Two Story White Houses

Two-story white HOUSE DESIGNS, with architecture and facades. Interesting images of 2-story houses with white walls. Characteristics of architecture and interior.

two-story white houses

Small Two Story White House

Bondi House is an example of semi-detached two-story white houses designed by Fearns Studio in the Bondi Beach district of Sydney, Australia .

This white duplex house was built in 1980, with about 260 square meters of useful area, distributed over its two floors. Located on a narrow lot, a HOUSE WITH 12 FEET WIDE (exactly 3.8 meters) and 40 meters long, is characterized by its interior and exterior walls in white, thus trying to reflect the greatest amount of natural light, on all in its different rooms.

two story white houses
View of the inner courtyard and the living room.

Taking into account its location in a lot between party walls, the privacy factor defines an important part of the architecture and interiors.

two story white house designs
Main facade.
two story white houses
View towards the garage from the interior patio.

Looking at the plant, we can see that a garage and the attic are located at the back of the lot, thus creating a house WITH COURTYARD, between the main body and the construction of the closed garage.

two-story white houses
On the ground floor: living room. Upstairs: a garden terrace.
Two Story White Houses
White walls that are combined with the wood of the carpentry.
Two Story White Houses
Exterior communication corridor – ventilation – lighting.

The duplex house preserves the original plan structure. An open corridor, allows the link with the outside, promoting lighting and cross ventilation in a natural way. Obviously, it is a WHITE HOUSE built on a lot between party walls.

As a general rule, TINY LONG AND NARROW houses need a small side corridor or an interior patio, which allows connection with the external natural environment and the benefits that it entails to achieve better comfort.

At the same time, it avoids creating openings and visuals towards and from the sides of the house, so as not to cause privacy problems in both directions.

Interior of a Two Story White House

Another characteristic that can be appreciated is the use of natural materials , such as polished concrete on the floors, smooth cement on the white walls, and the rich texture of the wooden elements: doors and windows.

View from the kitchen towards the living room and the interior patio.
Interior of the living room, with overhead lighting.

In this example of two-story white houses with narrow and long proportions, it is recommended that the spaces be open and fluid, thus generating very modern and contemporary rooms. 

However, these approaches must be adapted to the appropriate scale of an interior living space.

Integrated spaces, living room, kitchen and dining room.
Skylight in the living room.

As the designer architect explains, he used “sequences of solids and voids” through the openings in the walls, to reduce the elongated scale of the house.

The idea of ​​building a skylight is very useful, to let more light into the living room from the deck, without the need to open side openings in the white walls of the upper level.

Interior view with flowing spaces.
Open kitchen with bar.

Perhaps, inside the room, the carpet with checkered patterns and purple has been a bit out of place. The rest of the furniture and interior decoration are ideal for me.

Images of Small Two Story White Houses

Living room with open doors.

In its interior architecture, the wide wooden frames of the sliding doors play a fundamental role, as if they were paintings.

Dining room.

Some elements of vegetation create an interesting play of light and shadow on the outside of the white walls.

Exterior long corridor.
interior of a two-story white house
Dining room with overhead lighting.

The chairs and the round table in the dining room are combined by color, but create a certain contrast, with the language transmitted by the rest of the interior furniture.

The kitchen, located between the dining room and the living room, takes center stage. Its open and elongated concept, together with the island, stand out within the complex.

2 Story White House Plans

Small two-story white houses: ground floor.
Small two-story white houses: top floor.
Outside view from the bathroom on the ground floor.

The room on the first floor opens onto the terrace, including the bathroom. The wood and glass sliding door provides natural light and connection with the outside. The terrace area for the bathroom and the room are private.

In the bedroom area, the floors were built with wood finishes, making the private rooms warmer and more pleasant.

Entrance to the bathroom on the ground floor.

The downstairs bathroom benefits from natural lighting through the skylight, and also has a rare type of vertical pivot window.

With the natural light from the skylight, the pivot window is not necessary.

Two Story House Plans with White Walls

Two Story House Plans
Two-story houses with white walls.
two story house plans inside
2-story houses with white walls: interior.

More than 40 designs to consult. Examples of house plans WITH TWO FLOORS . Different plans with measurements and their facades, some of them in white.

Modern Two Story White House

Modern two-story white house located in Alto Alentejo of the Iberian Peninsula. As can be seen in the images, one of its characteristics is that it is located at a slight elevation in the Alto Alentejo area, making it stand out from the surrounding olive groves.

modern two story white houses
Architecture of a two-story white house.

The two-story white house was conceived by the firm Vora Arquitectura, and constitutes a new paradigm to follow for domestic architecture in the region.

A large covered terrace on the level, emphasized by the large cantilever and its white walls, and the large overhanging beams on the roof, highlight the modern architecture of its formal exterior expression.

Outdoor terrace with landscape views of a house with white walls
Outdoor terrace with landscape views.
Landscape view.

Its impressive presence in an 800m2 plot stands out from the dark olive green color of the vegetation.

Outdoor view of the landscape at sunset.

Modern Two Story White House With Central Courtyard

Towards the interior, a large central patio is delimited by white walls and ceilings, thus increasing its lighting levels, with the perception that the space is even larger.

Interior of Modern Two Story White House

Wide surfaces of white walls on the top floor, with few windows and open openings, make it look like a pure and elegant fortress, due to the predominant white color.

The upper floor helps and allows guests great privacy, with high windowsills and no windows. This allows you to look outside without being seen by others.

Interior of Modern Two Story White House

The interior design elements are very simple, making the vertical, horizontal and inclined concrete walls stand out more. The finishes and textures in sight of the concrete give a great sense of security.

Interior of Modern Two Story White House
Interior of a bedroom.
Interior of Modern Two Story White House
Very simple interior design.
Bathroom interior with overhead lighting and finishes in white and gray tones.

Modern Two Story White House With Terrace

Within its architectural conception, without a doubt, are the portals and terraces, one of its highest points. Wide and generous semi-open spaces offer spectacular views of the natural landscape.

Modern Two Story White House With Terrace

It is difficult to distinguish if you are inside a Renaissance painting or in real life.

Covered terrace.

To do this, you have to visit the place, sit in one of the seats, and feel the cool breeze or the intense rays of the Mediterranean sun.

Two Story White House Modern Layout

A two-story white HOUSE PLAN with an internal patio. On the ground floor, spaces with a social and service function can be seen, such as the kitchen, warehouse, service entrance, two bathrooms, and the porches.

Low level.

On the upper level, the duplex house with white walls, has 5 bedrooms (one of them a suite) and a study room. Each room has its own BATHROOM .

Top floor.
West elevation.
General section.

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