White One Story Houses

Several examples of architecture and facades White One Story Houses… Ideas of small one-story white houses.

Small White One Story Houses

An example of small one-story white house built in Warsaw, the capital of Poland. Designed by the Polish architect Adam Pszczolkowski, the micro-house has an area of ​​35 square meters. 

With white and glass exterior walls, it serves as a small oasis of rest to get away from the bustle of large urban centers.

One Story White Houses
Main view of the house painted white.

Its formal expression is very simple, composed of a volume with a rectangular base that is defined by translucent and opaque surfaces. Large glass windows allow visual contact between the interior and the exterior landscape, full of exuberant and green vegetation.

Large glass surfaces allow nature to enter the interior of the small house with white walls.

This example of one-story white houses is built with precast elements, which sit on a concrete slab at ground level.

The foundation slab, with its textures and visible gray color, together with the white color and the wood textures of the panels, create a perfect combination with the green of the grass, the vegetation and its dry fallen leaves.

One Story White Houses
Exterior view of a small one story white house

The white color of the HPL panels is combined with the plywood of the interior. a kind of wooden bench, it serves to sit and contemplate nature, while emphasizing the elongated proportions of the micro-house (8 meters long).

Entrance to the white one-story house

The main entrance doors are built with the same industrial wood as the interior panels, which give unity to the architectural design.

Interior of the Small One Story White House

View of the interior of the White House . The glass panels allow a great integration with the natural environment that surrounds the house.

The straight kitchen can be seen hanging from a side wall of the house. At the end, the dining bar and the front door.

Interior of the living room, accommodated with 2 armchairs and a wooden coffee table. The industrial wooden structure supports the roof.
Study, read, eat, look outside, designed by Desea Architects.

The interior floor is made of resistant epoxy resin, in gray color, combining with the concrete slab of the foundation and the wood of the tree trunks.

An outside view from the kitchen
Kitchen area with a hob suspended above the floor.

Plywood paneling adds warmth to the interiors and is reminiscent of organic architecture, referencing the surrounding tree trunks.

Bedroom, interior design.
Very simple bathroom.

White Houses Chapadmalal, Argentina

These are white one-story houses located on Chapadmalal Beach, Agentina. They are simple and modern houses, equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay, just 300 meters from the sea.

White Houses Chapadmalal
Chapadmalal houses , in Argentina.
White Houses Chapadmalal facing the sea

The houses painted entirely in white, have a capacity for 5 guests and include two bedrooms, a full bathroom, a living room, a kitchen equipped with a stove, multifunction oven, microwave, refrigerator with freezer, electric kettle, toaster, crockery, cutlery, and pots. The bedrooms are equipped with Topfuan mattresses from La Cardeuse”.

Landscape that surrounds you.
Night view.
White Houses Chapadmalal
White one-story houses, built with blocks and painted white.
Chapadmalal houses.

All houses have air conditioning, heating, Direct TV and Wifi. In addition, they have a semi-covered terrace, barbecue, private garden and car parking area.

Interior of dining room – kitchen.
Light gray ceramic floor.
Living room.
Room with two single beds.

Mediterranean Style One Story White Houses

Back terrace.
View of the terrace with swimming pool .

Examples of Mediterranean-style one-story white houses , where indoor and outdoor spaces merge to achieve more comfortable stays. Spectacular views of the Aegean Sea. SEE MORE .

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