Three-story house in Tokyo , with a light patio and white walls.

House located in the city of Tokyo, Japan. It is a house between party walls, so its narrow and long design tries to take advantage of ventilation and lighting with a small interior patio.

White tones, inside and out, increase lightness. A small shrub, in front of the house, must grow to create a contrast between the green and the white facade.

Simple and beautiful daytime area, with large glass doors that capture the outside light.
internal courtyard
Top view of the internal courtyard

Gray Houses with White Exterior

Facades of Houses Color Gray and White
Facade design with wood-imitation mortar texture, in white, gray and black colors.
White house with access stairs, frames and parapets in gray.

White House with Gray

White House with Gray

Another example of a white house with gray. You have to look carefully to realize that the tops of the ceilings are painted in gray. The exterior walls have white concrete finishes and the lower levels of the ceilings are covered with wood.

White house with gray exterior

DESIGN OF A SIMPLE HOUSE, with one story and one and two water roofs. It can be seen that the walls are bone white, the window frames with a glossy texture, and the roofs of corrugated zinc sheets, in gray. Once again, the access door to the house contrasts with the textures and color of wood.

Modern White House with Gray and White

Japanese duplex house with white and gray walls, and black carpentry. To the left, you can see an access that leads directly to the backyard.

The social zone. The space under the stairs can also be used as a corner for children to play.

The interior design is simple, with white painted walls and colorful furniture.

Houses Painted Gray and White

Facades of Houses Color Gray with White Exterior

Houses Painted Gray and White
Gray house with white and wood on the outside .
Modern house with a classic style facade. The walls with white wooden slats are combined with gray columns and beams. Sloped ceilings and black carpentry.
Houses Painted Gray and White
White, gray and black walls. House with flat and sloping roofs.

Gray and White Painted House

Gray and White Painted House
Minimalist one-story house with white and gray walls
Modern design of white facade with gray
White walls and gray frames combined with wood and glass.
This white house with gray walls has an illuminated interior patio.

Modern Gray and White Facades

Modern Gray and White Facades
White facades with gray and glass .
Modern architecture on a white and gray painted house exterior

Facades of White Houses with Gray

Simple Houses Painted Gray and White on the Outside

Images of White Houses

Duplex House Painted Gray and White Exterior

White House with Grey .

Other HOUSES IDEAS, you can see, following the link.

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